Fork D World Bistro Cafe : Brunch, lunch & dinner + bacon bacon bacon!

An F & B outlet barely 2 weeks in operations, Fork D World Bistro caught our attention because it is an outlet that honor bacon in almost everything on the menu.

Yes, it is very NON-HALAL.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe -002

To be frank I’m not a fan of bacon but I have plenty of friends who are fanatics.
Thus it wasn’t difficult to find a dining partner for lunch that day; for pork and bacon had that edge over salads anytime.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON-006

The menu is simple, just a couple of A3 whites detailing their brunch, mains, desserts and beverages.
It is worthwhile to note that fresh juices and salads are available as well, so if you are the odd one that doesn’t crave for meat, it is still possible to have a meal here.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON-001

Prices are standard “cafe prices“, if not a little bit more.
We understand that good bacon doesn’t cheap but to us some items did seem to be on the high side.

Anyhow price-wise I’ll let YOU decide if it is worth it. Affordable or otherwise is relative to how much a person earns right?

I settled for the set lunch at RM12.90 that came with an iced lemon tea.
Personally I felt that RM12.90 is reasonable considering the portion and taste. There were about 7-8 pieces of tender braised pork, one whole egg with a side of vegetables and a large portion of rice. Let’s not forget the drink, which was inclusive.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON-004

RM18 + 10% for these Bacon Twists however, was “expensive” to me.
The description on the menu says “dis ménage-a-trois of bacon, puff pastry & sharp cheddar coated with our brown sugar mix, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, then firebombed to perfection“.
Note: It wasn’t served with sambal at the side as per the picture below. That was our additional request.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - bacon bacon bacon-001

Essentially it was 4 sticks of inter-whined streaky bacon with buttery puff pastry dusted with cheese.
We can testify these were indeed tasty and ideal for bacon fans, who likely are the very people willing to fork out RM18 + 10% for it.


The lunch partner is a real carb-lover. His order of Bacon Fried Mee Hoon (RM8.00 + 10% ) was a large portion but sadly, bland.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON-003

Yes, it was a surprise to us too, since dark soy sauce was used, so how could it be tasteless?
On top of that it was BACON fried mee hoon, so I expected an assault of flavours, not a clump of bland carbs.
A copious amount of homemade sambal mixed into it saved the dish, but I was vocal about it when the owner/manager came to check on us halfway through our meal.

Now this was way the meal turned for the better.

She took my feedback seriously and was quick to apologize. She offered a discount and seemed genuinely distressed.
I admit that took off the sting of the bland dish, no, not the discount but the fact that instead of being defensive (most F & B owners can be), she promised to check with the kitchen and remained friendly with us.
She stayed on to chat with us and shared a bit about the business.
For the mee hoon, she explained, back bacon was used, not streaky thus the flavours of the pork wasn’t as pronounced.
We personally detected about 4 pieces of the bacon (size as pictured below) in our RM8.00 dish.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - bacon bacon bacon

Last but not least, I have to recommend the homemade sambal. It was slightly spicy rather than just sweet. This sambal isn’t your usual Chinese version (no, I’m not racist here, it’s just a description) but more like the ones with onions that you get with Malay style nasi lemak.
I even added the sambal to my pork.

Final word; if you are contemplating a meal here, I’ll suggest you start with the set lunches since it is RM12.90 + with a drink.
Water is complimentary. 🙂

**Visual below taken from their FB page: 

fork it set lunch damansara perdana

It rained after our meal so we decided to wait it out while getting some work done. I sat outside as usual but you can always choose to dine in air-conditioned comfort inside.
The WIFI works, the affogato passable, the cheese tarts decent and they serve beers here. Not a bad choice for a remote office.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - damansara perdana BACON-002

Fork D World Bistro Cafe - bacon bacon bacon-003

I got positive feedback about the apple pie from my friends whose office is just a floor above Fork D World as well so if you are in the mood for cakes & coffee, this can be a nice place to chill.

Fork D World Bistro Cafe -001

Now this may be a bit tricky.
Park within the building D (basement parking) for RM5.30 (GST included) per entry.
Exit the basement and look for an adjacent building which is D2.
Fork D World Bistro is at the corner lot.
Do check their FB page for the map.


Fork D World Bistro Cafe

I’ll be back for pork loin and pork biryani. 🙂

Fork D World Bistro Cafe
D-G-3A, Ritze Perdana 1 Commercial Lot, Jalan PJU 8/2,
Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

PRICES: No GST but 10% service charge.

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