Every Sundae @ Damansara Uptown for gelato, waffles, coffee and cakes!

And so the gelato maestro of Klang Valley decided to open another outlet at Damansara Uptown, this time focusing on gelato-soft serve hybrid thrown together with the “in and popular” choices of the current dessert craze.

Thus if you can’t decide which is your favourite; a crispy waffle, a soft crepe or a crumbly cookie, you can have them all (or one) as your base, followed by 4 choices of currently available soft serves and have your chosen creation topped with 6 different toppings followed by 6 different sauces.

All in all, there are many possible permutations of desserts here at Every Sundae.

A fan of waffles (or rather I didn’t like anything else on the menu), I chose that as my base.
The limited selection of only 4 flavours for the soft-serve had me stumped for a while, but in the end I decided on the Raspberry Cinnamon Sorbetto after much pondering, and after much assurance by the staff that it is not too icy.

every sundae - damansara uptown 2 He was right, it wasn’t and in fact was quite smooth for a sorbet. The popcorn wasn’t glazed so it was of bearable sweetness after a drizzled of Pandan Kaya. We paid RM16.50 (waffle RM5, soft serve RM9, popcorn RM1 & RM1.50 for the pandan kaya) for this and shared a Cotton Candy Affogato with Coconut Gelato (RM13). every sundae - damansara uptown 4

every sundae - damansara uptown 1

We were served another dessert then. This has a cookie base on a pillow of cotton candy. I believe the soft serve is salted caramel, the topping Lemon Marshmallow and the drizzle to be Butterscotch Sesame.

every sundae - damansara uptown 3

It is the ideal combination if you love your dessert sweet. It is certainly the wrong dessert for me. LOL.

I’m looking forward to maybe a Durian soft serve since the durian season is upon us again? And maybe nasi lemak soft serve with peanuts as toppings and sweet sambal sauce as the drizzle?
Well, who knows what the mad hatter Kee Win might swirl up next.
Meanwhile I’ll keep an eye on their FB (https://www.facebook.com/myeverysundae) and I suggest you do so too for new launches!

every sundae - damansara uptown

Every Sundae Soft Gelato Bar by Cielo Dolci
9 Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Same row as Village Park Nasi Lemak.

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