FOOD in Songkhla Old Town – Coconut ice cream with a raw egg anyone?

I’m of the opinion that an egg goes with everything.

But not many may agree, especially if it’s ice cream!

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-006

Yes, raw egg yolk with your ice cream. Yay or nay? 🙂

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-013

What you see below is homemade coconut/vanilla ice cream from Songkhla Old Town. And what makes it refreshingly different is the addition of RAW egg yolk to the whole ensemble, after which a drizzle of condensed milk and a scoop of Milo (chocolate powder) dusting completes this endearing dessert. You may opt to add palm seeds, bananas, candies and other goodies if you like. There’s a whole lot of add-ons you may choose from but banana, milo and extra condensed milk is by far the most popular. Price is about from 20-40 baht (RM2 – RM4) depending on your order.

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-001

Your ice cream order in a nutshell:

Vanilla or Coconut or both? Raw egg yolk? Other toppings? Milo? More condensed milk?

Day 2 Hat Yai - sightseeing

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-009

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-008

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-007

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-011

banana coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town

End result: Happy customer! 🙂

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-004

Here’s Vincent from The Star- He was hesitant with the egg yolk at first but in the end he went all out and added it anyways to his ice cream! Good for you Vincent! 🙂

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-005

This small little shop is one of the many along Nang Ngam Road in Old Town of Songkhla city. A stroll here is like a blast to the past, in a good, nostalgic way.

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town

Refreshing sweet coconut water is another option if you do not want ice cream but most of us had 2 orders each; one ice cream and one coconut juice! 🙂
No dieting allowed in Thailand!

coconut ice cream - Songkhla Old Town-010

More on Songkhla and Hat Yai coming up :).
**This excursion was part of the media trip organised by Firefly Airlines as part of their inaugural Subang-Hatyai flight.

Firefly Airline has commenced flight between Subang (KL) to Hat Yai (Thailand) as of 17th Aug 2012. Current promotion is RM99 one way till further notice.

Flight Schedule

Hat Yai (HDY) – Subang (SZB)

Commencement: 17 August 2012

Flight No




Flight Time


FY 3614  SZB-HDY 9.50 am 10.10 am 1 hour 20 min Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
FY 3615  HDY – SZB 10.30 am 1.00 pm 1 hour 30 min Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Ticket purchases can be made from Firefly’s website (, mobile application, airport and city ticketing offices, call-centre and through travel agents.

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  1. ulric

    Gimme the raw egg anytime with any ice-cream…I’ll skip d rest =)

    Plus 3 glasses of the coconut juice…hehe 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Fuh! So many of the other media didn’t dare to try, good to know ur up for it 😛

  2. Sean

    ooo, i guess if the egg is pasteurized and handled with great hygiene, then it’d be definitely worth trying. i don’t think i’d mind the taste, but the risk of salmonella poisoning is scary. actually, this could be a fun recipe to try at home, since you could quite easily buy both ice cream and raw eggs from the supermarket. i wonder what ice cream flavor might work best with egg, heh. maybe black sesame 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahaha.. I doubt it Sean. It’s roadside SOngkhla! Heheh..

  3. ALAN

    Saw this on my arrival at the office this am. I saw my breakfast again.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Breakfast?? You had this every day when you’re in Thailand? 😀

      1. ALAN

        No I saw this mornings breakfast again one hour after I’d eaten it!

  4. George Lim

    The Thai coconut ice cream is so sinfully good! But I haven’t try one out with the egg yolk…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Where did you try it?? Maybe this is only in Songkhla?

      1. George Lim

        I tried the coconut ice cream in one of the roadside stall in Phuket and also another time in Bangkok. 🙂

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ahh it’s a Thailand thing then 😛

  5. June Tan

    Ice-cream with raw egg? How the taste like? Did you throw out? hehehehehehe

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