Excellent Dim sum in Ipoh – Sun Kim Aik

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Finely made dim sum; excellent in taste, generous portions, reasonable pricing and looks pretty too!
What to order here: 1st visit and I was suitably impressed. I enjoy every dim sum I tried and would list this as my favourite so far ( Disclaimer: I haven’t tried every outlet in Ipoh).
I was told that the must-trys are the pork pau but seriously, I doubt any of the dim sum here will disappoint you badly.
Overall experience: Really satisfied with what I had. I would certainly recommend Sun Kim Aik to my friends.
Price: Price starts from about RM3.50 per portion of dim sum. Some comes in sets of 3 pieces. Some 2. Just like any other dim sum outlet.

For the long story, read on. :)


For my recent Ipoh trip, I had some dim sum at Ying Fa followed by another session at Chef Fatt. I was pretty satisfied at both, as the taste was pretty good in general and prices were fair.
However, as I stood in the midst of this bustling dim sum shop in Menglembu area I realized Sun Kim Aik is going to be of a completely different league all together.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-001

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-002

It wasn’t just the crowd. That’s expected of almost every dim sum outlet in Ipoh.
But it was the look of every platter of dim sum here and the fact that I’m liking what I see.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-004

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-006

Every dim sum was BIG; about an average about 20% larger than your usual dim sum sizes.
The skin of the har kau (prawn dumplings) are impressively translucent and as I bit into one, it slides off easily and out popped large, bouncy prawns. Nice! 😀

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-007

It has a soft and slightly chewy texture that most dim sum outlets failed to achieve. And the prawns had none of that gummy coating which I loathe.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-013

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-020

Frankly, Sun Kim Aik rivals some of the dim sum I’ve had in hotels. And for 1/3 the price! Furthermore this is in Menglembu in Ipoh so this shop feeds most of the industrial workers in the area who expect generous portions & value-for-money meals.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-016

I was told the Sang Yuk pau (pork bun) is good but at 9am it was already sold out. The big pau is popular as well but Brian advised me to skip it as both pau has the same fillings but you pay more for the Big Pau just because of slightly more meat and thicker dough. Being the typical Chinesewoman, I couldn’t agree more with this theory.
Besides there were no lacking of variety to try, so the pau can wait.

Psssssst…have I told you that the dim sum here looks as good as it taste?

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-025

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-005

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-009

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-003

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-017

The char siew pau (BBQ Pork Bun) was exactly how I like my char siew pau. Fluffy yet velvety skin, more lean meat than fat, balanced sweetness, wet but not too saucy. In other words, everything in perfect balance.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-014

Another worth recommending is the Wu Kok (Yam Puff). As you can see the fillings are generous and the yam layer soft and lush. It was barely greasy though it was a fried item.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-021

The same was observed for this. Crispy chewy skin and jam packed with fish and prawn paste within.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-008

This tau cheong (bean paste) beancurd and fish paste dim sum is lovely too. Some tau cheong preparations can be salty and strong but no such predicament marred this one.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-019

Pork ribs. This looks scrumptious.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-023

My favourite dim sum item – fishballs. Really good. Firm, bouncy with a strong fish flavour. The trio of fish prawn dumplings you see below has slight differences – one has seaweed, another salted egg yolk and lastly crabstick.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-024

In case you haven’t noticed they are shaped like gold fish with green peas and carrots for eyes! 😀

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-027

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-026

Only the siew mai looks sad. But it did taste good.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-012

I have never liked my dim sum greasy or too strong on flavours (too sweet, too salty). The dim sum at Sun Kim Aik suits me as the ones I tried was devoid of any pork stench nor were they overly oil, even for the fried items.
The flavours are balanced and clean, and where the natural flavours should shine, they did; case in point the prawns and and fishballs.
Even the chee cheong fun has a light sauce, just enough to pass on its flavour to the smooth, thin rice sheets. Their chilli is made in-house and is slightly different than those dark, dried chilli with shrimp types.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-010

The dipping chilli sauce is their own blend as well.

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik-011

I probably only managed to sample 30% of the dim sum offered here and I can’t wait to revisit! 😀

The total of everything we had above PLUS some takeaways (about 4-5 dim sum) was RM67. I listened to the price quoted in disbelief. I would have paid the same for 2 pax for mediocre coffeeshop dim sum in KL and walk away barely satiated. RM70 can’t pay for more than 10 plates of dim sum in KL. 

Thanks Brian for the intro to this gem of a place. I had a fabulous dim sum meal! Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone! 😀

good dim sum in ipoh - sun kim aik


PS: Don’t let its address deter you from visiting. It is actually just on the outskirts of the town (about 10 mins drive) and not deep within Menglembu territory.

297, Jalan Lahat,
30100 Menglembu, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-282 2634
GPS Coordinates : 4.5824,101.0649
Opens for breakfast only – 5am to 12pm.

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    delightful-looking dim sum! i especially like the look of the dumpling trio. didn’t manage to do any dim sum for my ipoh trip this year, but will keep this on the list for any future visits! 😀

  2. Veron

    Oh my god. Such lovely shots. And I concur, every piece of dim sum looks delish!

  3. Iris

    Thanks for reviewing these fabulous dim sum places in my hometown becky!
    Let me know when you’re in Ipoh again, I have loads to share with you. So many nice places to eat in Ipoh

  4. daniel

    Only in Ipoh, the city of dim sum! Everything looks scrumptious, just like you said, almost hotel standards.

  5. Stephanie

    Oh everything looks so good. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. YB Leong

    Wonderful to be in Ipoh and eating all these every morning, everyday!

  7. ulric

    Exactly how many gobblers were there?…hehe 😛

  8. Calvin

    Oh that’s near my grandma’s and I’ve never been!

  9. Holly

    My ƅrother recommeոded I might like this website. Нe was totally
    right. This ρost truly made mү day. You caոn’t imaginе just how much time I appreciate all this halal info! Thanks!

  10. L W Ng

    Was there this morning with wife. Reasonable price with the portion given. We totally rejected the self made dipping chilli given which is sourish looking more like chilli boh given in those taichow dish. The least is to give something like Kg Koh chilli sauce. Anyway my wife ask for the dim cheong.

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