FOREO LUNA 2: The Perfect Better Skincare Gift

I got one of the best early Christmas gift this year – a FOREO LUNA 2, the much raved-about sonic cleansing facial brush.

While I don’t shout out loud about my beauty regime much, that doesn’t mean I am not paying attention to my face.

At 30 plus, I have my beauty regime sorted out a long time ago.
This involves a monthly laser session to get rid of blemishes and dark spots at a local aesthetic clinic plus daily use of my trusted set of facial products which includes a cleanser, a lightening serum, an exfoliating gel, a moisturizing and of course, a sunblock.

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So when this FOREO LUNA 2 dropped on my lap, I was wondering if I needed it at all.

Unboxing the device with my eyes on the browser, I read every review within the first 5 pages from Google search about LUNA 2 on the web.
The overall positive feedback and claims of cleaner skin and ease of use made me excitedly charged the device and put it to work right away.

I’m thankful that it does not require a lot of time or effort nor did it disrupt my usual beauty routine. As a matter of fact I discovered it to be a helpful tool. All it takes is one minute twice a day for a fresher, cleaner and even-looking complexion, a minute that I can well afford.

With the same daily cleanser I use the LUNA 2 to cleanse my face instead of scrubbing away with my bare hands.
One minute in cleansing mode is all it takes to leave my skin soft and luminous thanks to FOREO’s innovative sonic wizardry. The cleansing mode uses the ‘bristle side’ – subtle silicone nubs designed to clear away 99.5% of dirt and oil on skin surface as well as dead skin cells.
For those of us who wears makeup, this helps give your face a thorough cleansing.

The procedure to use it is simple and can be broken into 5 simple steps:

  1. Apply your cleanser over your wet face. Run the LUNA 2 around your face in circular motion.
  2. Let it pulsate and do its job for about 1 minute. The LUNA 2 will automatically stop its pulsation once the 1 minute is up.
  3. Rinse your face.
  4. Proceed to apply your moisturizer and serums.
  5. Run the LUNA 2 all over your face, this time paying particular attention to wrinkle prone areas like the eyes and cheeks. Remember to use the “reverse” portion of the LUNA 2, the one with fine ridges on it. That is the LUNA 2’s Anti-Ageing Mode.
    The device will stop pulsating once the 1 minute is up.

All in all it was invigorating 2-minute ritual. Not bad isn’t it for potential glowing, ageless face?


After a full charge it should last for months with daily use. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and there isn’t a need to charge it yet.

Like I’ve said, this isn’t something that I’ve thought I would need, but happy that I possess one now!
I’m pretty convinced too that it is a great investment for the face as well as a great addition to everybody’s skincare routine.
I’ll be posting more images in the next few weeks as I diligently use my LUNA 2 so watch out for that.

Perfect gift for Christmas

FUN FACT: Do you know that FOREO stands for ‘For Every One’? Essentially it means you can buy them for anybody of all ages, gender, and race!

This is one gift that is both useful and beautiful — and, most importantly, one that no one is likely to buy for themselves because they didn’t know they needed it. But once they use it, they will be so grateful that they own one!

Each time your recipient avoids the treachery of aging, she/he will think of you. With fondness, I bet. Hahah!

Buy here –> (this is a safe link to Sephora)

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