Food in Nepal – Day 5 and 6 – Momos, fresh yogurt, thali, bhatura

In continuation of my Nepalese food posts, the below are the last few meals for our last few days in Nepal.

Day 5 Breakfast:

As you already know, breakfast was at our hotel – Royal Singi in Kathmandu city. I had mentioned how much I liked the food and this morning was no exception.

While some items were similar, (which wasn’t pictured here again), there were some that was “new”. And other than potatoes, Nepal do fry very good omelettes  Non-greasy, thick, fluffy and well seasoned. Seriously, some of the American breakfast cafes or even our chinese economica rice stalls should learn a thing or two from them!

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-001

And the oats. A bowl for me every morning without fail.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw

Same goes for the milk. I like mine hot.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-003

Fresh out of the oven, these pastries totally rocks. Perfectly flaky layers oozing hot custard within.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-002

With a full stomach, we set out for another 3 hours drive to Bhaktapur city (blogpost errr..soon but don’t count on it) for more historic and cultural sight-seeing.  Along the long journey, we had a short break at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, which was almost 1550m above sea level. It could be thought as the “Cameron Highlands” of Malaysia.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-045

Here flowers blooms in full glory and the resort is charmingly quaint.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-052

But this was what we came for.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-053

The majestic Himalayan range was spread out in front of us. Hours were spent here taking capturing the breathtaking view and of course, of ourselves. 🙂

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-056

Day 5 morning tea:

Hot masala tea was poured and all of us relaxed before continuing our back-numbing hours long journey to the city of Bhaktapur.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-064

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-066

Even the men enjoyed a little tête-à-tête s session! LOL. Note the pinky!

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-069

At Bhaktapur, we visited the ancient city and had a good educational walking tour. Naturally, come lunch time (or even before lunch time) I was famished.

Day 5 Lunch:
Lunch was nearby at Watshala Garden Restaurant, which again like Cafereena, serves a multitude of cuisine to suit everyone.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-219

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-221

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-223

The waiters are all very smartly dressed and polite.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-224

Inside the kitchen, the team toil over hot woks frying (what else) potatoes, vegetables and meat.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-226

Our lunch was pre-ordered by our guides (actually every meal was pre-ordered, we didn’t get to choose ). When my set came put down in front of me, I had a shock. Ermm, what exactly is this?

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-227

The rice was superb as usual though the same can’t be said for the chicken. The other sides were alright and the potatoes were addictive as usual.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-228

Ok, so lunch wasn’t great. But that’s until the yogurt was served.
Our guide had said that the yogurt here is famous and from the first scoop I knew why. It was mildly tangy, sweet, thick and fresh. Heavenly! 🙂


Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-229

Thanks to fresh cow milk, the hot chocolate was fabulous too!

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-230

Here’s the brochure for Watshala Garden Restaurant.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-231

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-233

After lunch, our exploration of Nepal continued to Patan Durbar Square, another historical and architecture site. Dinner was at Nepali Chulo, a restaurant that serves authentic Nepalese. Like finally!

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-337

This was like the one and only fully Nepalese meal we had throughout the entire trip.

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-341

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-342

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-346

Day 5: Dinner – an authentic Nepalese meal.

We started off with some appetisers and funnily enough we got salted popcorns.

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-001

A large mound of rice is served on a thali—a rimmed brass or stainless steel plate. The plate is typically very heavy. The rice is surrounded by smaller mounds of vegetables, fresh chutney/preserved pickles, and fish or meat. Soup-like dal and vegetables cooked in sauce may be served in separate small bowls, to be poured over the rice.

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-008

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-005

Our dinner was more extravagant, where the waiters came with rice and dishes and scoop these onto our plates. Think of a banana leaf meal and you’ll get the idea.

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-003

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-004

Dessert was yogurt, though it was nowhere as good as the one we had at Watshala.

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-007

Part of the appeal of dining here at Nepali Chulo is the love cultural performances. And yes, that’s a guy.

nepali chulo restaurant kathmandu nepal-002

Day 6: Breakfast

I came down for breakfast the next day in anticipation a spread as good as the days before. As usual I had my omelette.


And more omelette.


Plus the best fresh oats and my hot milk.


This was new on the buffet – the Bhatura, just like the Puri that we know, best eaten with the fresh, hot chickpeas curry.


It was really really delish.


Today’s fresh pastry was apple pie, with a huge chunk of apple inside.


It tasted BETTER than it looked. Uh huh, it was that good!

apple crumble

After breakfast was some free and easy time for shopping. We barely had any time for shopping for the past 5 days so this was our only window of opportunity to go crazy. All of us went to Thamel Street, a shopping area which consists of a few streets lined with shops selling pashmina, bags, souvenirs and etc. It was a touristy place where bargaining is a must and authenticity of products are very much questionable.

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-009

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-006

Day 6: Lunch before departure.

Our last meal was at The Asian Village Restaurant and Bar, also in Kathmandu city.

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-040

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-042


I saw the semi-open kitchen and took a closer peek.

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-043

Not surprisingly, the first I saw was POTATOES! :DD

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-044


Our lunch was more momos,

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-045

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-046


I’m not complaining! Not when the momos were so juicy and packed with minced meat.




I liked the deep fried potatoes as well, though these was fried in a spiced batter.

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-047

It was slightly spicy, accompanied by a sweetly spicy sauce. A new variation of eating potatoes here!

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-048

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-049


We washed it down with wonderful sweet and banana lassi.

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-050


If you’re ever in Kathmandu and wanted to visit  The Asian Village Restaurant and Bar, here’s the address.


Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-069


We took one last group picture, thanked our tour guides and …

Nepal 2012 Group Photo


…… was the airport next…

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-072

Farewell Nepal, till we meet again! 🙂

Day 6 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-105

** This is a media trip with the Air Asia team and media from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. We were in Nepal for the Air Asia X CSR launch of the OCPL programme, a community outreach project in partnership with OLE Nepal.

Nepal 2012 Group Photo

*Group photo credit to Djamilah from Indonesia.

Our 6D5N tour was handled by Incentive Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd who did a fabulous job taking care of us!
For any enquiries about traveling in Nepal, do drop me a comment here! 🙂

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