Foodies day out – OuG market & Loke Yuen Chic Rice

The OUG hunt continues…

This time, we got bangsar-babe and rif joining us..

at 830am..

on a Sunday..haha..

Of course we had to visit the van of the super – yummy butter cake, of which I sampled last week and returned this week for more.
This time we were earlier and managed to grab a box of the coffee marbled version. It is just as good, if not even better. The chocolate one tasted as decadent as it looks, with a layer of chocolate-y stick to the top- of- the- mouth “crust” , for the lack of a better description.
Spongy, moist and utterly sinful..this is worthy of a return trip!

Corner of Jalan Hujan Rahmat and Hujan Emas 5. Look for the van “Leong Hup Roast Duck” or THE queue.
GPS: N 3 04′ 26.1″
E 101 40′ 23.8″

curry mee
Sadly, the donut and potato ball Aunty was only selling dumplings this weekend, but fret not, we appease ourselves with these…

Alley next to TMC Kopitiam on Jalan Emas 3. Mornings only.
GPS: N 3 04′ 28 3″
E 101 40′ 21.7″

curry mee
We see RED. Literally. And I meant the colour of course 😉
While it was good, it failed to beat the one in O&S Paramount, PJ.
7/10 from UnkaLeong (who sampled it last week) and 4/10 from bangsar-babe. Myself felt that the soup was anemic in both flavour and richness a good bowl of curry mee demands.

The open air stall.

curry mee
Unka noticed that the aunty from this pork noodle stall (in Restaurant Lucky; which is right beside the “alfresco” dining alley) while we were chowing our curry mee last week, takes a sip from EVERY bowl that she dished out, giving it a seal of approval before it leaves her “kitchen”.

Fascinated, we ignored the much famous version at the Sun Sea Restaurant which is a road turn away, & headed here specifically for this bowl of porcine specialty.

curry mee

Generous, definitely, for RM4.30.
An egg, loads of veg, minced pork balls, pork slices and liver in cloudy broth that looks extremely promising but somewhat still fails to topple the standards of the Subang SS15 one or even PJ SS3 Kean Fatt’s.
Maybe the Sun Sea one would have fared better? Well..there’s only one way to find out 😉

curry mee
My choice of brekkie?
This superbly fragrant nasi pandan of which I spied last week during the queue for the cake. Full infusion of aromatic pandan and lightly coconut milk coated rice with fried dried shrimps and anchovies. A BIG wow in a small package. RM1.20.

curry mee

Manned by an assiduous young couple, they were really friendly and quick to pack for the growing crowd. I rate this a MUST-TRY, as not only it is uncommon, it is darn tasty.

The really fragrant and crisp dried shrimps and anchovies in separate containers.
The rice is tinged light green, which hints at pureed pandan leaves boiled with the grains.

curry mee

Corner of Jalan Hujan Rahmat and Hujan Emas 5, across the road from the butter cake van.
GPS: N 3 04′ 26.1″
E 101 40′ 23.8″

curry mee

The black urn of witchcraft..

curry mee
As I walked pass this stall, a whiff of warm comforting ginger scent assailed to my nose, stopping me in my tracks.
Could it be??
For I dare not hope
…does this stall has the ginger sugar syrup that I longed for??

And the answer is YES.
Hmmm..The hint of spicy-sweet coupled with the freshly squeezed soya bean.
Perfect start of the day for the tummy. I so dig this market!!
RM1.80 for a 500ml bottle normal soya bean milk & RM2.50 for the Black soya bean version.

It was one happy Sunday morning 😉

And the adventure continues.. Next – Lunch!!

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  1. Sugar Bean

    OUG market! I miss that so much, but I usually visit the night market more than the morning one. Couldn’t wake up in the morning, haha! Everything looks good, next time gotta treat myself a good breakfast by waking up earlier!

  2. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    wah… food looks

  3. boo_licious

    OUG’s morning market always rocks, first discovered it when my friend brought egullets from overseas there. Too bad abt the alley curry mee, as a few locals usually point to us there to eat. Guess you need to compare it with the uber famous one around the corner instead.

  4. Wilson Ng

    OUG Market! Never been there b4! Will visit soon!

  5. burpandslurp

    what the heck!! LOOK at that crazy prices! I’ll be rich, rich, rich there!
    you still got room for lunch meh? lol!

  6. Selba

    Oh my.. so this is the yummy b’fast!!! No wonder, no days without b’fast for me, not like me until 11 am on a Sunday morning still empty stomach, hahaha…

  7. CUMI & CIKI


  8. UnkaLeong

    Selba : Wait till you see lunch, hahaha!

  9. 550ml jar of faith

    OUG is sizzling!!! There’s no end to the wonders in store for those brave and resilient enough to be up at 830AM on a Sunday! Salute!

  10. thenomadGourmand

    sugar bean: oh? Say what? Night market??what day?

    food paradise: u shld see me at the Pg's Air Itam night mkt on Wed!

    boo: yaya.. tht's the Ah Loy one, only afternoons right? Wil ask Unka to sample, since he's the curry-mee-o-meter ;p

    wilson: can wake up or not??

    burpandslurp: indeed you will be! my my, yr yummy recipes, if u use them and open a cafe here in Msia, I guarantee you $moolah$!

    selba: I cant..will die if to last til 11am in the morning w/out food!

    cumi&ciki: cake cake comin soon 😉

    unkaLeong: LOL. yup..lunch post comin up..

    550ml: hehe..for food we will. or ermm..I will.

