For SALE – unique and rare Melaka Nyonya Chilli Achar

Have you seen this type of achar (pickles)?


Would you like to try it?

Well now you can! ūüôā

There are many achar (pickles) available in the market;¬†especially those of the Indian and Eurasion varieties¬†but this Nyonya chili achar is one of the elusive and “lost” traditional pickle of the Peranakan¬†cuisine.

It is a disappointing trend, but we can no longer deny that authentic recipes and kitchen prowess are dissipating as the current generation took no interest in preserving the skills and labour intensive recipes.
While there are many like myself who are interested to learn, many of the older generation folks prefer to only impart their secrets within the family.
As a result, (more often than not) such precious recipes and knowledge are buried along with them.

It is a sad sad case. But that’s how it is for now.

Thus that was the catalyst for the birth of Hearts & Hands.
I had wanted to work with homemakers and anyone, anyone who is willing to teach, share, make and sell traditional food or craft, namely in the effort to educate our current generation on how authentic recipes are like, while preserving the traditional and simultaneously generating an income to those makers/bakers/creators.

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These Nyonya Chilli Achar are selling at RM30 per bottle.

Ask anyone who is familiar with achar making and you would be told horror stories of the hours spent and labour intensive recipe.
Trust me, it makes life easier to buy them while you can.

melaka chilli achar

Try it! You can buy it from us from Monday – Sunday, 6am – 12am.


Whatsapp¬†+6011 ‚Äď 3938 5350¬†or FB message us at¬†

Just give us 24 hours notice to ensure that we could advise you on stock availability and suitable pick up time.

Price: RM30 for a jar.

Pick up : TTDI (address provided via Whatsapp). 
Delivery can be arranged via Zoom or GoGet.

For outstation orders, we deliver MONTHLY to Ipoh, Penang, Terengganu, Pahang, Singapore and Johor.

MORE INFO on Nyonya Chilli Achar :

What is Nyonya Chilli Achar?
How different it is from other achar such as the popular Penang one?

For a start, the main stars are green chillies and grated young papaya.  Other ingredients include cauliflower, garlic, cucumber and carrots. All of these are soaked in a vinegar, turmeric, sugar and god knows what-else solution.
It is popular in the southern region of Malaysia.

Laborious preparation is expected as days of cutting, shredding and drying of the ingredients are required. All of these are manual work done by hand.
The process is also dependent on the weather as it is dried under the sun for a certain required number of days before the ingredients are pickled in a cool, dry place.


The chilli might be deceiving at first but rest assured that it is not spicy at all.

As you bite into one and chew, you will enjoy a lifting sourness plus mellow sweetness that is pleasing to the palate.
It serves to open the appetite and trust me, one is never enough.

I particularly love the crunch of each bite and the young grated papaya stuffed within each green chilli.

As per tradition, it is pickled in glass bottles.

This Nyonya Chilli Achar is hardly available in restaurant or shops.
It is definitely worth grabbing a bottle as they possesses a unique, satisfying taste. Gift one to your aunty/grandmother/mother. I’m sure they will enjoy it!

HOW TO STORE, COOK and ENJOY this Nyonya Chilli Achar: 

>6 months to a year in the fridge.
Do not freeze.


Enjoy it on its own or with rice and dishes.
I cut into small pieces and add it into my salads as pickles. I use the liquid as vinaigrette too.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    my late grandfather always used to have a jar of achar in the fridge – he was actually the only one who liked it – but he really, really, really liked it! i don’t mind it, though generally i’ve not acquired the taste for any kind of pickles ūüėČ

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Ohh… so u have seen this type of pickles huh, since U’re a Malaccan boy! ūüėÄ
      Yup, pickles are an acquired taste – myself never liking them til recently too, and only a selected few ūüėÄ

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