FINAL : Big Hug Burger – SS15, Subang – The comments

In continuation to my previous post on our meeting with the owner of Big Hug Burger Aidelle, this post serves to “explain” the comments on my FIRST post about Big Hug Burger.

Here goes.

My points are:
1. Those fans of Big Hug are not real.
No, I’m not saying Big Hug doesn’t have fans, but these ones are merely trouble-makers. True fans would feel slighted and even make defensive remarks, but I doubt they will resort to name-calling and insults. I’m sure Aidelle herself would not have condoned such actions.

2. I do not know how my post got Renyi or myburgerlab involved, considering that I haven’t even mention myburgerlab once within the post. But since it’s widely known that I’m a fan of mBL, I assume these “trolls” decided to attack mBL using mBL as comparison.
But since we know that all these “I used to work for you before“, “I heard from my friend Renyi is XXXX” and all the other “enemies” of mBL are actually commenting from the same IP address, do you think it’s credible after all?
I know 1 IP address doesn’t mean 1 person, it could be many sharing a network.
Then again, ask yourself. 6- 8 people using the same IP are all mBL haters? All ex staff? Some commenting within minutes of each other? Like seriously? Are they having burgers and taking turns to comment or what? Bloody troll picnic there huh?

I can tell you that 2 June 2013 – 7 commentators as below came from . Based on their comments HERE, how likely are they all in the same shop/house/company sharing a network? And on a SUNDAY?
1. exmbl staff – [email protected]
2. boy – [email protected]
3. terrence –[email protected]
4. selvester – [email protected]
5. isobel – [email protected]
6. zian – [email protected]
7. jojo –[email protected]

3. For those who had read my post and are like Desmond who actually believed that these commentators are real individuals and was concerned over “our youth”, I hope you find the screenshots below sufficient to lay your fears to rest.

Since there were so many comments, I won’t be showing you each and every one of them, but I have screenshot a few to prove my point.

For my 3rd visit, I went with Kevin (who went earlier), Rainier and KC.  Rainier, myself and KC commented on my blog using Big Hug WIFI.

I ran 2 IP checks, one on and another on
Both gave me the IP:



I left a comment on my own Big Hug Burger post.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 4.24.25 PM.png

Just to be sure, I commented on another blogpost –

rebecca saw comment on burgertory

Here’s the screenshots from my wordpress dashboard.
My comment and Rainier’s (rain) are at the most bottom. Our timing of commenting are circled in blue. The time we were at the shop enjoying our burgers.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 1

You can see that Samantha started commenting at 10.36 pm, about the time we left the shop. Andy came into the picture; commenting from the same IP address at 11:16 pm.

Below shows my comment on Burgertory post as can be seen here –>
Below mine is KC’s comment in reply to troll, also posted from using Big Hug WIFI, with the same IP address.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 2

At 12.47 am, “exmbl staff” joined in the fun. If you have seen the comments on my FIRST post on Big Hug Burger, Mr exmbl staff has posted pretty frequently. And he’s around Big Hug Burger shop, logging on to the WIFI at 12.47 am.
Then “dory” decided to call me a bad girl. Ahem. And that’s at 1:07 am.
*As below, per the red circles.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 3

I munched on some popcorn and observed the drama from behind my laptop.
Mr exmbl staff replied to Desmond asking for 500000 to buy burgers from mBL at 1:18 am. Samantha came back at 1:24 am asking me why am I silent. She called me CHEAP, and asked God to forgive “her rude” and awake “her dear Rebecca”. Then she “thank god” and muttered a prayer- amen.
Well, I have to thank her God, or her. Cos I’m awaken. Awaken to write this post.

4 minutes later, Dory reappeared.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 4

Samantha went on to call ulric a bitch at 1:48 am. Then another comment at 1.52 am. Geez, I must tell Aidelle to switch off her modem at night.

Samantha eventually went home (I guess) and posted one last comment at 2:04 am. Her housemate/husband/friend/daughter/whoever sharing her internet connection Anti MBL gave a comment too.
This is IP 175. 136.224. 225 (circled in blue).
The drama stopped as ulric needed to sleep. Now, please note the PURPLE circle for KennyNg – 3:16am. 

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 5

Which is the same as Fook below (also purple circle) at 10:52 am. Housemates? Office mates? They are certainly working late!

