Elegantology, Publika – a night of cognac, couture and cuisine with Martell

Just 2 weeks back, models strutted down the gold dusted catwalk parading the latest collection from its in-house team of designers by Elegantology. I sat front row, eyes glazed but intense as I drank in every detail and second of the glitzy Gold Elegance-themed event.
The liquid gold of Martell flowed freely, gold dust fluttered as beautiful people strutted the runway and the night shined golden with the success of Elegantology New Collection Launch.

GOLD - elegantology new collection launch 2013


A day later I sat in Elegantology itself, this time on the same table with Christophe Pienkowski from Martell, who flew in from France to personally take us on our golden journey that evening of cognac and cuisine. We sat surrounded by the couture personally designed by Beatrice Looi and her team of designers.

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-011

Dinner kicked off with the entrance of the White Gazpacho of Grapes and Almonds, with Salmon Tartare, paired with Martell Cordon Bleu. Just a night before, the Elegantology New Collection Launch saw Venie Tee starting off the show with her model in a light, frilly tutu.

martell pairing dinner - elegantology gallery and restaurant-025 (4)

New Elegantology collection launch - menswear - publika

Both amuse bouche and Venie’s design are playful; the former with its multi layers of flavours and froth (start with a mouthful of salmon tartare & drink up on the cold gazpacho) while the latter teased with its layers of flouncy pink. Both are “starters” and piqued us for lies ahead for both the evenings.

Scallops are best served unadorned. It can be dressed with some sauce, sides or certain form of condiments, but best savoured on its own.
Hokkaido Scallop, Cauliflower Puree, Fish Skin Cracker, Mixed Mesclun, paired with Martell Cordon Bleu. 

martell pairing dinner - elegantology gallery and restaurant-025 (2)

Its degree of doneness is of essence, much like the cut of a good suit. Just like a scallop, a suit is best plain, with clean lines and if adorned, best with subtle details like embroidery, beading or good fabric.

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-016

I thoroughly approved of the scallop, just as I highly favoured Beatrice Looi’s designs that evening. Little details which doesn’t clutter the essence of the designed piece, fabulous in its simplicity, but never boring or plain, exactly like the scallop dish.

New Elegantology collection launch - menswear - publika - kobe

elegantology new collection launch 2013

The Martell Cordon Bleu went smoothly with the prior 2 courses, mellow, easy on the throat and warming up our vocal cords as the evening progressed. Christophe continues to entertain.

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-009

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant

The Foie Gras Veloute, Smoked Garlic Toast, Citrus Tomato Salsa sounds very masculine; and rightfully so, since a foie gras known for its strong flavours. Chef Sherson and Johnny worked their magic; and the outcome is a rich but not overwhelmingly so mousse-like broth of foie gras and given a nice contrast with the accompanying citrus toast.

The accompanying Martell Chanteloup Perspective bordered on bold, fruity and finishes with a lingering spiciness in the mouth, a nice marriage to the earthiness of the foie gras.

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-014

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-012

I see the same masculinity in this designer’s piece worn by Peter Davis; actor, model & MMA fighter just the day before. Masculine yet soften by the free flows of the fabric. Earthy. Fuss-free.


A lovely Passion Fruit Granita cleanse the palate as we waited for our mains. 

martell cordon bleu - elegantology gallery and restaurant-005

We had 4 options for mains but many gravitate towards the Kobe Beef and the US Black Cod.
As much as I love beef, I had always found that marbling above 7-8 a bit too fatty for me. I settled for the Cod instead; intrigued by the “Butternut Pumpkin Gnocchi“.

martell - elegantology gallery and restaurant-003

The Martell Chanteloup Perspective was paired with seafood, while the lamb and kobe eaters had Martell XO instead.

martell - elegantology gallery and restaurant-004

Cod is cod, and when adeptly shone as it is with its natural oceanic flavours and buttery texture. I enjoyed chewing on the outerly crisp gnocchi and the soft doughy insides. For additional flavour, mop up the pool of carbonara sauce at its base.

martell - elegantology gallery and restaurant FISH

Similarly to the cod, I yearn to own this piece by Venie Tee; simple elegance on white with a dash of detail; detail here being the plaid pants.
Cod and the colour white, these are classics, gorgeous on its own.

New Elegantology collection launch - menswear - publika - scallop

This was the Kobe Beef MB10+. This is a rather interesting presentation isn’t it? 🙂

martell - elegantology gallery and restaurant master kobe beef

Ah, after all that, what dessert could possibly amaze? On paper Baked Cheesecake, Fireworks Crumble, Kamquat Confit in Tarragon Infused Syrup did intrigued; but I certainly didn’t expect to be amazed!
The crumble did indeed set off fireworks in my mouth and a bit of research online and through queries with some chefs and bakers revealed that the secret MIGHT be pop rocks. Well, if I meet the Pastry Chef Kelvin again I’ll be sure to ask him!

martell - elegantology gallery and restaurant- dessert

This blonde bombshell gave me the same impression of the dessert; seemingly harmless yet sets off fireworks as she strutted the stage. The red overcoat was ditched later to reveal a sexy corset underneath. Vava-voom! 😀

New Elegantology collection launch - menswear - publika - cod

Me, blogger at work.

Martell dinner - elegantology gallery and restaurant

And the brilliant chefs – Chef Sherson Lian and Chef Johnny Fua. 😀

sherson johnny fua rebecca saw - elegantology gallery and restaurant

Much appreciation to Elegantology, Beatrice Looi and Martell for the superb experience!
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** All pictures taken with the Sony NEX 3N except for the collaged picture of me in action. Thank you Beatrice Looi for that collage! 😀

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  1. interesting entry that combines food with fashion in a way that flows so nicely to read 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thanks Sean!
      Wanted to be a bit creative ! hhehe! 😛

  2. Lc Loh

    Good stuff. Such a life you lead. Fashion runways, celebrity chefs.

  3. Gigi

    Fabulous shots again. Same camera? The pink one?
    I’m loving the red streaks of your hair! 🙂

  4. Amber

    Perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect dessert, perfect scallop. Actually it was a perfect night for you! I love the set lunches here too.

  5. daniel

    You’re looking great becky! Love the hair!
    and the food here is not bad. Had the set lunch before.

  6. Genji

    Looks promising. Interesting post becky.

  7. siew ling

    Becky, you look fabulous! And of course the cognac and food too.
    But you are the star of the night I’m sure!

  8. Veron

    A clever twist of writing – fashion and food! It’s always nice to read your blog to see what you’re up to.

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