Firefly Trip 2011 – Sibu Night Market & Sibu Central Market, Sarawak

I started out my Sibu adventure post last week with my video on eating live, wriggly sago worms HERE– (Do watch it!) :P & in this post, I’m going show you both the night & morning markets that we have visited in Sibu.

** Soaring above the clouds..thanks to Firefly Malaysia!

firefly - inaugural flight to Sibu.07
firefly - inaugural flight to Sibu.54

On our first night, we toured the night market; which happened to be the only night market in Sibu town. Not unlike our night markets here in KL/Peninsular Malaysia, it has the usual stalls hawkering clothing, bags, accessories & household items.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.49

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.44

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.11

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.06

But food & beverage selections were notably different, and it was there that I had my first sight of kompian, as well as many other snacks popular in this part of the country.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.31

Pork is the staple meat here, and all of these are filled with minced pork.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.21

Sarawakians are big on their “paus” – steamed buns. Almost every single food stall here sells these, offering a variety of fillings like well, pork, among others.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.25

Sibu’s version of our peanut pancake – a much thinner & crispier version! It’s pretty addictive to munch on.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.25-1

I realized I see a lot of corn during my trips to Sarawak, both in Bintulu & Kuching & especially at their markets. No difference here in Sibu. These hills – grown ones are supposedly sweeter & nicer in bite.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.01

Also, the proud display of animal parts were “interesting” to say the least.

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.53

Tongue anyone?

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.26

Feet, lungs, ears, intestines…. they have it all. Business was brisk too for these!

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.14

And the beverages here comes in all colours (think bright blue!)  & names; & it’s certainly not suited for the health concious or preservative – adverse people like me. :P 

Firefly trip - Sibu Night Market, Sarawak.55-1

The next morning we were in for an early morning walk at the Sibu Central Market. It is said that you have not visited Sibu if you have not been to SCM.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.46

Holding the title as the largest market in Sarawak, (perhaps even whole of Malaysia); boasting of  housing nearly 1,000 hawker stalls on weekdays & an additional 500 stalls on weekends, this two-storey building stretched over a few blocks.

**Took a paranoma shot with the Samsung Galaxy SII. (click to see the whole image on flickr please!)

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.00

The ground floor is where all the main marketing of fresh produce is; while the upper floor is where you head to for food.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.21

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.02-1

Adjacent to it is a multi-storey carpark & in between the two buildings (see pic below)  is an open area where farmers from ethic group of Ibans & Orang Ulus (minority people from the jungles) comes out to hawk their wares of exotic jungle produces on Saturdays.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.33

Tribe people displaying their wares.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.31

As with all commercially run markets, there are proper divided sections for each type of produce. The dry section has all kinds of vegetables & fruits, mostly local.

Sibu Central Market

Then there’s the dried goods, spices, flowers, sundry goods & handicrafts.

Sibu Central Market1

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.26

And of course I was busiest sampling the drinks, homemade cakes, buns, titbits and other confectioneries. :P

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.52

Now, the next part of the market is my favourite.
Ever since young I had loved walking & exploring markets, especially the wet markets! The section I favoured the most is the fresh seafood area, where fishes still flaps around in those huge buckets, fishermen in boots unloads their wares from the trucks to the stalls & fishmongers scales & gut the fishes with precision to order. Seeing huge fresh fishes, shellfish, prawns fascinated me til today.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.26-1

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.57

I have been to markets in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah & Kuching, Sarawak and I have come to realize that the seafood catch for Sabah differs slightly (in terms of the type/species of fish) from the ones you get in Sarawak & is almost entirely dissimilar with the ones we have here in the Peninsular.

Even the shell-fishes were more “exotic” and I came across some that I have not seen before! Anyhow, I regretted not taking all pictures of the fishes they have there at the market, cos now I realized I don’t have much to share here! Sigh.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.02-2

By the way, Sibu is a major port city situated near the mouth of the Rajang River. The seafood here is supplied from the South China Sea, nearby farms, & freshwater fish from the rivers.