Next, David of – IP 175. 143. 58. 177.
He’s from Monash (as per black circles), has friends in Taylor’s, hates Renyi and claimed that I’m have now “become the most unpopular blogger”.
He commented a few times – 10:24, 10:36, 11:09, 11:12am. Thank you David for contributing to my daily page views. 🙂

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 6

Fitness david shares the same IP with Fatin Liyana (comments from 11:49 am to 1:19 pm).
Fatin has commented before on 3rd June but her IP was then – same IP as exmbl staff, boy, terrence, selvester, isobel, zian and jojo.
However, all of them ( exmbl staff, boy, terrence, selvester, isobel, zian and jojo) commented on 2nd June, a Sunday.
Wow, this is one big family.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 7

Here, let me show you Fatin’s comments on 3rd June, Monday, between 8am – 9am + and from IP


Oh by the way, Zian must be friends of Fatin and David. Or from the same company? His/her comments were on the same day as David and Fatin (4th June) but from 1:31 pm to 2:03 pm.

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 8

Here is one last shot showing Fatin and exmbl staff sharing the IP

But the point of this screenshot below is about Samantha.
Remember that Samantha that was posting comments from Big Hug WIFI til 1:52 am after my visit? She has commented before on 3rd June – sharing same IP (175. 137. 12. 64) as Shu Wen. 
And guess what? They REPLIED TO EACH OTHER’s comments! LOL!!
*See the section circled in RED.  

rebecca saw 1 big hug burger 9

My dear readers, I’m done with this drama.
I did my part and I have collected enough evidence over the past 6 days (post published on 29th and today is 5th June) to prove that 80% of the commentators are fake and most likely is the same bitter, disillusioned individual.
Records shows 1-3 more different IPs, which only means that she/he may be posting from a shop, home, office, etc.

I have accepted Aidelle’s invite and revisited again as paying customers. We chatted over burgers and gave our feedback again (blogpost HERE). I trust there is no animosity between us. After all, she did say she didn’t have much time to read my first post.

Should you feel that the other commentators who was supporters of myself and mBL are also unreal, leave a comment here.
I’m sure they would be checking this post as well. They might reply you if they feel there’s a need to answer your challenge of their identity. I won’t be revealing their IPs.

I’m now looking forward to Ramadan, mooncakes and an upcoming trip. I’m sure my readers and friends had been more than sufficiently amused with this drama.
There will be more burgers to eat, more blogposts to write, a lot more places to travel to and a hell lot more blunt, honest reviews like this in the future; invited sessions or otherwise.
You have the choice to ignore my writings if you find them distasteful.

This is my blog. Show some respect when you are in my domain.

This Post Has 87 Comments

  1. Verne

    Good investigative work, Ms Sherlock.

    I only have one word, “Kantoi”

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahahaha some troll/trolls are not very smart..

  2. Kelly

    This is way too entertaining!

      1. rain

        jeng jeng jeng!!!!!
        the TRUTH prevails!

      2. rebeccasaw

        Sometimes it does eh? There’s hope for this world. LOLL!

  3. Sam

    LOL and I thought Rebecca just wanted to let the trolls die off by themselves, turns out she still has some tricks up her sleeve. Kudos.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Sam 🙂
      I got more if this continues, but I think it’s enough! Let’s enjoy good burgers and be merry 🙂

      1. Sam

        Lets Burger-embira and enjoy good food 😛

  4. Bradley

    You win the internet again today. Had some friends go to Big Hug Burger and have had to wait 1 and a half hours for their burgers. When they complained, the lady in charge, can’t remember her name for the life of me stated that “It isn’t our fault” and asked how to improve the situation on of my friends stated to “Hire more workers, you are understaffed.” Lady replied, “No, it’s not our fault.” I hope these people would learn a lesson from this, and also, if said commenter(s) are the same person, should feel ashamed. Good work!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Bradley. Thank you.
      I was pushed to this. After 6 days I was still being continuously attacked! And my friends who stood up for me was called a dog and a bitch. ENOUGH.
      Sorry to hear about your friends’ bad experiences at Big Hug.
      So she asked you for opinion on improvement and then shoot down the suggestion made? LOL indeed. And how is it when you fail to serve your customers on time isn’t your outlet’s fault?

