Fabulous durian mooncakes @ Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur!

There are durian mooncakes and there are exceptionally good durian mooncakes.
The one by Concorde Hotel KL falls in the latter category.

Each 180g nos cost RM42 or get them at RM168 for 4 nos.

Concorde hotel KL best Durian mooncake 2014

These Concorde’s snowskin with Musang King Durian boasts of 120g of pure durian pulp per mooncake. You know you’re getting the real deal the moment you cut one open and its full-bodied, pungent scent assaulted your senses.
The snowskin is thin, mildly sweet and complements the sweet, creamy pulp.

Concorde hotel KL best Durian mooncake 2014-001

Besides just consuming the mooncakes, Concorde Hotel’s mooncake boxes are functional lanterns!
I have always saved my mooncakes boxes to store jewelries and knick-knacks but a box-converted- lantern is a new to me!
A cool idea yes? 🙂

Concorde hotel lantern mooncake box 2014-003

These intricately hand-made lacquer lanterns comes in 2 sizes and 5 bright hues of red, pink, green, blue, orange. I zoomed in for a red one of course.


Concorde Hotel’s mooncakes are priced between from RM106.00 nett – RM168.00 nett per no. Each lantern packaging fits four mooncakes (180 gm).
15% Discount offered for Concorde’s loyalty programmes – Concorde Entertainment Card and Priority Plus.
Attractive discounts and complimentary delivery for bulk orders.
Promotion is on from July 15 – September 8, 2014.
The mooncake kiosk which is located at the hotel lobby will give guests a closer look at the packaging.

mooncakes 2014 - concorde hotel kl

 For more information and bulk orders, call 2144 8750.


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