Next up is the probably the most fascinating part of the market where live chickens and ducks are sold bundled up in newspapers. Each bird is displayed in neat lines, some stacked in rows ontop on each other. Amazingly & in an unexplainable way, every bird is docile & quiet. I wonder if it’s because they are strung up tightly under these newspapers! They barely moved! And emits not a single sound either.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.07

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.54-1

Somehow the selling method here makes it all look so civilised. No birds squawking in fear & pain. LOL.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.32

Ducks too!

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.42

No fret though, there is a section for readily slaughtered chicken & ducks in a separate part of the market for those who prefer their poultry ready- to- cook.
Yea, I think part of the reason why we don’t see such selling practice here (west coast Malaysia at least) is because I don’t foresee people in the cities buying FRESH (literally) poultry home to take on the messy bloody job of slaughtering it themselves!

Moving on to my next adventure, I think the highlight of my Sibu Central Market trip was this!

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.54

Oh yes, fat wriggly FAT sago worms!

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.08

Majority of us spent the most time gawking at these. Me & Spinzer gamely chomped on a few (well, I did ate ONE ;p ) – proof  HERE!!!

Sibu, sarawak - live sago worms.59

Educational time for the media & bloggers. The Head of the SCM committee patiently explained about the market’s history & also answers any questions we may have.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak-1

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak

I had a heart-tuggin moment when I saw this. Well, I totally agree on starting them young.

Firefly trip - Sibu Central Market, Sarawak.43

 Next up – Kompian! The famed Foochow Bagels. 

** This trip was courtesy of Firefly Malaysia, as it was their inaugural flight to Sibu. All pictures in this post were shot using the Samsung Galaxy S2, an amazing device. I didn’t have to use my Samsung NX11 at all. 

Thanks again to Firefly & Tourism Sarawak for the experience! :P  

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  1. jfook

    it has been a long time I haven’t been to Sibu. I would say it’s really an old and worn out town but your blog has made the city alive! Thumbs up. =D

    1. Rebecca

      Hehee! Thks fr the kind words dear! I can’t wait fr u to be back in bustling KL again!

    2. suituapui

      Old worn out town? When were you here last?

      1. Rebecca

        Haha I believe Jfook has alraedy said he’s not been back here for a long time di!

  2. james

    You should make a trip to rural Sarawak during Gawai festival to experience the more exotic food 😉 .. plus tuak (rice wine) of course. :whistle:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh we did! One night we were at the longhouse, and we experience Gawai – with a mock Gawai wedding & Gawai beauty pageant!
      Oh what exotic food? I have manuk pansuh way too many times this year! and that midin too!

  3. Michelle Chin

    I love markets and i think i would actually go to sibu for their markets!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Mich, Go KK! That’s CRAZY! The fishes – the seafood, some are bizzare!

  4. Sean

    heheh, it’s interesting to figure out not only what organs those are, but also what animals the organs came from! 😀

  5. Isaac Tan

    such an interesting night market as well as the central market. Really an experience we don’t get to have it in the peninsula.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups! Every trip to anyway is an experience! I’m sure you love travelling for the same reason right! 🙂

  6. Linda

    This market place is really great.I love the picture of that tied chickens.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehehe.. yes. Certainly an eye-opener! Thk u for visitng my blog 🙂

  7. charles

    it is a whole lot different feelings to see my home town from your blog, Rebecca !!! Good one :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Charles! TQ fr your kind words 🙂
      I got more posts coming up 🙂 Meet you soon so you can share w me more stories yea!

  8. suituapui

    The night market is a permanent feature – there at the same place every night…like the Batu Ferringhi one in Penang. If I’m not mistaken, over in KL or Selangor, they move – at a different place every night. Is that correct?

    1. Rebecca

      Yes A! We have night markets here but the vendors follows a schedule & theyare at different locations each night 🙂

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