  5. Andrew

    I must say.. that was some detective work. Are you a private PI by night? lol.. Kudos to you!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahaha i wish! On 2nd thought, want to hire me? I could do with some pocket money! 😛

  6. Jess

    Evidence showed it all. And that is so entertaining!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, better than arguing with idiots. Just show the facts 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      *pump fist in the air!* Hahahahah!
      Now let me reward myself with some burgers! 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hard facts are best. Shut everyone up and not waste time. 😀

  7. Benjaminvai

    Ah… the world of internet drama, such a tiring society… You missed out dumpling! 😛 “zhong” dragonboat is next week, unless ure not a “zhong” person la. hehe.

    After spending my last half an hour reading all 3 posts, i concluded that the suspicious commentators are doing more harm to their fav burger joint than good.

    Lot’s more joints in Klang Valley anyway since its sprouting like mushrooms but i think i will go have a bowl of pork noodles instead. 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Uh huh. Those positive comments “Big hug burgers are the best”, “my whole family loves it”, etc. Those were not even real! So desperate to let people know that this joint’s burger is so good? Come on, if it’s that good, you don’t have to make up comments like that. LOL.
      I think the troll wanted people to read and then become customers? Desperate hor??

      Eh, zhong also? OMG. I love zhong also! Hhehehhe! More food comin my way! 😀

      Ah, can’t beat a bowl of porky goodness huh! Bak kut teh also good! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea man. Now where can i send this as a social media case study? LOL

  8. Wilson

    Good stuff there becky.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Wilson! 😀
      Remember our burger date!

  9. Annabelle

    Hello! I’m new to your blog but like you, I’m a supporter of mBL. The drama was epic and of ruthless demeanor by “trolls” who apparently know nothing about respect for the online community. So well done to you, Rebecca, for being a head above them and discreetly rebutting every single one of their ill comments. Truly, this is YOUR domain and for everyone else, if you have nothing nice nor constructive to say, please save yourself some dignity instead. Bravo!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Annabelle!
      Thank you. after a week of being insulted and accused of all sort of things, it feels good to finally sort the mess out. I needed evidence, and finally I had all that I need. I really appreciate your comment and as Im sitting here reading and replying, im thankful there are those like you who do not know me personally, but had supported me and now say that I have done something right. I trust this is the end of it all. 🙂

  10. rally_fan

    you are indeed persistent girl! 😉 certainly livened up your blog lots these couple of days.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah.. persistent gets you what you want at times? 😛
      Need to fight my battles carefully.
      Ah.. so you saying my posts are usually boring ah??

      1. rally_fan

        no no no!! haha.. your postings are always interesting 😉 btw, its me.. gary. the guy who gave you the fast taxi ride at speed city.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahah I know who you are! 😀
        Come, next round I want to be behind the wheel 😛

  11. Kayden

    Great job Becky! Keep it up!
    I had to stand up for you because I have seen innocent individuals get trashed on Facebook/blogs just because they spoke their minds. Too many trolls, with too much time, and when they fail in life, all they do is blame other people but not themselves.
    And not forgetting,chivalry amongst some men are still alive:-)
    Looking forward to reading more of your entries!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks so much Kayden. I do appreciate your consistent comments on the first post. And indeed, chivalry amongst some men are still alive! And found in the most unexpected places – in a silent, supportive reader like you.
      Hahaha I was wondering where you came from, and a friend of mine who reads blogs said he noticed that you have commented before on other blogs so you are “real”. LOL

  12. ulric

    Wahahahaha…all my efforts are worth this! =)

    1. rain

      yes ulric!
      u certainly lined up some awesome baits there!

    2. rebeccasaw

      The credit goes to u too! 🙂
      You who have tirelessly stood up for me for days, and not even knowing who these people are but you fought all the way 🙂

  13. thirdparty

    Job well done. I knew there was something fishy about all these mbl haters. Specifically mbl. Lol great job putting it at rest! Whoever that individual may be, should REALLY feel embarassed and know that all they did was actually embarass bighug by using their IP 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks thirdparty. I want you to know that I have read your comments as well and I do appreciate them. Well written with maturity. 🙂

  14. Ethan Law

    clap clap clap clap clap….. =D

  15. Brian

    Ah, the internet may be ready for you, but certainly, some people aren’t ready for the internet.

