Empire Shopping Gallery – Lex Slide – World’s Tallest Indoor Tube Slide!

UPDATED! I did the slide!!

Empire Shopping Gallery – Lex Slide – World’s Tallest Indoor Tube Slide!!
Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide 5 storeys

50 metres

5 storeys

10 seconds

It was a speedy, thrilling ride!

Rebecca Saw - LeX slide

You will be given a “gunny sack ” like this. LOL.

Rebecca Saw - LeX slide bag

Sit and slot your feet in the pouches below. Then lie back, arms around your chest and the attendant will give you a gentle shove. Then you’re on your way!!! Wheeeee! 😉

Rebecca Saw - LeX slide 1

Yup! That’s all. 7 secs of adrenaline rush!!  I love it!  :yahoo:

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The end of the slide:

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide bottom

The entrance to the slide:

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide entrance

Are you going for it?

I am!!!

I got my ticket this morning & I was the 1st person! (Tickets bought in advance is valid for 1 month). But I haven’t tried it yet as the slide wasn’t open to public until after the opening ceremony. I had to hop off to work so I’m keeping the ticket for tomorrow!

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide ticket

Ticket counter is at the Lex Centre (Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential ) .

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex slide - tic counter

RM12 per pax, with a package of RM45 for a group of 5.

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide - price

Dress code:
Anything comfortable, as your legs (up to your knees) will be slotted into a “bag” (sort of a gunny sack) so your shoes/slippers won’t come off.
This also prevents your skirts (if you are dumb enough to wear one for this!) jeans, etc, from potential damage. The surface of the slide is smooth enough for safety reasons.

Empire Shopping Gallery - Lex Slide entrance 1

Rules & Regulations :

Empire Shopping Gallery - Procedure

Bought to you by:
Lifestyle Electronics eXperiential Centre (LEX)
2nd Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery ,
Subang Jaya.

So, who’s going to try?? 😉

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  1. Bangsar-bAbE

    I don’t think many people can fit into this slide wor. I saw it last week, and it looks quite small!

    You skinny, sure can la! 😉

      1. jeffrey

        the maximum weight allowed for the LeX Slide is 250kg. Most of us earthlings boleh masuk.

    1. DWu

      Actually, the slide was not that small. Most of our Malaysian sizes can fit in. I tried it yesterday, quite fun, but a bit pricey. Should have a try, at least once.

      1. rebeccasaw

        AGREE. A must try at least once B-)

      2. jeffrey

        the diameter of the LeX Slide is 800mm = almost 3ft.

    2. Jackson

      Hi, your slide is very intriguing however please change the theme song for your advertisement on your flat screen TV’s situated along the slides. It is really annoying after listening to it repetitively…. thank you.

      1. jeffrey

        Can buy in a grouo of 5 tickets average out at RM9 per ride.

  2. leonard

    im so going for this ! ey come lah together we go crash !

    1. rebeccasaw

      Eh..I’m sure there are crazier ones lor! B-)

    2. jeffrey

      Yes, one of the most siow thing on earth at this moment – it’s the world’s tallest indoor tube slide at the moment.

  3. Radiounit

    ha, i tried the ride today. it’s actually faster than it looks lor. they said if ur body width lower than 65cm, then can fit.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh my! I’m jealous!
      I got my tic but couldnt make it today,
      well…tmw then! Cant wait!

    2. jeffrey

      Minimum height requirement is 110 cm = almost 3.5 ft (ht)
      Of course no entrance to people with the following conditions – heart condition(s), pregnant, vertigo

  4. Leo

    how come I have never seen this?? Cool… I want to try

    1. rebeccasaw

      I went jz now. It’s ok 😉
      I dont foresee any danger.

      1. jeffrey

        the manufacturer of the slide is a german company and thru their history of manufacturing / installing such a slide, there’s been no incident anywhere in th e world.

    2. jeffrey

      that’s the thrill – looks dangerous but after u try, u’ll come out with an exhilarating thrill! must try lor

      1. rebeccasaw

        I completely agree with Jeffrey! And thks fr your explanation to all the other queries above!

  5. fatboybakes

    oooh, so funnnn!!!! i saw that, and thought it was funny aircond ducting… well, kinda la. oh dear, will i get stuck in there?? how will they extract me if i’m stuck? i can imagine headlines, fat man suffocates to death when stuck in slide…

    1. rebeccasaw

      ROFL!!! Trust u to make a rib tickling remark like that!
      But hey, RM45 for 5 peeps – u and 4 kids! Just nice!

  6. Salocin.TEN

    Reminds me of the Google San Francisco slide.

    But that one is free for Google employees!

  7. coco

    how was it??? scary not???=D

  8. janpirate

    :good: lets have some fun… big ass fatty must be stuck in the middle

  9. Keandra

    i just went after lunch….INSANE!!!

  10. Daniel

    huuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…… RM12 just gone down like that. Waste of money!!!

  11. Adinda

    This is the first thing to try before i go for Bungee Jump at Sunway Lagoon… NO?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes! i have not tried the bungee jump at Sunway.. been thinking abt it ;p

      1. Adinda

        yeah u should.. i really want to try bungee jump but the whole clans are not ready yet. i guess i better ask them try this slide first :good:

      2. rebeccasaw

        Well babe, if u nd a partner for the Bungee Jump, you knw who to call! ;p

  12. Shon

    too bad all this became memories, this sliding board had been removed since Feb 2013…


    1. rebeccasaw

      Awwww.. darn. I guess it’s not for everyone..It’s pretty scary after all!

  13. Atsuki Hatakeyama

    I’m Atsuki.I’m working as director of TV show in Japan.Our show “AMAZIPANG!”
    feature foreign countries and foreigners love Japan. We are going to feature
    amazing Sliders in foreign countries, and would like to introduce This Slider in
    our show. Therefore, could I use your photos on in our TV show? Those photos are good for convey the fun of The slide. I can put credit of your name. I’m looking forward to see your reply.

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