FOOD: Moo Cow Froyo – 1 Utama, the “NEW” Old Wing

When I first discovered this little gem of a froyo chain, of which I blogged about it (Moo Cow opens in Hartamas Shopping Centre), I had predicted that it will take off in a big way.

moo cow frozen yogurt-7

And indeed it has, at a rate that surprised me myself. I kept track of it’s growth (and monthly revolving flavours) with interest, starting off at Mid Valley Gardens and accelerating from there to the Curve and now 1 Utama Old Wing.

My favourite remained for the Original, followed by the Wheatgrass and Mango. I find the Rootbeer a tad too sweet, the Ramadan special of Dates a bit too light/can’t detect the flavour and the Rose flavour so-so.

Recently when I saw the boarded up outlet at 1Utama Old Wing, I nearly shrieked out loud in delight. LOL. Finally I’ll be able to get my Moo Cow fix easily, as I’m a 1Utama mall rat, with Celebrity Fitness being my regular joint.

Pictures below taken with the Blackberry. Enough said.

moo cow froyo 1 utama

Thankfully the wait wasn’t long. On New Year’s Eve Moo Cow at 1Utama officially opened for business. And I was one of their eager customers in line for my froyo fix!

moo cow froyo 1 utama-001

Flavours of the month, in conjuction with Chinese New Year 2012.

Mandarin Orange and DragonFruit. The dragonfruit flavour was too subtle to my tastebuds while the tangy mandarin orange one was refreshing and a great pick-me-up.

moo cow froyo 1 utama-002

My order: The Mandarin Orange. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

moo cow froyo 1 utama-004

Ahh…I’m loving the “NEW” Old Wing at 1Utama!! 🙂


Anyone here has tried the new F&B outlets here? So far I have tried Ah Koong Noodle House, Old Asia Cafe (the Claypot Loh Shi Fun is still as good), Crazy Potato (much better than Ireland Potato for sure) and the new Taiwanese place.

More blogposts coming up for my “Food at the “NEW” Old Wing, 1 Utamaseries! Stay tuned peeps! 🙂

moo cow froyo 1 utama-005











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  1. Simple Person

    Tried it last week……….
    very smooth n milky taste … :yes:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhehe do you like it?? Yes right??
      It’s good and cheap!

  2. Sean

    oh they’re also at sunway pyramid! managed to try the mandarin flavor, and it went very well with the dried cranberry topping 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      OH! I normally have mine without any toppings! But a dried fruits paired with fruity froyo is yums! Good match indeed..

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