  16. Spinzer

    Best part of all… Where are they now? They should have read all this, as avid fans kan? So why aren’t they commenting?

    Oh I forget, they never really had an identity or a link to their real self in the first place. Cowards, man up and just stick up for your opinions if you know you’re on the right side, just like Ulric did. She has more balls than you would ever have 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m curious to see if any ex-mBL staff has anything else to say. AHhaha..
      And ulric is a “he” 😛

  17. tankiasu

    I am very real, please trust me!

  18. Veronique

    Big hug has all the reasons to be famous now not because of good burgers but teddy trolls. *thumbs up*  to becca on uncovering them!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Veronique! After all the insults, name calling and bashing of the competitors and unreasonable accusations, it’s time to put a stop to it. 🙂

  19. Kevin

    Good job! You should reward yourself with more burgers haha. The two new outlets you have mentioned are opening really soon.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes heading there soon! 😀 Thanks Kevin for having the guts to share about your experience in my first post. Coming from someone who were actually a guest that ate the burgers, listened to some unreasonable competitor bashing.. that’s the best verdict. End of it all, your own experience is your best conclusion. 🙂

  20. Chuck Norris

    Why aren’t they commenting on here now eh? Scared like a puss!? Cat got their toungue!? 😛
    Good job, Rebecca!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah awwww I miss them! exmBL staff, Fatin, terrence, Shu Wen, boy, jojo, zian.. and nt forgetting dear Samantha too! 😛

      1. Chuck Norris

        Now Who’s Mr/Mrs Kiasu again!? 😛
        “They’re” just an assholes tryin’ to get themselves into trouble.

  21. tristupe

    I saw ignore the trolls. They, whoever obviously know you were there…and to come from the same IP…hey…

    were the place packed? If not…you got your answers on who the trolls were.

    1. rebeccasaw

      The timing that samantha, andy and dory commented – it’s beyond the opening hours of Big Hug (they close at 10.30pm). From 11 pm onwards, either someone/ a group of them are in the area near enough to use the WIFI, OR…

  22. cleffairy

    Aiyoooorrr…. this fella, wanna troll oso tarak skill la. Dono how to use proxy to mask the IP. Ish ish ish…see the timing and everything oso know it’s a one person job leh. *shakes head* Kesian la…this feller got schizophernia… must fast fast ask this fella to call Tanjung Rambutan for help… later he go around as a lot of people… aduii… freaky la!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahahha! That’s why.
      Somemore having so much fun insulting me for 6 days. Say I’m paid, called me a bitch, say other bloggers find me unpopular now.. etc etc etc. Tsk tsk tsk.. 😛

  23. Mark

    Good stuff. You’re a responsible blogger and we need more ppl like you. Sometimes its good to just walk away but putting these ‘trolls’ on the spot was definitely a good call.

    Keep up on the food reviews thou cause i’m definitely more keen to read those…hahaha


    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Mark. It’s shocking to read all the insults they hurled at me and they were really working hard to squash my credibility with their groundless accusations. I had let it be, but it got more vicious. In the end I did what I did.
      As we can see, there are no further comments. That speaks for itself.
      And thank you, I do my best to be a responsible blogger. 🙂

  24. Gregory

    Hahahaha. Big time losers not commenting now?

    The most morally reprehensible thing they did was by using your post to diss other Burger joints. Now it is time to see if they can be a bigger person and APOLOGIZE, but I doubt it.

    A coward/Cowards not intelligent to know about IP, think they are anonymous behind a computer screen, call people names and throw unfounded allegations are the lowest form of internet life. I do not think they have enough moral fiber in them to do what is right, not even in a second lifetime.

    1. Chuck Norris

      I think they/he/she should get a life man… Oooohhh… And also, I wanted to stuff back the 5000000 burgers up in his/her/their ass!

  25. Isaac Tan

    so i went through everything, i must say it’s very long. Entertaining though. I really must try these burger spots one day. The only burger place ive tried is Kaw Kaw Burger, and that is so last year.. >< .. haven't tried any of those charcoal burgers yet.

