FOOD: Putien Malaysia – 1 Utama, the “NEW” Old Wing

1 Utama is like my 2nd home.
Checking in on an average of 4 times a week mainly because of Celebrity Fitness, I do my grocery shopping here as well; hitting Cold Storage for the imported items and Jusco for the usual stuffs.
The prowl for sustenance usually follows immediately after. Choices used to be mediocre and restrictive and at most I’ll hop into Daves’ (an all time favourite of mine) or I’ll just grab a bun from Sun Moulin.

But things are certainly looking up for foodies now with the recent developments of the “Old Wing”. I have been checking out each outlet and I have almost covered all! So it’s time to start sharing my experiences with you guys!


Today I’m starting off my series of “Food at the “NEW” Old Wing, 1 Utama with Putien Restaurant. It’s the most recently opened restaurant & I hopped in for lunch after a particularly strenous session in the gym.

putien malaysia, 1 utama

Putien restaurant serves Heng Hwa (or Xing Hua) cuisine, a regional specialty that has its roots traced to Putian, a beautiful coastal town located in the Fujian province of China.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-4

PUTIEN dishes, due to the abundance of fresh seafood and bountiful harvests from the region, play up the freshness of ingredients. The cooking style is light, uncomplicated and homely that exudes rich flavours of back country and brings to mind corresponding attributes of simplicity and purity. (taken from their FB page).

putien malaysia, 1 utama-1

Well, I do concur with their statement after my scrumptious meal. Food was pleasantly tasty without liberal seasoning and everything we had was unimpeachable. My usual grunts of “too oily”, “too salty”and “too MSG-ed” was thankfully absent.
Oh, maybe just one.. “Too expensive“. 🙂

But is it really expensive? Well, that’s for you to judge.

XO cold Jelly Fish. RM8.90.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-6

We started with this delightful crunchy starter. It’s not sweet nor sour as those that I’m accustomed to in most Chinese restaurants but was instead pretty savoury and very lightly flavoured with Putien’s XO dressing. Any attempt trying to taste the XO was pretty futile though.

Below: The vinegar-ish in-house chilli sauce, good to go with everything.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-3

Service was atrocious by the way. The wait between dishes was nearly 20 minutes and our lunch of 4 dishes took 2 hours. To be fair, it’s their first week of operation so I’m going be nice and not complain much.

Fried Heng Hwa Bee. RM15.90.
Very well fried and lightly seasoned, this wasn’t too oily or salty, and hence perfect for me.
This was complimentary by the way, since this is their first week of operation.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-7

Old rice milled by hand in Putien. “Translucent, silky, fine, chewy but not brittle. The flavour of the bee oon comes drm the rich miky stock of pork bone and old hens cooked for hours at heat. Infused w 10 sumptuous ingredients, this dish is one of our crowd favourites.”

putien malaysia, 1 utama-5

I need my meat of course, being the carnivorous creature that I am. For poutry, I’m all for the duck.

Deep Fried Duck with YamRM19.90

putien malaysia, 1 utama-8

I like this for the smooth mash yam encasing the savoury duck. The kitchen’s deep frying techniques are irreproachable, with the beautifully crisp filigree batter literally weightless and not the slightest bit greasy.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-10

In need of more protein (read: MEAT) I added an order of Putien Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees. RM16.90.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-11

Truth to be told, I barely tasted any fruitiness supposedly contributed by the lychees. This was more of a very well prepared deep fried pork tenders with sweet & sour glaze. But it was good, and worth recommending.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-9

We washed down our meal with 2 glasees of warm water, which is chargable at RM1.00 each.

Total Bill for the above: RM47.70 + 10% tax = RM52.45.

All in all, our lunch was good. There’s more to sample from Putien’s innovative menu, especially some of the noodles dishes and I certainly look forward to a re-visit. A word of caution though; since it is a new outlet the restaurant gets pretty packed during meal times so it’s best to go early, at odd hours or avoid weekends for now. Sitting arrangements are pretty close to each other and trust me, any conversation you may have will certainly be heard loud and clear by the diners beside you so this is not certainly not ideal for a cosy private dinner.

putien malaysia, 1 utama-2

Putien opened its doors in Malaysia on 5 Jan.
Location: G213A, Ground Floor, Old Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. (Right besides Johnny’s Steamboat and Dave’s Deli).
Call 03-7722 1539 to make your reservations!

putien malaysia, 1 utama-12

More on Putien:
PUTIEN started in Singapore in Oct 2000 and currently has 8 branches in Singapore – Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, Parkway Parade, Marina Square, Vivo City, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point and Nex@Serangoon.

PUTIEN has also expanded overseas and has 1 outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2006 – Voted as one of Singapore’s best 50 restaurants by The Sunday Times.
2009 – Won the “Press Ad Single/Campaign – Chinese” in the SPH Ink Award
2009 – Selected as one of the winners in the Established Brand Award category of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.
2010 – Winners in the Restaurant Association of Singapore’s Tasty Chef Award under the “Best Starter”, “Best Soup” and “Overall Winner” categories.

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