Free Egg McMuffin – McDonald’s Breakfast Day : 19 Nov 2012

Mark your calendars people! On next Monday, 19th November 2012 from 7 am – 10 am it’s McDonald’s Breakfast Day!

Each Mcdonalds outlet (there are 215 outlets in total) in Malaysia will be giving away 1000 free Egg McMuffin! 1000 per outlet! So there’s a higher chance for everybody to grab themselves a free breakfast next Monday!
Monday blues no more guys! 🙂

MCD3482_Pre Awareness Poster Store

Hungry yet? Well I had that just this morning. I certainly preferred this to the sodium-fied Sausage McMuffin. The ham is not so salty and I love the thick egg patty!

Free Egg McMuffin - McDonald’s Breakfast Day-002

It is the firm belief that great mornings start with a great breakfast that has prompted McDonald’s Malaysia to take a bold step forward and encourage Malaysians to enjoy the benefits of consuming wholesome, freshly prepared breakfast regularly; Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Regional Manager of McDonald’s Malaysia & Singapore, Sarah Casanova said.

Free Egg McMuffin - McDonald’s Breakfast Day

BELOW: Sarah Casanova launching the timer that counts down the days and minutes to Monday 19th Nov!

Free Egg McMuffin - McDonald’s Breakfast Day-001

For more information on McDonald’s Breakfast Day and to locate the McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurant nearest to you, please visit REMEMBER to choose the restaurants that serves breakfast ok!

So who’s going for the free Egg McMuffin next Monday? 🙂

Thank you McDonalds for this. One last request Sarah, can we have McGriddles please??
Just like the one I had in Osaka! 🙂

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles-004

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  1. Sean

    wow! i wouldn’t mind one of these next week! if i’m out and about before 10am, i’ll drop by mcd’s! it’s been years since i last managed to enjoy an egg mcmuffin 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah pls do take a snapshot of the queue, wherever you are! It could be insane! 😛

  2. Eunice

    darn cool. i am so going to queue for it!!!!!;D

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