Fitness First: Fit for Fashion TV Season 2 Preview, CustomFit 3.0 and BioScore!

Fitness First went all out with a bang recently with the launch of 3 new developments; the new season of Fit for Fashion, the arrival of BioScore to our Malaysian shores and the revolutionary fitness app Custom Fit.

Fitness First Fit for Fashion, CustomFit 3.0 BioScore.0 BioScore!

As a privileged member of the media, I got a sneak peek of the first episode of Fit for Fashion, an inspirational fitness cum fashion reality TV show which aims to motivate its viewers to start their own transformational journeys.

Over the course of 10 weeks 14 contestants of Fit for Fashion faced fitness challenges which also included a total reevaluation of their bodies, self-image and self-confidence.
The whole exercise was carried out with the help of fashion experts; Louise Roe and Todd Anthony Tyler, and trainers; Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock.

F4FS2 Group Shot

Malaysian fans of the show will have three contestants to cheer on. These include sweet tooth Malaysian-born Deena Marzuki, Hungarian businessman Attila CK (who currently resides in Malaysia), as well as Chinese-Malaysian Australian ‘geek’ Marlon Dance-Hooi.

I personally found the first episode to be quite entertaining.
The elements of fitness and fashion came together quite well, for after all, when you feel good, you naturally exude a better image from inside out.
I won’t go into details as you can catch the upcoming episodes on StarWorld on Astro every Thursday, 8pm!


After the viewing some of us got warmed up to get ourselves evaluated using BioScore, a bespoke health and fitness assessment tool which determines your biological or ‘fitness age,’ compared to your real age.

The BioScore tool has been used in other Fitness First in the world, but finally available available in Fitness First Malaysia.

This tool was launched simultaneously in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines) by Fitness First on 7 January, in conjunction with the premiere of Fit for Fashion.
An earlier version of BioScore – called BioAge – was trialled in the UK, refined, and now launched as BioScore.

Even the contestants from Fit for Fashion Season 2 underwent the BioScore assessment in Episode 1 to determine their ‘starting point’ and gauge their fitness.

Again we were a privileged lot to be able to try it on the launch day.


So how is BioScore superior to other health fitness tools?
For a start, BioScore eschews the usual method of measuring bodyweight or body fat percentage but instead focuses on other key metrics. 
For a more complete overview, BioScore comprises a series of health and fitness tests, and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, in order to obtain a more holistic picture of a person’s health:
Health test: This element of the test looks at the status of key vital statistics including height to waist ratio, lung function and blood pressure.
Fitness test: This element includes a series of short and simple exercises to assess aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility, agility and core endurance.
Exercises include a TRX row, standing jumps, core endurance drills, hexagonal agility, and a 500m row.
Lifestyle test: This element goes beyond the physical with a questionnaire that looks at lifestyle choices in and out of the gym, such as nutrition, stress levels, sleep and drinking habits to build a bigger picture of one’s health.


I got my blood pressure taken, my height and weight measured and was told to blow really hard into a funny apparatus.

Fitness First


Planks, squats, hops, rows, long jump and more. Whew!!

fitness first - bioscore

Fitness First2

Fitness First1

fitness first - bioscore-001

fitness first - bioscore-002



This is a theory-based as all you have to do is answer a series of questions as truthfully as possible.

Fitness First Fit for Fashion, CustomFit 3.0 BioScore
Fitness First Fit for Fashion, CustomFit 3.0 BioScore-003

And taaaddaa!

My BioScore result. I’m 3.5 years YOUNGER than my actual age! Whoop whoop!


So once the assessment has taken place, results from all three tests will be analysed to determine one’s BioScore – a number which will either be higher or lower than one’s actual age.
A person’s BioScore is the difference between the biological age and actual age, and this will be either a plus (+) or a minus (-) score displayed in years.
For example, a person whose actual age is 33 years old, but whose assessment scores result in him or her being 30 years old will have a BioScore of -3.

The current promo for the BioScore test is ‘Buy 2 for the price of one‘ so it is RM99 for 2 pax.
Just contact the nearest Fitness First to you to make an appointment. 


Last but not least, I fiddled about with the CustomFit app.


Now this digital training system aims to allow people of all ages and fitness levels to build a series of workouts based on their own individual goal and training preferences.

With over 800 exercises (with videos!) and a Fitness Logic™ system, CustomFit is your personal trainer at your fingertips.
To get started, download CustomFit from Google Play or App Store. Answer four (4) simple questions ranging from your fitness goals to your experience level.
CustomFit will then generate a selection of personalised workouts based on those preferences.

customfit by fitness first-004

customfit by fitness first-003

customfit by fitness first-007

customfit by fitness first-008

200 of the exercises available in CustomFit will be bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment so users can workout at home or in the park.
I like how each exercise are well documented and came with video support.

In fact, if you have engaged a Fitness First personal trainer, your trainer can use this app to create workouts for you remotely. This is especially useful for those who travel a lot and might miss some training sessions when they are away.

The workout will be pushed through to your app, and you can use it to work out wherever you are!

customfit by fitness first-010

customfit by fitness first-011

As we know, our current hectic lifestyle makes frequent gym sessions a challenge, so Fitness First had wanted to provide tools and content that will allow people to stay the course, both inside and outside the gym.

Through CustomFit, users will be able to track, analyse and share their progress, while comparing their Personal Bests with other likeminded people via leaderboards – anytime, anywhere.

customfit by fitness first-002
It will also be able to collect data such as steps, weight and height from any devices that push data to Apple Health and Google Health, and collect its own data such as workout frequency and length, as well as calories burned, which users can use to fine tune their fitness programmes.

customfit by fitness first-001

In fact, if you’ve done your BioScore assessment and are working with a personal trainer to improve that score and turn back the clock, you should use CustomFit to create a customised programme that you can take with you wherever you are!
So, get your game on this 2016 in 3 steps:

1. Fit for Fashion Season 2 (10 episodes) is almost half-way though the season now and things are really heating up, so make sure you catch all the action and drama on StarWorld, Astro every Thursday, 8pm for motivational support.

2. Head to the nearest Fitness First club today to find out your BioScore.
Current promo is RM99 for 2 person.
For more information:


3. Download the CustomFit app and personalised your own workout that can be done anytime, almost anywhere!

FFA-CFBS-MKT-21 CustomFit Image for PR

So, how old are you really? Get Fit, Get There.

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