For sale/taking orders : Low carb cauliflower crust for pizzas!

As you may know I’ve been actively experimenting and researching on healthy recipes and more wholesome alternatives to our usual daily dishes.
One of it which was successful (I had many failures!) is the cauliflower crust to be used as pizza base.

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These “pancake crust” are high in fibre (cauliflower 99%) & almost, almost no carb (vegetables has carbs so it can’t be carb free).

The crusts are made fresh based on daily orders so do let us know in advance if you are keen to grab a pack. We make them everyday so there are definitely fresh batches everyday.

fitfabkitchen - cauliflower crust - order - KL delivery -002

How to eat/use the cauliflower crust?

1. Eat it on its own! It’s delicious and works as a low carb, nutritious snack.

fitfabkitchen - cauliflower crust - order - KL delivery -003

2. On pizzas.
Toast or bake lightly in the oven.
Alternatives are microwaving it but then it will be soft instead of crispy. It just depends on how you like it.
But if you are using it as a pizza base you should be baking them anyways.
The crust are already cooked so you will just have to bake til your toppings are done.

Shelve life:
The crust will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. However for longer storage it is advisable to keep them frozen.
If they are frozen, remember to thaw them first before baking them with your toppings.
If they are not, then you can microwave or bake or toast them immediately.

Price: RM50 per pack of 5 crusts.

Orders : email–> [email protected]


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  1. Sean EDKL

    the crust has a beautiful colour, and it looks very nicely textured, and the price feels reasonable for the portion and all the hard work invested in making this! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahah it’s a lot of work to make one!
      For myself it’s basically part hobby, part biz. So yea, as long as it covers the time, effort & cost I’m fine.
      Just would like to let people know that there are many options to a healthier lifestyle! 😀

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