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Flingstones Cafe in SS15 Subang is the place to be to satisfy your swine cravings if you are in the SS15 area.

Flingstones is not the first cafe to offer pork, but they are undisputedly one of the few which does it well.
I like how their menu consist of typical pork offerings (rice, pasta) but with a twist in terms of ingredients and cooking techniques.

For example, our beloved nasi lemak comes with aromatic fried pork belly with juicy fats in lieu of the common spiced fried chicken drumstick.
Their signature fried rice came loaded with so much pork in every form that any pork lover is doing himself/herself an injustice if they don’t swing by here as soon.

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK Ribs-007

Nasi Lemak (RM20 nett).

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK BABI NASI LEMAK

As pictured, Flingstones steered away from the common fried chicken by offering succulent marinated pork belly and minced pork curry as sambal instead.
And to ensure that you would be truly satiated, they threw a whole egg plus generous serving of peanuts & anchovies.
A side of greens including cucumbers and kangkung actually made this dish rather wholesome.
Let’s not forget that as you dig into the bowl of sambal, there are minced pork meat within.

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK nasi lemak-001

Depending on supplier, you might or might not get the same vegetables or the banana leaf plating. However, taste and portion-wise it is pretty consistent.


Our Babi Fried Rice (RM18) leaves us in no doubt of how ‘babi’ it is.
Generously loaded with dried pork sausages (lap cheong), bacon, pork fat croutons plus onions, this is one of the best fried rice I’ve had and that wasn’t just because of the amount of ingredients, but also due to its flavours.

Fragrant, not overly greasy and with every grain of rice well-flavoured, every spoonful was bliss.
I trust the generous addition of onions and pineapples added to the taste.
To top it all off, there are 2-3 strips of pork bacon crowning the mound of rice and a whole century egg on its side.

Yes, as I’ve said earlier, typical pork dishes but with unexpected twists.


Flingstones offers a decent rack of pork ribs for its price.

After a total of 4 visits (first visit in April 2015 and 3 visits recently after their new menu launch) I’m pretty familiar with their food.
In fact, in all 3 recent visits documented here, I’ve had the ribs.

On my first visit the plum sauce was overly salty. However, the subsequent 2 ribs that I had on my subsequent 2 visits were balanced in both sweet and salty.
Rest assured though that the texture of the ribs remained tender to the bones on all 3 occasions. The sizing of the half rack was smaller on the 2nd visit but fair on the 3rd.
Last but not least, I find that the ribs has a strong “porky smell” which I’m rather sensitive to. However, other dining companions (save for one fella) from all 4 visits said they were ok with it, so it might just be me.

BELOW: 1st visit – Full ribs at RM33.

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK Ribs-006

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK Ribs-005

BELOW: 2nd visit – Half slab at RM28 nett.



BELOW: 3rd visit. Half rack.

No more sweet potato fries! That was a shock to us as we love the sweet potato fries.


Yes, I know what you were thinking.
I am consuming too many pork ribs. But hey, those ribs are for sharing!
Half a rack is usually about 6-7 joined ribs so you can share it with 2-3 people and order the other Flingstones mains as well.
Like I’ve said earlier, I highly recommend the pork nasi lemak and pork fried rice.


But of course, if pastas are more your thing, order the Chu Yao Char Angle Hair Pasta (RM 18).
Crunchy lard croutons, bacon and juicy bursts from cherry tomatoes and zucchini plus flavourful strands of angel hair, there is little to fault for this dish.
Well, lard over olive oil anytime!

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK YEE SANG-004

Prefer chicken instead?
The Kapowww” Spaghetti (RM18) might be right up your alley then.

Kung Pow Chicken with rice is passe. Here the chef tossed the sticky sauce with pasta and with sufficient wok hei and chillies, this is the kung pow dish to slurp up.


The beverages here are consistent so I have to commend the barista for that. I was told too that the coffee beans here are roasted by Japanese master roaster hence the quality.

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - pork ribs-002

There are some drinks here that are more creative/unique in comparison to other cafes within the SS15 area.

For instance, one is cheekily named Dirty (RM12) and another Gila Melaka Latte (RM11 hot/RM13 cold).

flingstones cafe subang

Dirty is one of my top picks as I love anything with ginger. The combination of coffee, milk & mellow housemade ginger syrup is delightfuly as the ginger provided warmth undertones as the liquid goes down your throat.
Bonus: This is served with a mini gingerbread man cookie on the side!

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - GREAT COFFEE
Gila Melaka Latte has, you guessed it, gula melaka.
Both beverages are sweet, and thus suited to those who enjoy sweetened coffee.
I for one, love both, for neither were overly sweet and so pleasant to drink!

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - pork ribs-003

My affogato crazy friend tried the Arigatou Affogato; an espresso shot with matcha ice cream, RM13.
If you are a green tea fan, do try it!


Service is prompt and the overall ambiance of the cafe is pleasant. They offer cakes as well, even a housemade “Tiramichu” – RM12 but I was always so stuffed after the ribs and nasi lemak that I’ve yet to try it.
There is a large outdoor seating area which is my preferred choice whenever I’m here for a meal or caffeine fix.

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - pork ribs

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - PORK NASI LEMAK

In conclusion, out of the many cafes in the Klang Valley, Flingstones Cafe is one of the very few that left an impression.
So apparently they meant it when they say..

nothing leaves the kitchen unless the owners themselves are completely head over heels with it. Because at Flingstones, we just love making you fall in love with things WE love.

Cheers to that Flingstones!

flingstones cafe - subang ss15 - pork ribs-001

Flingstones Cafe
Jalan SS 15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya
Hours :
Mon-Sun: – 10:00 am – 12:00 am

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