EPICURE 2011 – Malaysia’s Leading Lifestyle Fair!

Quick Update!

18th Sept 2011: My purchases from Epicure 2011 – Dutch Honey bee cheese, 98% fat free lamb & cranberry sausages, Old Amsterdam cheese, Lye Cross Red Leicester, 97% fat free chic patty & sausages!

epicure stash

So any of you went for the exhibition/workshops? What do you think?

(Posted 17th Sept 2011)
I dropped in at EPICURE 2011 at Sime Darby Convention Centre yesterday & here’s some pictures to share!

It’s ongoing for 3 days – 16, 17, 18th Sept (that’s til Sunday folks!) & the pictures here are from the FREE EXHIBITION that is OPEN TO PUBLIC.

So yea, imported wines, food, cheeses, cookies, tea all free for sampling! :P

Epicure 2011-0

Epicure 2011-01

Epicure 2011-02

Epicure 2011-03

Epicure 2011-04

Epicure 2011-05

Epicure 2011-06

Epicure 2011-07

Epicure 2011-08

Epicure 2011-09

Epicure 2011-10

Epicure 2011-11

Epicure 2011-12

Epicure 2011-13

Epicure 2011-14

Epicure 2011-15

Epicure 2011-16

Epicure 2011-17

Epicure 2011-18

Epicure 2011-19

Epicure 2011-20

Epicure 2011-21

Epicure 2011-22

Epicure 2011-23

Epicure 2011-24

Epicure 2011-25

Epicure 2011-26

Epicure 2011-27

Epicure 2011-28

Epicure 2011-29

Epicure 2011-30

Epicure 2011-31

Epicure 2011-32

Epicure 2011-33

Epicure 2011-34

Epicure 2011-35

Epicure 2011-36

Epicure 2011-37

Epicure 2011-38

Epicure 2011-39

Epicure 2011-40

Epicure 2011-41

Epicure 2011-42

Epicure 2011-43

Epicure 2011-44

Epicure 2011-45

Epicure 2011-46



So, anyone going? Anyone been there? What do you think?
There are workshops ongoing all 3 days. These are very educational classes, I wish I can attend every single session!
Check out the schedule here – http://www.epicure.com.my/workshops.php

I will be there for the whole of Sunday as I will be participating in all the workshop. Do tweet me if you’re there! :P


Sime Darby Convention Centre

16, 17, 18th Sept 2011

1030am – 7pm

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  1. Sean

    wah, if it’s free UNLIMITED helping of cheese & wine, one could theoretically spend the entire weekend just eating and drinking here and be contented! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh.. yups..guess who’s doing exactly that! 😛

  2. see you tomorrow Becky! Chef Wan will be doing his demo on stage upstairs at the exhibition hall ya 🙂

  3. Alex

    I saw Spanish products also in your pictures!! 😀 🙂 i love that kind of conventions based on my fav 3 steps: taste-shop-smile.
    😀 nice pics. Alex

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Alex!!
      Yup, Spanish Passion (sort of the Spanish body here in MSia) has a booth there!

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