Firefly Celebrates High Five – it’s been 5 years!

I was at the Subang airport this morning to witness Firefly fifth anniversary celebrations.

Cutting the cake
And in conjuction with their celebrations, Firefly is offering passengers a promotional fare from RM55, one way, all-in for selected domestic routes.
So travellers, do look out for these flights:
Subang – Penang, Subang – Kota Bharu, Subang – Langkawi, Subang – Kuala Terengganu, Subang – Johor Bahru, Subang – Alor Setar;

Penang – Kota Bharu, Penang – Kuantan and Penang – Langkawi;

Kota Bharu – Johor Bahru.

The promotional fare is for bookings made from April 4 to April 8, 2012 for travel from April 23 to October 27, 2012.

Also as part of its birthday celebration and to further reward its loyal customers, Firefly is offering Mystery Gift prizes to every fifth customer who makes seat purchases today (3rd April 2012) and tomorrow (4th April 2012) at Firefly Airport Ticketing Offices located in Subang Skypark, Penang, Kota Bharu and Budget Terminal, Changi Airport, Singapore.

Staff, birthday cake

Below: COO  Ignatius M.C. Ong taking questions from the media over donuts and sandwiches this morning.


Personally for me it was nice to see the Firefly team again, the familiar faces that I have come to known and are now good friends from our many trips to Sarawak, Sabah and the most recent one; Kuantan together. The new COO, Mr Ong seems friendly and approachable as well.

He did share that for this year, Firefly will be adding about 2-4 more destinations to its current routes. It currently covers 24 destinations now.
Firefly will also be focusing on short haul flights within the 3 hours range. East Malaysia is still out of the business focus for now and Firefly will be evaluating current demand before adding on more destinations while simultaneously creating demand for destinations that has the potential.


Last but not least Firefly has partnered Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets in Subang Parade and Subang SkyPark to offer a special 50% discount as a gesture of appreciation to its valuable customers.
To qualify, patrons will have to print out the Big Apple coupon on the Firefly website and present it at the two participating outlets to enjoy a delicious Big Apple donut and a cup of Americano Coffee or juice for RM5.
This offer is valid up to April 7, 2012.

firefly promotions

Happy 5th birthday Firefly! I’m looking forward to a trip to Indonesia (since I have never been there!) aboard one of your aircraft soon! :DD



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  1. Adam

    Hopefully this will not be their last birthday celebration, with everything happening right now in MAS -_-

    1. rebeccasaw

      Doubt it.. there’s a market for the short haul.. and if they offers more routes – popular ones or ones that’s untapped, they will survive.since the planes comes from MAS…

  2. Sean

    gosh, i’ve actually not managed to take a firefly flight before. i guess i haven’t flown much within malaysia in the past five years. but i’ve heard good things about firefly, generally 😀

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