  11. PureGlutton

    Wow…u r fast, man! 🙂
    The curry mee looked very appetising – too bad it didn’t measure up. The pandan fragrant rice is packed so cutely wor!

  12. Myhorng

    the RED looks delicious and no wonder I saw soya bean in the car. ehehe.

  13. Sean

    but at least it looks like there’s a decent number of cockles in the curry mee!
    wah, quite a few of your recent posts have featured very egg-y dishes! i like! 😀 unfortunately, i never eat brekkie ever, so i can only read your latest entry longingly.

  14. Allie

    one place can get so much good food.. beh tahan… must go KL d la..

  15. mimid3vils

    Have to wake up early early to have all this? I think it's hard for mu hubby (he's my GPS & driver, hehe :P)

  16. Bangsar-bAbE

    Damn…that butter cake was good! I finished half the cake myself!! Your pandan rice was better than my kari mee! o_0

    Oh well, that only means more exploring…and more eating!

  17. thenomadGourmand

    pure glutton: the pandan rice totally rocks!

    myHorng: haha..thts the soya bean!

    sean: no wonder..saving ur tummy for all yr heavy dinners yeah..egg-y dishes? well..i do dig my eggs 😉

    allie: when babe???

    mimid3vil: no prb. we can be ur GPS! anyhw u tried the Sun Sea noodles rite? U recom it to After Giovanni..

    bangsarbabe- yup u got to go again! for the donuts n potato balls too!

  18. fatboybakes

    OMG!!!! TNG!!!! argh……..i am starving now….the curry mee, the pork mee, all my FAVOURITES. kill me NOW!!!! and the butter cake that i left behind at GJ!!!

    hey, it was great to finally properly meet you! cant believe its taken us so long to finally meet up. cheers to new friends.

  19. thenomadGourmand

    fbb: no worries..thr are better versions of curry mee & porky noodles elsewhr! we go try the SS15 one? I'm sure u sampled the brickfields one alrei?

    the cakes, aiyoo we buy again for u loo..and drop it in yr house so it wont go missing! lol

    yes yes..really happy we got to sit dwn, chill and makan toge! 😉

  20. J2Kfm

    wei, if i go, you bring me crawl the market also ok? love small small dishes, so can sample a variety without feeling bloated.

  21. thenomadGourmand

    J2Kfm: can can can. jz tht everytime u come, we havent mgd to meet. Nx trip ya.

  22. backStreetGluttons

    Its so good to know that we have new fresh faces jamming KL’s backlane and fronstreet food circuits , which we believe has been rather tame ever since Friedchilles slowed down its signature FoodCrawl and became a shadow of its vibrant past. Maybe a new name comprising this new active Power Breed shud be initiated say , like GGkl (greatest gourmets kl )

  23. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    omg all these startin at 8.30am? when will it end???

    nice meeting u in person yesterday..!

  24. Nic (KHKL)

    i finally see a new, good reason to sleep earlier on saturday…to wake up to a gooood breakfast! i like my buttercake slightly salty! ;D

  25. Tony

    OUG?!? Sound like new stalls or food has mushroom but sadly the place packed with ppl sea ppl mountain whereby parking is a madness.

    Kudos! You have gave me a reason come back to my hometown (OUG) and just for b/fast with my grandma more often.

  26. worldwindows

    I am looking for a bowl of pork noodles packed with toppings and a runny egg.

  27. thenomadGourmand

    bsg: i hv alws preferred street food, being frm Pg aft all 😉
    Now tht i got GPS its easier for me to go look out fr more food excursions! 😉

    joe: nice meetin u too!
    me thinks it ends at 12pm..but the coffee shops goes on for lunch, the cake van prob right aft the stock is finished.

    tony: yup parking is hell. be prep to walk or be like us, go early!
    go! make ur gramma happy! & yeah, thks for droppin by!!

    worldwindows: wanna go for the SS15 one?? heard its the absolute best..

  28. Life for Beginners

    Oh gosh, it’s like a lil adventure around the morning pasar malam, you know the feel? Makes my day, fer sure… 🙂

  29. vialentino

    wah…din know OUG market for sell many nice foods there … now ur food pics tempt me liow….kanasai ler….me on diet ler.

  30. sakaigirl

    mmm, i would like to have a try on the nasi lemak^^

  31. thenomadGourmand

    lfb: yesss..i’m such an aunty no? 😉

    vialentino: me also! thts why must read more food blogs/mags! hehe..
    u on diet?? forget it laaa..look at all ur non-stop one! ;p

    sakaigirl: cakes?? ur my kinda gal!! hahaha..come KL i’ll take u ard.

  32. Lingzie

    those cakessssssss
    and that nasi pandan!!!!!

    why penang dont have?!

  33. CK Lam

    I love to try the nasi…not tasted before…looks good with the condiments.

  34. ~lely~

    aawww!!! i love all these cheap good food!!! thanks for the detailed tips!

  35. Tastebuddies :)

    you should try this nasi lemak stall in the dry market… there's almost always a queue there and its by a malay couple. Its somewhere near the doughnut and potato balls aunty's stall =)

  36. thenomadGourmand

    lingzie: Pg dont have much plc for good cakes, except for Jenny's and The Ritz..i think..

    CK: the nasi is damn good! I think of it everyday!

    lely: heh..u like plcs like this too? *high five*

    tastebuddies: Oh i know that one! Just tht whenever I'm at the mkt, i gravitate twds Chinese food…
    Thanks for the tip tho!

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