Elements Gym @ GTower Hotel, KL – seriously a superb gym!

UPDATED: More information on Elements Gym & the swimming pool @ 7th Floor, GTower Hotel.

There are two pools in the building (one at the hotel reception at the 11th floor and another at the gym, 7th floor.

GTower Hotel KL (3)

They are both salinated and heated so there shouldn’t be any worries of getting the cold water shock when you jump in! 😉
Salinated water is an ideal alternative to using chlorine, (following GTower Hotel’s principle of being a fully certified GREEN building), as it uses less harsh chemicals to keep the pool clean.
Further to that, the water is heated by the waste energy generated by GTower’s air conditioners’ chillers.

Elements Gym is open to the public, but building tenants enjoy a special corporate rate.

Current tenant rate is RM135/minimum membership of 3months + RM99 admin fee while the public rate is RM195/ minimum membership of 3months + RM99 admin fee.

I really do think the gym here is superb. Watch the video and you’ll know why!

Doesn’t it make you feel like getting fit already? 😉

Elements Gym,
7th floor,

GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 2168 1919
Fax : +603 2168 1818
Email : [email protected]
Web : http://gtower.com.my

For video of the ROOM click  HERE and for my overall impression of the hotel & its impressive GREEN status – click HERE !

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  1. Sean

    A very peaceful gym! Maybe this is what I need!
    I should check out the hotel gym at my office first though, for a convenient location. Am seriously, seriously thinking about taking up exercise starting 2011 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      That’s good!! I’m a strict advocate-r of a healthier lifestyle as u know..and light cardio 3 times a week also helps!
      But 2011? that’s err..4 mths more..

  2. Marcus

    cripes your ads are annoying anyways. as i said on your youtube video. its such a freaking amazing gym taht you came just now! lol

    either ways. no. doesnt make me lift my fatty ass to go gymming. it does give me the impression that its not a gigantic hotbed of bacteria and fungus though, that is a pluspoint. cool review. you shoulda reviewed the showers. (seriously, most fun at the gym is after werkout, go to pounding shower. dear god that sounded suggestive)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Marcus, u nvr fail to cheer me up.
      Come on dude, whn r we meetin up?

      Heck, good idea tht reviewin the showers part! Darn..should hv told yesterday ma!!

  3. kampungboycitygal

    love the fact that its so private (at the moment)n we tried the sauna & infinity pool. awesome!

    i think its RM175/mth.

  4. p90x

    Normal fitness and exercise eliminates the risks of distinct heart diseases, but they also aid to avoid specific sorts of cancer including breast cancer and colon cancer.

  5. sifar00

    hi the fees is it only RM 99 plus the monthly fees?? or are there more hidden charges like registration fee??

    tq 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      I will get Gtower people to reply you on this 🙂

  6. sauna

    Wonderful site. Lots of useful information here. I?m sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you for your effort!

  7. geneviene

    I’ve been to this gym’s pool a few times and found it really nice to swim in especially because it was heated. However, it did come as a rude shock today( I’m finally signing up with them this week) that the pool was icy cold. When I asked them why was it cold, apparently they do not heat the pool at level 7 anymore but only at level 11 which is accessible to hotel guests only. To pacify me, the salesperson said I could use the sauna and the heated showers to make up for the cold pool.

    Not very impressive, but I would still join because my office is just five mins away.

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