Friday Treat

Come Friday, I’ll be reminded of this.


I found this stall during one of my Friday market hunts (yes, other than morning markets, Friday markets are great for food hunts too).
These “Friday markets” are operational only during the hours of 1130am to 230pm, coinciding with the prayer hours of the Muslim.

This nasi briyani proprietor runs his business every Friday next to the Bangsar mosque, and this whole stretch of market runs along the same side as the Daily Grind. I do not remember the name of the mosque but his stall is the last one along this stretch of the market (counting from the end where Daily Grind is).

There will be two make shifts tables for the pots of food & 3 more for dining alfresco style.

The tables are full throughout the operational hours of 1130am to 2pm, with diners wiping their brows with tissues and shirt sleeves, and a perpetual queue is sighted during these hours.
I think that says a lot about his food, given our current weather!


For RM6.00 (Chicken ) or RM7.00 (mutton or beef) a set, I have absolutely no complains.
The sides of achar (pickled vegetables) & dhal are complimentary & you are welcome to take as much as you want. The syrup drink with ice is free too.

See my meal below for RM7.00. Yup, that’s 2 sizable chunks of mutton there. Else he gives 1 really big piece. Very fair. Makan liow also shiok ;p


He mixes the sugar into the pot of achar (cucumber, pineapple & carrots) only at 1130am. Hence the vegetable still retains a bit of crunch while I was eating it.


The rice was fluffy & fragrant with spices. The dhal was great, with nice thick cubes of carrot, brinjals & potatoes, generous cuts of long beans & lots of mung beans.
The meat, as expected, was tender, soft and rich from the infusion of spices from the curry.


Not enough with that for lunch, I had a pack for take-away as well, this time choosing the beef set. It was just as good & it keeps well till dinner time.

He takes orders and provides catering (please refer to his card above) as well. Other than Bangsar, he has a stall at the Kota Damansara area, but as I am not familiar with KD, I couldn’t make out his description of the place he was trying to explain to me.

In short, if anyone is within the vicinity of Bangsar during Fri lunch hours, do give this a try. Even if its not the best, its definitely better than most!

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  1. Selba

    Wow! Look at the combination of colors! I really want to try the nasi briyani… Becky, you make me so hungry rite now!!!

  2. sakaigirl

    looks really nice and filling! especially the rendang..salivating non

  3. Sean

    hmmm, it's 11.18 a.m. and i'm tempted to abandon the office and head there now. sigh but cannot la. the rice looks magnificent.

  4. J2Kfm

    wah tempting. friday today so ngam one!!

    but never bother jamming to mosque areas for food lah.

  5. thenomadGourmand

    selba: does all yr posts!!

    sakaigirl: its good..somemore road-side prices!

    sean: it's not very well "distributed" as in some parts are white..u knw wt i mean? but good nevertheless..

    j2kfm: well.. me is the type tht loves night markets, morning markets..bazaars. so i got no prob 😉
    But strangely enough, I avoid shoppin complexes like plague.

  6. 550ml jar of faith

    Arks!! it's virtually impossible for me to in the vicinity of Bangsar on Friday afternoon, impossible! And after being convinced that I can love Ghee again (after an unfortunate Ghee overdose post drinks one night about a year ago). OK Kota Damansara here I come!

  7. burpandslurp

    where is my brother? I need to get my brother. He has been talking about how he's been craving briyani all week. this will be sheer torture for him man! *evil laughter*

  8. Allie

    wah… lunch not enough, somemore ta pao for dinner a.. must be real good lo.

  9. Life for Beginners

    I love how you waited at 11.30am to catch him mixing the achar with sugar… The dedication of a true-blooded, hardcore Foodblogger! 😀

  10. thule a.k.a leo

    oily! high cholesterol! sinful! lok at the salt!!! my gosh… despite all these, I also can't resist these food 🙂 hahaha!!! too bad I don't like to get stuck in the jam especially on Friday noon where the Malays will park their car by the road side like nobody's business (double parking some more!!!) geram betul!
    Or else I will make my time here…

  11. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    THATS a HUGE PIECE of mutton…yum yum..

  12. Wilson Ng

    I really don't understand!

    Why u eat so much also so thin…

    And I eat so little also so fat…

    So unfair!! LOL

  13. Myhorng

    u really brayani fans.

  14. PureGlutton

    That is really good value for money – no wonder u tapau for dinner too! But NO way am i gonna be traipsing to Bangsar on a Friday at lunchtime – summore where there's a mosque nearby!! Eh, next time u tapau for me la, can? *wink*

  15. thenomadGourmand

    550ml: him 1st to get the directions ya!

    burpandslurp: oh dear..craving briyani..hehe..can get briyani rice where you are?

    allie: cos get to eat this only if I got appt muz overdose kau kau! lol

    LFB: haha..was the 2nd customer of the day! get to help him set up his stall somemore!

    thule: thts true. they TRIPLE park ok!!

    joe: worth it horr??

    wilson: go exercise la. No food after 8pm.

    myHorng: my dear..i think u should realize by now I'm a fan of ALL food!

    PureGlutton: ya lorr..then u come pick up from me on Sat??

  16. Nic (KHKL)

    i like that pic with the blue cool, like star trek food liddat..haha!

    nothing beats a good briyani! and so conveniently located summore!! must go check it out one day d.. 😀

  17. Sugar Bean

    Miss nasi briyani so much. Used to complain about the hot sun and warm weather in Malaysia, and hardly visit markets too. >< Gonna make sure when I'm back I'll have enough of the sun, the food and the market! Haha!

  18. Chong

    No food after 8pm? Sure bo?! Hehe

    The briyani rice looks colourful and good…

  19. CUMI & CIKI

    i am in awe of that greasy pot man.. can see reflection in the red oil or not!! haha

  20. thenomadGourmand

    nic: hehe..i think it got tht blu-ish thinge by accident!
    yup, good REASONABLY priced briyani are hard to come by. Keep his number!

    sugar bean: I'm totally w u. I nd my markets, sun and food!

    chong: yes, colourful rite? raisin, nuts & whatnots..
    Eh, i try to abide by the 8pm rule, but sometimes….

    cumi&ciki: haha, i told him to scoop the gravy without the oil!

  21. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    alamak… feel so hungry after see your posts at this hour. ^-^

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