The FIJI Water Race at Savour 2013

I have written much about Savour 2013 and though it may seem like it was primarily a gluttony and alcoholic event, The FIJI Water Race was a fun initiative by FIJI Water to engage participants in an exciting Amazing-Race style discovery of Savour 2013.

Savour 2013 Singapore-001

Yours truly here took part with a close Malaysian friend who is now based in Singapore (Tze Ko) and we had a blast! It was fun also because both of us were relaxed and took our time enjoying what Savour has to offer on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

fiji water race - savour 2013 singapore-001

You can read more about the rules and terms of the race HERE. This post will just take you through the simple 5 tasks and 3 optional bonus tasks that we had to do to earn the most points in the shortest amount of time.
We can do the tasks in any sequence we want so that was convenient for us as we strolled through the grounds of Savour.

1st task:
Take a photo of five of your favourite finds at Barilla. Upload the photo on Instagram with a caption, and tag #FIJIWaterSavour2013 #Barilla
Location: Barilla booth
Mini Prize: Complete the task for a complimentary goodie bag from Barilla (limited to the first 100 participants)

fiji water race - savour 2013 singapore-004

2nd task:
Find and take a photo with the person wearing the mask of Guest Chef Emilio Macias from restaurant Astrid y Gaston in Peru. Upload the photo on Instagram with a caption, and tag #FIJIWaterSavour2013 #EmilioMacias.
I was lucky on this one as he happened to walk past me as I went about from one exhibition hall to another. 🙂

fiji water race - savour 2013 singapore-002

3rd task:
Decorate a FIJI Water inspired cupcake at Cake Over Heels. Upload a photo of the cupcake on Instagram with a caption, and tag #FIJIWaterSavor2013 #CakeOverHeels
Location: Cake Over Heels booth.

savour 2013 - singapore - gourmet market (166)

Even kids had fun! There were some families that took part in the race with their young ones.

Fiji Race-004

4th Task:
Take a photo of the different dishes at Balzac Brasserie. Upload the photo on Instagram with a caption, and tag #FIJIWaterSavour2013 #BalzacBrasserie Location: Balzac Brasserie booth
Mini Prize: Complete the task for a complimentary cooking demonstration with Chef Jean- Charles Dubois at Tools of the Trade (limited to the first 100 participants)

Fiji Race-005

fiji water race - savour 2013 singapore-003

5th task:
ake a photo of the 5 different labels behind the FIJI Water bottle. Upload the photo on Instagram with a caption, and tag #FIJIWaterSavour2013.
Location: Tuck Lee store.

fiji water - savour 2013 - day 2 - singapore

fiji water race - savour 2013 singapore

We even completed one of the bonus task which was to answer 10 questions about FIJI water and we earned additional 10 points. 🙂

Savour 2013 Singapore-006

At each station our form (which looks like the below) was signed by a marshall in charge so there are no possibilities of cheating. We had the form submitted for tabulation at the end of the last station.

Savour 2013 Singapore-005

Well we didn’t win but I found out that the winner of the grand prize is Miss Kaelyn Ong, who garnered a total of 80 points and completed all tasks in 25 minutes! That’s FAST!

She was awarded a cash prize of $1000 and a year’s supply of FIJI Water. The winner of the best photo and caption was Mr Philip Lim, with the caption “The chef is in black and white. His magical power made this photo black and white!” He received complimentary vouchers for a dinner for two at Balzac Brasserie and five cases of FIJI Water.

Fiji Race-011

Thank you FIJI Water for having me at Savour on Saturday! Myself and Tze Ko did find it really fun! I hope to see you guys again in 2014! 🙂

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