For him & her – pampering at Truefitt and Hill & Majestic Spa @Majestic Hotel

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Ask any men and they’d tell you they’ve had their fair share of saloons and barbershops. Such acquaintances mean little for those who’ve never been to a traditional gentlemen’s barber and perfumer such as Truefitt & Hill.

Certified as the oldest barbershop in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, stepping into one of such establishment brings to mind what it was like back in 1805 when it was first opened shop.
Since then it has counted numerous VIPs as its clients and are the warrant holders to H.R.H The Duke of Edinburg.

truefitt & hill - majestic hotel KL

One of such example can be found in the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur and there is a myriad number of services offered here.
Among them is the Ultimate Shaving Experience that makes men’s skin irresistible to women, particularly those who love their men clean shaven.

The experience starts off with the application of pre-shave oil that’s softens skin and facial hair.
Once done, a hot towel is placed covering your face, leaving the nostrils exposed.
The barber would apply pressure on the towel to ensure the heat on the towel is evenly distributed on the face which not only opens pores but relaxes facial muscles as well, leaving it susceptible for the next phase of the process.

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Once the towel is removed, shaving cream is applied on the chin and cheek, carefully avoiding any cream on the lips by covering the philtrum using fingers.
Once done, the shaving begins with a cut throat razor. The blade is deftly wielded through the use of short, light strokes and for the customer, the feel of cold steel as it glides across your skin oddly felt as gratifying as silk.

Quite unlike any glide blade shaver you can purchase over the counter.

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Once done, a second application of shaving cream is done before the razor greets your skin again.
This time, the barber pays closer attention to any roughness that may have been missed in the first pass.

The final result is a finer, smoother shave and after shave balm is applied before a second round of hot towel covers your face again.

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Once the towel is removed, the face massage begins starting with facial cream.

The barber would be emphasizing on making your skin look bright and supple so those yearning for greater amounts of pressure commonly associated with other forms of massage would do well to seek those elsewhere.

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Strokes are applied in a gentle but firm circular motion and covers not only the face but the back of the neck and ears.
The only time when greater pressure is applied as at the temple.

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For the cheeks, the strokes are applied using the palm of the hands instead of fingers to evenly distribute pressure and promoting exfoliation and circulation.

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Another towel is applied only this time, it’s cold and upon its removal, you would instantly feel how refreshed your skin is.
A dab of power is applied on the cheeks and chin and smoothen out using the palms.

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The result; Smooth and soft skin.

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For HER.

No 5-star experience is complete without something for the ladies and The Majestic Spa was exemplary in ensuring all its patrons leaving with a radiant smile on their face. If the men had their share of pampering, it pales in comparison to the luxurious treatment the fairer gender receives here.

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Unlike other spas that that favour an Asian motif in its décor, the Majestic Spa is remarkably different by adopting the Willow Tearooms theme which was created by Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Macintosh. As patrons sip their tea, they may peruse the service menu that offers a range of relaxing massages and facials, perfect for the lazy afternoons.

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The Spa offers four distinct signature treatments and among them, the English Afternoon Tea was recommended.

After changing to more suitable garments, I was lead to an atrium on the first floor where a foot scrub awaited.
Once completed, a simple head massage is administered before the patron is brought to another room.

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The Majestic Spa also caters to couples where you and your significant other get to enjoy the ministrations of the masseur in the company of each other.

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The room I was assigned to had was a lot more dimmer, the perfect environment for a long, relaxing massage.

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The experience starts with a chest massage which focuses on the pectoral muscles which is found on between your breast and neck.
Pressure is applied using the palm of the hand and this would place the body in a relaxed state.
Once done, a mixture of antioxidant berries and moisture rich cream scrub is applied over every part of the body to remove dead skin and soften the skin.

A cold eye pillow is then placed to help relax the eyes and after a few minutes, the cream is showered off.

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Lastly, the fragrant English rose natural facial is administered.

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The final result?

Beautiful, glowing skin, all over. Marvelous.

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All in all, the entire session was two hours long and as usual, I get famished by the time it’s done.
The warm tea and cookie helps massage my inner stomach, the perfect conclusion to a wonderful experience.

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Truefitt & Hill @ Majestic Hotel KL
Closed on Mondays.
Open – Tues – Sun : 11 – 8pm

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