Five Sen5es, Westin Kuala Lumpur – Celebrating Chinese New Year with Phoon Choy

For a porky Chinese New Year feast right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Five Sen5es at Westin KL is a worthy consideration.

Expect refinement in presentation and premium ingredients plus a very good variety of traditional Chinese New Year delicacies that remained close to age-old recipes.
Assuredly, your mum, grandmother and that fussy grand-aunt would approve.

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Fret not though, some dishes are with a flair of modernity for the present day finicky diners so depending on the set menu chosen your dinner could include a simple steamed fish or an elaborate crispy fried scallop with pumpkin and salted egg mousse.

No harm after all to have a bit of the contemporary if it is unique and taste good right?

Set 1.


Set 2.


Set 3.


Set 4.


Looking at the 4 menus above, I have to say that some of the creations, particularly the Oven Roast BBQ Tong Quai Duck sounds like a feast suited to impress; and would definitely impress too, both for entertaining family members or business associates.

For every meal, the eyes feast as well as the tongue.
In fact, the eyes judge the food even before our tastebuds do.

So aesthetics does enhance the overall meal when the chef takes initiative to plate and arrange the food in the most eye-pleasing manner as possible.
Though the yee sang was reduced to a scrambled mess after the lou sang, it did bought a smile to our lips to see this pretty plate of yee sang!

chinese new year menu - review - five sen5es westin KL

The Yee Sang at Five Sen5es starts from RM48++/set to RM238++ depending on set and chosen toppings.
Ours was a duo salmon and abalone combo, tossed together with the fresh and pickled vegetables of the yee sang and Five Sen5es’s special plum sauce.


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Poon Choi is big this year.
I’m a personal fan of this treasure pot layered with a medley of fine produce. The intermingling flavours and having so much to eat in one pot makes it fun!

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The “Five Sen5es Big Bowl Feast” is priced between RM788++ (10 head abalone) and RM988++ (6 head abalone) per servings of 10 with a one day advance order required.
What can you expect from this Five Sen5es poon coi? Well, get ready to tuck into jumbo prawns, scallops, abalones, roast duck, pork trotter, free range chicken, stuffed inari bean curd, shitake mushrooms, black moss, sea cucumber, top shell abalone, chinese cabbage and white radish!

For an additional RM100++, the “Five Sen5es Big Bowl Feast” inclusive of a porcelain dish is also available for take away.


Imported premium waxed meat and sausages crowned the slow boiled claypot rice, infusing each grain with delicious fats and flavours. A side of Five Sen5es soy sauce was served as an addition to the dish if more flavour are required.

chinese new year menu - review - five sen5es westin KL-005

We had a fish dish as well, of which I think I may have misplaced the image.
For the fish dish, there are soon hock, garoupa, black cod and promfret, all of which are personal favourites of mine.
Yes, I have expensive taste I know. 😀

For dessert, the Japanese Sweet Potato Nian Gou is a twist on the traditional and I loved it simply because having it stuffed with my favourite tuber means less of the sticky rice cake, which can be quite filling as the last course after a heavy feast of 7-8 dishes before it.

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The Westin Chinese New Year Set Menu will be available from 18 February to 5 March 2015.

For reservations, contact:
Tel  : +603 2773 8338
Email: [email protected]

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