For sale: Victoria Crest sausages, meat pie, chicken pie, chicken streaky and burgers

I’ve been a fan of Victoria Crest Lamb and Cranberry sausages for a few years.

Recently I got to know about their revolutionary Chicken Streaky, a new creation that is made from pure chicken breast which makes it a great low fat and high protein snack.

The best part? It is convenient to consume as it is already tasty. No added seasoning is required and to cook it involves simple stir-frying (without oil if you’re using a non-stick) or simply chucking it into the oven for a few minutes.

You can read more about it HERE (link).


And just recently too I tried Victoria Crest pies (link HERE).
It blew me away with its plump filled, delicious cavity and I’m officially hooked! How I wish I knew of its existence earlier!

Trust me, you got to try them and my personal recommendation is the chicken leek pie!


After years of consistent positive experiences and personally knowing Victoria Crest’s philosophy of using only premium meat cuts in their low fat yet tasty products, I’ve decided to be a distributor.

I find the prices fair for the quality and portion.
Add the fact that all products are made without nitrates nor dubious fillers while using only high quality, 100% chicken breast, beef, or lamb meat, these Victoria Crest products are your best bet for an instant and convenience meal/snack.

As it is I’m already selling numerous products sourced and curated from Melaka, Penang, Ipoh and other states within Malaysia, so why not add these goodies to the list for my clients?
We get our Victoria Crest stock directly from the factory and all products are certified Halal.

  • Check out the individual links for recommended cooking/preparation methods, product details as well as expansive images of each product.

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Victoria Crest products:

7 types of juicy sausages, 2 burgers, 1 chicken streaky and 2 hearty pies.


Description: Weight: Per box Price:

1. Chicken Basic Banger
Your basic satisfying meaty bangers.


50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM19.00

2. Chicken Dynamite Chili
For those who prefers a bit of heat and more flavour!


50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM22.50

3. Chicken & Herbs
Not a fan of spice?
This will do nicely as it has a pleasant mild, herb flavour.
50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM18.00

4. Smoked Chicken
Smoky and slightly saltier than the rest.


50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM18.00

5. Smoked Chicken Cheese
Oozing with cheese, this is an indulgent wiener!


50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM25.50

6. Lamb & Beef Merguez


A unique recipe.

Try it as it is not your regular sausage!

50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM32.00

7. Lamb Cranberry 


The lamb taste is prominent and the added cranberries is balanced – not too much nor too little.


50 g per pc. 8 sausages RM35.00






Description: Weight: Per box Price:
1. Chicken   TBA  50 g per pc  4 patties  RM18.00
2. Beef  TBA  50 g per pc 4 patties  RM26.00

*To Be Updated*



Description: Weight: Per box Price:

1. Chicken  Streaky

This is the solution to all your chicken breast woes!  

23 g per pc


10 pcs



** Link to full review and cooking instruction




Description: Weight: Per box Price:
1. Chicken, Mushroom Leek Pie


Shockingly loaded pie for RM12.50 each!
Chunks of chicken, mushrooms and leeks in a tasty yet not overly creamy gravy.



340 g per pie


2 pies



1. MEAT (beef) Pie


Filled to the brim with lean minced meat in a savoury gravy, every bite is satisfaction.



340 g per pie


2 pies




** Link to full review and cooking instruction




2 days in the fridge once thawed.
3 – 6 months in the freezer.

Once cooked, you can keep them in the fridge or you can freeze them again.

To cook:
Refer to individual links for cooking instructions.
**If you prefer them pre-cooked for you, we charge a minimal fee of RM5 – RM10 per pack. 


Enjoy it on its own or with mash, a side salad, rice, noodles, etc!

TO ORDER:  Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 or FB message us on
Pick up your items at TTDI or delivery can be arranged via GoGet or Zoom.


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