Final Casting of Ms Universe Malaysia – 27th March 2010, Royal Chulan Hotel

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Who will win this year?







hot male bloggers

:mrgreen: Hehe. No no.. they are waiting for Mr Universe Malaysia.

Back to the actual contestants… So pretty right?

Ms Uni Msia2

Ms Uni Msia5

Ms Uni Msia15

Ms Uni Msia13

Ms Uni Msia16-1

Ms Uni Msia27

Ms Uni Msia32

Ms Uni Msia1

Ms Uni Msia3

Ms Uni Msia23

Ms Uni Msia4

Ms Uni Msia7

Ms Uni Msia8

Ms Uni Msia9

Ms Uni Msia19

Ms Uni Msia10

Ms Uni Msia11

Ms Uni Msia12

Ms Uni Msia14

Ms Uni Msia18

Ms Uni Msia22

Ms Uni Msia24

Ms Uni Msia26

Ms Uni Msia28

Ms Uni Msia29

Ms Uni Msia30

Ms Uni Msia31

Ms Uni Msia33

Ms Uni Msia34

Ms Uni Msia36

Ms Uni Msia37

Ms Uni Msia38

Ms Uni Msia39

Ms Uni Msia40

Ms Uni Msia41

Ms Uni Msia342

The final 18 was chosen after today & the new Ms Universe Malaysia 2010 will be crowned on 15th May 2010.

So, what do you guys (or gals!) think?

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  1. ciki

    suelynn looks the nicest! i vote SL !!

  2. sophia

    Whatever. I’m prettier. ;-p
    Why are they like 99% Chinese? Wish there were a better mix of ethnicity, don’t you think?

  3. Brendan Lee

    Yor~ Rebecca so fast.. use GF1… wah..~
    yor~ now i MALU le.. im so slow in posting the pics..

  4. mynjayz

    hahaha mine is next ! no larh. i dman lazy because too many photos to filter. BUT, GF1 seriously ROCKS !

  5. Leo

    Where have all the pretty girls gone???

  6. Mel

    Ditto – wish there was a little more ethnic diversity. Although there’s a North Indian/Middle Eastern looking girl who looks like she’s got potential! Let’s hope we crown someone other than the usual Chinese girl who can’t speak English!

  7. ethan

    No bad this year ……..

  8. Azrin

    GF1 rocks!I spot a few of my photos being used 😀 You post like this, I also want to copy you. Tomorrow I will throw all the pictures into my blog and write a few words. HAHA

  9. cariso

    Green one don’t want! 🙂

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