Focus Point presents Loewe 2012 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection and Lunch at the Estate, Intermark

Malaysia’s largest professional eyewear retailer, Focus Point launched an exclusive preview of renowned Spanish luxury and leather goods brand this week, Loewe’s hottest must-haves from it’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collection.

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection

Ok, I get it. I’ll never qualify as a model, even for eyewear! :DD

Let me present to you the REAL models.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-13

Held at the gastropub Estate at the Intermark KL, the launch and luncheon was a chic affair; featuring gorgeous sunnies, friendly people and ambrosial food.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-7

Established in 1846, Loewe represents the very best of Spanish Luxury specializing in leather goods, ready to wear, accessories and perfumes.

  • In 1996 the company joined LVMH. Today Loewe is a key player in 34 countries with over 150 stores worldwide

The Loewe 2012 Spring / Summer Eyewear Collection we saw that day emphasize on:

  • Premium quality
  • Mixture of materials
  • High attention to details
  • Shapes that’s easy to wear & can fit to all

Main Themes:


Anagram & Logo (Retail price from RM868)

The classic Loewe touch. The logo is  used in particular for the men models, also in combination with logomania inside temples or with the crown inserted on the metal plaque on the bridge.


The “4L” anagram is the most famous symbol of Loewe. There are 2 different applications of the logo on the products.

1. Metal Combined With Enamel

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-1

2. Metal Multilevel Anagram 


The Padlock.

Padlock meterail detail is used across most of the Loewe product categories.

In the sun collection the padlock is made with the “precision casting” technique that makes the metal details tridimensional (well-finished both inside and outside temples)


Examples: Single Padlock:


Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-003

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-3

Chain of Padlock:


The Silk Print.


This silk print is inspired by the Mantón de Manila, the embroidered shawl which is associated with the flamenco dance. It is a very traditional design, which has been reinterpreted in 2 different ways:

Printed Acetate:


3D Effects- with the insertion of metal flowers and swarovsky details into acetate:
I love this one! So feminine and pretty yes? 🙂


focus point Loewe 2012 collection-11

Last but not least; The Nappa. (Retail price from RM1242)

The strong point of  Loewe: nappa. The extremely soft and luxurios nappa manufactured by Loewe made the fashion firm famous all over the world.

Nappa And Metal Matching.
Precious detail: metal profile inserted in the acetate frontal perimeter

SLW 774

Beautiful and sensual designs aren’t they? Wish I could own one! I tried a few, but found them to be too big. 🙁

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-001

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-002

Kim Ng, the vivacious CEO of Focus Point giving us a welcoming speech.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-4

The new Loewe collection retails from RM868 to RM1242 and wil be available exclusively at Focus Point outlets nationwide beginning March 2012.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-6

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-14

focus point Loewe 2012 collection

Focus Point1

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-12

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-17

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-16

Focus Point carries over 180 brands of prescription frames and fashion eyewear. It is also the exclusive distributor of 16 original brands, which includes Loewe, Davidoff and Jaguar in Malaysia.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-2

focus point

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-9

In Malaysia, Focus Point has over 175 outlets, consist of 7 propriety brand outlets namely “Focus Point”, “Focus Point Optical City’, “Opulence”, “WazzUp”, “Eyefont”, “Excelview” and “Solariz”.

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-8

Bet you didn’t know they have so many brand outlets right? Well, I didn’t either!

focus point Loewe 2012 collection-5

After the fashion show, lunch was served. This is my first time at the Estate, I didn’t have much expectations since this was considered “event food”.

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-004

Surprisingly, food turned out great. Our starter of a chunky foie gras ontop of a buttery toast (of which I suspect is a brioche) was wonderfully luscious, so I must say thanks to Focus Point for the generous lunch. 🙂

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-005

Main course was fish, beef, chicken or pasta. I would have chosen beef if I knew how it was prepared. However, at the registration table, they weren’t able to inform us of the preparation of each dish or the type of fish served so I stuck to the safer option and chose chicken.

The fish turned out to be grilled seabass, which wasn’t too bad.

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-007

Chicken became Chicken Tikka and no doubt I was disappointed with my choice after seeing the beef! Don’t get me wrong, the chicken tikka was alright. But it can’t beat……………

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-008

PINK, juicy tenderloin. 2 thick cuts of it too!

Focus Point Loewe 2012 collection-009

Well, looks like I have to be back for more!
Meanwhile, anyone here liked the new Loewe Spring/Summer sunnies? 🙂

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    1. rebeccasaw

      I got a new pair, will show you on Sat!
      Also, U like the food here? Very near your office! 🙂

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        A new pair sunglass for free? Ok i am jealous. Haha

      2. rebeccasaw

        Eh mana ada!
        I test only, didnt buy. Can’t fit my small face

      3. Akulah Pak Lan

        Tot got free one. Yeah can henshin n becomme mask rider =P

  1. The Yum List

    Seems a bit much to pay for something that I’d sit on, break, lose, scratch in minutes… 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      But but.. u hv to protect your eyes!! ;p

  2. ulric

    I would have chosen the beef hands down =)

    The glasses seem to overwhelm ur face…choose smaller ones lar…hehe 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes lor!
      I couldn’t find one tht could fit me! 🙁

  3. Nikel

    Very gorgeous look with focus point sunglass

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