For Malaysians – Which country would you need a travel visa?

I remembered the time when I had to apply for a Visa because Air Asia wanted to send me to India.

It was one of the very few times that I had to go through the process of figuring out the Visa application process and to my dismay, India’s Visa was one of the most complicated ones to obtain.

Australia was fairly simple and I had it done online. For China, I got it sorted via a travel agent.

So, as you can imagine, getting a Visa could be fairly straightforward or thoroughly vexing!

Now, as Malaysians we are blessed since we hold the fourth most powerful passport in the world.
With more than 160 countries to visit without the need for a visa, it is possible to avoid ever getting one in your lifetime!

Rebecca Saw TRAVEL

But heck, we are wanderlust creatures. We want to see all parts of the world no?

escapersHK - accor hotels, cathay pacific

And guess what, Australia, China, India and the US are just a few of the most interesting countries to visit and as Malaysians, we would require a VISA to step on to their lands.

If you need a guide on how to go about for a travel visa, do check out Traveloka’s travel visa guide. They have visa guides on countries such as China, Australia, India, US, Canada and more. Their Australian visa guide was particularly useful as they gave a detailed look at the Australian visa application process which can be quite confusing for some.

I also find the infographic rather helpful as a pictorial representation of the visa application process for Malaysians.
Yes, I know. People don’t read anymore now. The current preferred form of information dissemination is via videos or images.

The ultimate visa guide for malaysians infographic

Well, fret not. It doesn’t get any clearer than the easy guide above right?
No doubt you would have to delve into details depending on the country you have your sights on.

Now before you get all worked up, I suggest that you check on the Visa process for the particular country. The Traveloka site is a good start.
Just select the country (as highlighted in the red box) that you intend to visit, and do some homework by reading through the simple guide provided.

Again I can’t profess my love enough for the colourful guide and the comprehensive information included within. These guides are easy to comprehend and covers basically everything you need to know for the Visa application process for each country – from the venues to apply the Visa to alternatives you may consider as well the cost involved. An estimated timeframe you would need to allocate for the Visa to be done is thoughtfully included as well.

And yes, it is updated from time to time so you can be assured of the latest details!

Once you’ve studied the guide, you can proceed with your plan with a clearer mind.

My best advice?
Seriously. Do not leave it to the last minute, otherwise, you risk having your travel dreams shattered.

Based on my experience, I have another tip for you.
This is a question that I get asked a lot – “Is it worthwhile to get an agent to sort it out for you?”

Personally yes, I would seek the help of an agent; that is if you do not mind the fee of course.

But the time saved and the valuable guidance from an experienced agent could possibly spare you from frustrations or worse; complete bewilderment.

From the number of days required for the Visa to be approved to the payment needed and even ensuring the correct documents and passport picture, your Visa process could be hassle-free, leaving you to focus on the details of your dream trip, like checking for the best, cheapest flight you could get your hands on.
Another tip – try Traveloka for cheap flight tickets.

So there you go – the Travel Visa Guide for Malaysians thanks to Traveloka.
Now, where would you be heading to next? Bring me along, please? 🙂

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