Excellent homemade Shanghai Mooncake: Yam, Durian, Lotus, Sesame, Red Bean

It’s that time of the year again!

Beautiful and heavy boxes of these baked and snowskin delicacies are being exchanged during this auspicious 8th month of the Chinese calendar.
No one, regardless of the recipient or the giver would complain to having mooncakes on their hands.

We are blessed now as in this time and age, flavours are abundant and packagings are so pretty.

A mooncake fan, I’ve had my share of mooncakes for the past 30 years.
I have due respect for traditional versions, but I enjoy modern and creative flavours too!

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake yam paste -001

The Shanghai mooncake is not as common as the baked ones.
It is a variant of baked mooncakes but it is characterised by its short crust pastry. The crust is alike the cookie butter crust; crumbly, buttery and soft.

This crisp and buttery crust of the skin matches well with the oriental mooncake paste fillings.

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake lotus paste -001

This homemaker friend of mine makes Shanghai mooncakes and it is her specialty.

The flavours available are lotus, yam, red bean, black sesame and durian.
Each and every one is handmade and all the pastes above are likewise homemade, non-commercial, low sugar and absolutely fresh.

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake read bean paste -002

The salted egg yolk is amazing too for she brines them herself! The yolks are moist, not-overly salty and vibrantly orange in color.
The texture is gritty yet soft. It complements the smooth sweet paste of all her 5 available mooncake variants.

Each box fits 4 Shanghai mooncakes and you can select 4 flavours from the 5 available.
The minimum order is 1 box of 4 as we do not have boxes for less than 4 mooncakes.


However, if you do not need a box and do not mind the mooncakes in individual packs then it can be arranged at RM20/ Shanghai mooncake.

Interested to grab a few boxes?

They are RM75 per box of 4 mooncakes.
You can contact me via FB or email ([email protected]) to order these!

The first batch will be ready this week so you can start placing your orders now.
Besides, you can order, pay a deposit and pick up at a later date if you wish. These mooncakes are made to order so you can be assured that you will be receiving fresh mooncakes.

Since she makes for her family and friends as well, please do not place your orders last minute as she might not be able to accept orders once she maxed out.

In case you’re wondering, the last day for the mooncake festival for 2016 is 15th September 2016.

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake red bean paste

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake yam paste

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake yam paste -004

To order:
1. Go to http://heartsandhands.oddle.me/
2. On the left side bar, look for “Mooncakes
3. Click on “Mooncakes” and then click “Add
4. Select your quantity, Pick Up (TTDI) or Delivery

Otherwise you can email us ([email protected]) or fb message us on https://www.facebook.com/withhearts.hands.

These handmade mooncakes has no preservatives or coloring and are made fresh to order. Each weights about 180g.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hear from YOU! 😀

Rebecca Saw - best shanghai mooncake yam paste -002

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  1. Jon Teoh

    nice hair colour

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! Thanks 😀 Centro Hair Salon – that’s where the magic happens 😛

  2. Sean EDKL

    i like shanghai mooncakes, mainly cos of the skin – yours look beautifully buttery and irresistibly decadent (and i usually don’t like thick mooncake crusts)! i also love how the yolks take up most of the space of the centre, heh 🙂 this year for some of the mooncakes i had, the yolks seemed a bit ‘artificial’ in terms of both taste and texture … but yours is clearly the real deal!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thank you Sean! 😀
      Yes same here, I concur with you. The range of mooncakes in KL is such a shame.
      The yolks are amazing – shows how much difference homemade quality makes for the overall flavour!
      And yes, this appeals to many non-mooncakes eaters as this is like a pastry (snack) treat.

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