Celebrity Fitness Malaysia introduced new workout programmes from fitness fx into their repertoire recently and I took time on a Thursday afternoon to check out what’s fitness fx is all about.

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Rated as one of the top 20 fitness trends in United Kingdom, fitness fx offers a range of cutting-edge exercise programmes such as jump fx and pump fx to effectively burn unwanted fat and maximize fitness gains while having a good mix of soundtracks as a companion.


I thought of it as a marvellous incentive for members of Celebrity Fitness to workout more as new workout programmes generally keeps things fresh.

fitness fx however, isn’t entirely new. Launched in 2003 by Marcus Irwin and Michael Betts, fitness fx offers a group of progressive programmes that constantly evolve through tried and tested teaching methodologies.

For instance, pump fx is studio resistance training through the use of functional, multi-plane movement to provide a complete body workout.
jump fx on the other hand, are perfect for those aiming to accelerate fat loss and increase their metabolic rate.

Think of pump fx as a weight bearing class and jump fx as a cardio programme that incorporates several most effective training techniques such as plyometric, high intensity training and 3D or multi-planar stretching.

*Vidal Coscolin Gomez, Group Fitness Development Manager of Celebrity Fitness demonstrates the new resistance training, pump fx

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*Celebrity Fitness instructors (David Thoong and Baby G) and Vidal during cool down

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Kris, (Country Manager) added that these fitness fx programmes incorporate all of the benefits of group studio resistance and exercise cardiovascular classes, while limiting the drawback.

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“Whether you are a gym-go-er or a fitness novice, a young working adult or in the golden years, these programmes will definitely provide the solution to achieving your fitness goals, while at the same time also increase your self-esteem, help prevent joint injury, develop muscle strength, improve body posture and many other benefits.” he said.

Fitness fx is available at all Celebrity Fitness clubs in Malaysia. For more information, kindly contact Celebrity Fitness at 1300 – 222 – FIT (348) or log
You may also become a fan at:

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  1. Kendrick

    Heya! I’m at work browsing your blog and just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!

    Carry on the fantastic work!

  2. Jarrod

    Woah! I’m really loving the fitness updates on tis site.
    At least you’re not another fat blogger who eats and eats.
    You workout hard & keep in shape & you promote a balanced lifestyle.

  3. Dalene

    New programme? I haven’t seen any new classes on specifically fitness fx in the gym though.
    Also on such launch events/workouts is it only for media or can the other members join in the fun?

  4. Amber

    I have to say your fitness postings has been inspiring. It’s 1st of March and I’m still “been meaning to join a gym”!

  5. Caroline

    There’s no CF here in Melaka. Please ask CF to open an outlet here!

  6. Emile

    Great write ups on Melaka food! Really appreciate your links 🙂

  7. Will

    If your shape is triangular you should focus on spinning, walking on inclines and step
    machines will give you the balance you need to look
    proportional. While not everyone has access to cable TV channels, there is also the option to stream these
    workouts online or purchase them in DVD form. Workout clothes that are flattering can increase the results of an exercise
    routine significantly.

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