Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre

Italian food isn’t just about pizzas and pastas, though being in Asia, that has evolved be the first food that pops into the mind where an Italian meal is concerned.
Deceivingly simple dishes both may be, but can be tricky to master.

For pizzas, the base sauce and the dough is crucial, while for pasta whether one prefers it al-dente or otherwise can be a personal choice, but the taste of good quality (even better if freshly made using the right flour with trained know-how) pasta does elevate the overall flavours of the dish.
From marinara to carbonara or arrabiatta, not many cafes/restaurants or even self proclaimed Italian joints in Klang Valley are able to serve a satisfactory version.

Since going low carb I’m hardly perturbed of reviews that reports bad or excellent pasta and pizzas.
It doesn’t apply to me and nor do I care to write about them, for I cook my own pasta and make my own pizzas, and that is if I ever consume such heavy starch dishes to begin with.

Why was I here then, at an Italian restaurant known for their enormous 21 inch pizzas?

Well, when you have carb-loving friends and when you are feeling like your world isn’t rotating on the right axis for you, it’s time to stuff your face with pizzas.

The pizza, a large half-half, did the job, for I did walked out few hours later satiated.
The minestrone soup (RM16 + 6% +10%) was totally off the mark; dismally bland and watery. That was surprising considering the long-winded description printed on the menu gave the impression of a heartwarming stew.
Thankfully they agreed to take it off our bill after we enquired twice to 2 different floor staff about its weak flavours.
They did insist that it was meant to be as such.

Minestrone – Traditional slow cooked mixed vegetables in a rich vegetables broth, tomato passata, drizzled with pesto sauce.

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-001

A half – half combo of a large pizza (RM38 + 6% +10%).
1. Carbonara – crispy streaky bacon, heavy cream, button mushrooms, egg yolk, Italians parsley, & mozzarella
2. Prosciutto di Parma – Parma ham, rocket salad, shaved parmigiano, mozzarella & tomato sauce

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-005

The pizzas here are available in 3 sizes, the Extra Small (5 inch), Large (11 inch) and the Enorme (21 inch). The large feeds 2 easily while the Enorme is better suited for a group of 5 and above.

Another dish that was highly recommended by our friend Fon was the Vongole (RM37 + 6% +10%).
Fon is a regular here so we were going by his recommendations that evening.

Both my dining companions enjoyed the pasta though for me it was merely borderline decent. I had to agree that the ocean-briny broth laced with wine plus large sized clams made this dish a satisfactory order.

Vongole (RM37 + 6% +10%) – Fresh venus clams coked in white wine sauce.

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-003

The Carre di Maiale (RM57 + 6% +10%); Chargrilled US pork rack (250g) served with baked tomato & orzo with green peas was a disappointment, regardless if it was Malaysia swine or US swine.
The meat was tough and dry, the sauce its only savior since the orzo and green peas side, though uncommon, was bland standalones.

Thus we improvised and ate both meat and orzo with generous spoonfuls of the accompanying sauce.
Once the sauce ran dry, we paired it with the Vongole broth.
Yes, it was that bad.

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-002

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-004

Last but not least was the intriguing Deconstructed Tiramisu (RM23 + 6% +10%). The key factor that got me interested was “Marsala Wine” in the description on the menu.

The dessert was basically 4 mounds of mousse constructed from the cheese and cream.
The flavour and aroma of Marsala Wine was pronounced enough so rest assured it was not false advertising.
This is perhaps the only place I know of that in Klang Valley that offers Marsala wine in the tiramisu.
I’m no Italian, but I remember reading somewhere that the “authentic” tiramisu should be using Marsala wine?
Can anyone clarify? 🙂

BELOW: Deconstructed Tiramisu – mascarpone, cream, Marsala wine, sponge finger crumbs, coffee jelly & coffee sauce.

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre-006

Excellent value pizza at Enorme, PJ Centre

The pork-factor of Ernome is a draw for those who do consume the swine. You know what they say about authenticity of Italian cuisine if it is pork-free right?
The pizzas are certainly worth ordering and I’m aiming for the brunch next. It won’t be fair to say ‘stay away from the mains” since we only had one pasta and pork dish.
Other options are chicken, cod, lamb shank, lamb rack and a rib eye so perhaps those might be good.
Beers, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and champagne cocktails are some of the noteworthy beverages here.

Ernome (Italian for “enormous”!)
Jalan 13/1, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
+603 – 7661 0651 / +6017 – 2968 403
HOURS: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

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