  26. woo

    Good job rebecca! i love reading your blog and always feel that u give honest review on place and food hunt u been to, will definitely continue follow your writting, keep it up!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww thanks woo!
      I really appreciate you leaving a comment to let me know. I’ll always keep in mind friends like you who enjoy reading what I wrote, it helps me to keep on writing and updating the blog! 😀
      Have a good weekend ahead yea!

  27. Gypsy

    I actually enjoyed reading your burger reviews on Big Hug as I intended to visit them sometime soon. Thank you Rebecca for such unbiased entry. p/s – That is one hell lot of ‘homework’ to do! =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      One has got to do what one has to do to protect one’s reputation 😀
      And some people need to be taught a lesson 🙂
      I gave Big Hug benefit of doubt and went back a 2nd time. Like I said in my 2nd posting; Aidelle had explained on her concept and preparation methods so I have relayed the same message. So if you enjoy your burgers there, then please do support them.

  28. June Tan

    I find Big Hug burger is ok to eat. I don’t see any bad on their burgers. Well, the owners are very friendly like a family. Next round I’m going to try up their salmon burgers. I should have catch up with them later on.. Cheers! I love burgers which ever is good in away xD

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups. Eat whatever burgers that pleases you.
      Just don’t go insulting my post/reviews, badmouthing the competitors and make baseless accusations. Who’s stopping anyone from eating whichever burgers?

  29. Jack Lee

    Next time, just zap all these trolls. Kasi delete postings and block.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Nah, just like social media – FB etc we don’t delete comments and posts. We will let it be so everyone can see the true story. And similarly, if after investigations it is found to be unreal, we post it up for EVERYONE to see too.

  30. kensomuse

    Wow, I doubt I ever receive as much trolling as you did but then I’ve not really bitched about cars (yet). You’ve given me a clue on how to spy on some commentors.

    Btw, ever since Burger Junkyard, you’ve poisoned me to burgers!! I so look forward to the next burger and McDonalds will never be the same to me. Pretty much like a person who’s always been driving a Proton and suddenly you throw an Audi at me 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah next we go mBL and Burgertory ok! You should try these 2!
      And I guess there’s no one would argue so much over an automobile – it’s like you either know the specs and like it or you don’t . Or the community (automobiles freaks) aren’t as childish!

  31. ELLI

    HAHA. good job! Had a lousy day at work and this just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the entertaining post =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      No problem dear! 🙂
      I do my best to be honest and it really didn’t have to come to this. However, the name calling, vicious accusations and all that shit talk tarnishing my credibility was uncalled for.

  32. Shannon Chow

    This was such an entertaining post not to be missed. Was reading on mobile & I had to switch on my desktop to read.

    I believe, this case could be further developed into a case study. Just hilarious! Thanks for taking the time to share & printscreen 😉

    PS: if the food is bad, eventhough it’s invited should be shared out to the readers. If the restaurant couldn’t take such negative comments, how are they ever going to improve? What if, customers tried & disliked but never returned. At least somebody is telling how bad the food so there’s room for improvements.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup. Food maybe subjective but generally we can agree on good or bad.
      Attitude of the people running the outlet is important too.
      Oh I will be developing this into a case study for sure. Hahahha! Will speak on this at future digital marketing and online events 😛

  33. keewin

    Wow! How you find the time to come all these? Lol

    1. rebeccasaw

      I had to. It was getting pretty serious. And my credibility was on the line.
      And I just had to teach the “troll/trolls/whoever behind this” a bloody lesson. Bad mouthing the competitor, baseless accusations, namecalling and insults. How childish can one get??
      Anyhow, I’m still waiting to enjoy your gelato at one of my fab burger joints 😀

  34. Min

    Good job dear

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thank you dear.. I’m glad justice was served at the end of the day. 🙂
      Thanks for the silent support!

  35. Lim Yimei

    Wow was just searching on some good burger places to go when I’m in KL and I came across this. I know I’m like a year late but wow and I didn’t have any popcorn as I was “reading the drama” I knew it was fake from the start. I know you were just giving your opinion anyone disagrees with you they can go to the shop themselves and try. Anyways you still owe me a makan sesh 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahhah! what a drama right?
      and whoever is it wasn’t very smart anyways. 😛
      Yes, a meal when u’re in KL for sure!

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