EPICUREAN MARKET 2016 by Marina Bay Sands – Justin Quek – Sky on 57!

In 2012 I sat in the 57th floor restaurant by Justin Quek and marveled at his beautiful HQ in the sky.
We lunched on sakura chicken, his famous Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao and listened to his stories as he kept us company for an hour.

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Today, Chef Justin is busier and even more famous yet he remained as good-natured as ever.

Rebecca Saw Justin Quek Sky on 57 MBS Review

He had launched JQ Flavours last year which consist of 4 sauces and a Chilli Sesame & Coriander Dip.
Meanwhile, JQ Home comprises of a Nutri Double Boiler, 13 pc tea set, a 24 piece Dinner Set and a 4-piece Bowls & Rectangular Dish Set.

There are 2 JQ cookbooks out in the market now and Chef Justin even has a JQ Signature which markets his private label wines.

Gosh, this is a man of action!

JQ Flavours: JQ Sambal Seafood Paste, JQ Satay Marinade, JQ Singapore Curry Fish Paste, JQ Straits Chinese Sweet & Sour Chilli Sauce

I got a set so I’ll be cooking with these 4 packs soon! Stay tuned for my reviews ok!

JQ flavours

Meanwhile during our media tour yesterday, Chef Justin prepared a delicious, light, frothy espuma that had us all licking our spoons clean.

You can watch the video here.
This cauliflower espuma was made with white chocolate added, a sprinkling of sea salt and topped with caviar.
The result is a combination of silky mouthfeel with savouriness from the caviar while the sea salt balanced out the overall dish.

VIDEO: Cauliflower Espuma

I enjoyed this, as evident from the video where I literally wanted to lick this shooter glass so I won’t waste a single drop.
But that would be unseemly to be captured on video.

Epicurean Market 2016 Singapore- sky on 57 Marina Bay Sands-006

Unfortunately this exact dish isn’t on the menu, but you can savour the below today and tomorrow. 5 dishes available daily, plus a special of the day which makes it 6 dishes in total.

MENU: Sky on 57 for Epicurean Market 2016 @Marina Bay Sands

Slow-Cooked Egg, Potato Espuma, Iberico Pork Belly, Sauteed Mushroom, Chicken Jus 8
Poached Lu Shui Foie Gras on Crispy Man Tou & Pickles 10
Hijiki Marinated Loch Fyne Scottish Salmon Tartare on Toast 10
Crispy Hungarian Mangalica Pork Jowl 10
Papillote of Ginseng Infused Corn-fed Hen 10
Friday: Soyu Lime Glazed Australian Wagyu Beef Ribs Fingers 12
Saturday: Pan Roasted Soyu Marinated Australian Wagyu Beef Tri Tip with Sea Urchin Butter and Asparagus 18
Sunday: Oven Roasted Five Spice Hoisin Marinated Australian Wagyu Beef Rump with Yuzu pepper cream 18
R&L Legras, Pluriel (750ml) 12 / 90
Auntsfield Sauvignon Blanc (750ml) 8 / 60
Poupille, Cote de Castillion (750ml) 10 / 75
JQ Flavours of Asia Gift Pack (Twin) 16
JQ Flavours of Asia Gift Pack (4s) 26
JQ Showplates 380
JQ Cookbook (english) 70
JQ Cookbook (chinese) 30

2 more days only!

2 more days for the Epicurean Market @ Marina Bay Sands so if you are in Singapore, you must not miss this. The opportunity to feast on food by so many celebrity chefs restaurants starting frm SGD15 doesn’t come by often!

epicurean market MBS 2016

I’ll be there the whole day on Saturday and Sunday stuffing myself silly so holla if you see me ok?

More info:

Tickets are priced at SGD35 for 3 days of Epicurean Market, plus entry to the After Party on Friday and Saturday. There’s many complimentary cooking master classes each day too.

** Link to masterclasses HERE –> http://www.marinabaysands.com/epicurean-market/master-classes.html#e1rs2ju5Lpl2LqLk.97

Fri and Sat: 12pm – 10pm (Epicurean Market), 10pm – 2am (After Party)
Sun: 12pm – 9pm (Epicurean Market)


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  1. Sean EDKL

    today’s saturday! can try the special of wagyu beef with sea urchin butter! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Missed it 🙁
      Wagyu beef with sea urchin butter – but uni butter…. hmm.. I’ll go ask Chef

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