El Meson, Bangsar – mid week Lunch with the bloggers!!

The unbearable heat of the mid- day sun blazed down relentlessly & I hasten my pace towards El Meson on Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.

Well, I thought wryly, if I can’t siesta like the Spanish, at least I will dine like one.
And the latter fact holds true if one dines at the warm, welcoming alcove of El Meson.

With Chef Fernando helming the kitchen, a Spanish import to boot, my meals at El Meson (one of which I have blogged about; you can read about my indulgent dinner here ) had been pricey but never entirely disappointing, & had therefore, deservingly amassed more hits than misses in my book.

Their Ultimate Pork Burger – with mushrooms, bacon, cheese & caramelized onions, RM26 was my goal this time round, since it is part of their lunch menu which I haven’t had past opportunity to sample.

ultimate pork burger

To just describe it as delicious probably wouldn’t do it enough justice, as it was undisputedly one of the top 5 pork burgers in town, with the most delightful fried potatoes cuts that is worthy to be claimed “orgasmic”, unlike a certain pork burger joint that I know.

I’m sure discerning diners appreciate efforts by F&B outlets in attention to details, & I for one, would always have praises for a chef who doesn’t take shortcuts in the preparation of the sides that comes with a main course.
The freshly fried potatoes were fluffy & lightly seasoned; & thus was the perfect accompaniment to the burger.

Out of the series of Tapas we had, the terrine is a clear winner; an ingenious mish-mash of bacon, pork, apricot, pistachio and balsamic reduction.
The Calamares Rellenos stuffed with squid, Serrano ham, tomato (RM16) & Stuffed Tomatoes with prawns & squids topped with cheese and breadcrumbs (RM16) were divine & I was glad the mains followed quickly after, for all that actually made me hungry for more.

el meson tapas

Iberico Cheeks with carrots & potatoes on Pumpkin puree,RM62.
Pork Chop – pan roasted and served wth Sauerkraut and roast potatoes, RM42
Pan fried chicken breast stuffed with Serrano & cheese served with potato wedges and vegetables, RM38
Pork Belly and Pork ribs Stew with Chorizo, Morcilla Blood Sausages and Beans,

The THICK pork chop was juicy though I did feedback to Ek that it the sauce could have been a bit more flavourful. The tender gamey Iberico Cheeks had me pinching my own cheeks. My, I marveled as I cut the big round balls into half, Ibericos pigs does have meaty cheeks! The stuffed chicken looked dry at first & worried murmurs went round the table. Luckily, it was illusory & the stuffing of Serrano ham & cheese turned out to be delicious!

The pork belly & rib stew was certainly moreish, even more so as it is an uncommon preparation. There was a lot of different beans in the dish and we polished off every single one of them.

el meson wagyu cheeks

el meson porkchop

pork belly & rib stew

el meson stuffed chic

All of the sides of vegetables & beans on each dish were wonderfully addictive, tasty even on its own. Kudos to the Chef!

El Meson has upped their desserts offerings & we were given complimentary ones to share. (Thanks Ek! ;p )
My favourite was the Trifle, and here (though it may look un-photogenic) they scope it out from a big bowl and this is actually one portion. The custard layer was lovely, the jello addictive & the copious amount of fruits deceivingly assured us that this is a waist-friendly dessert 😉

el meson desserts

Then the molten choc cake stole the show. It was heavenly. The flow of chocolate lava doesn’t seem to stop oozing out! The outer layer was lightly crisp, and it’s warm & moist chocolate sponge was absolutely to die for!
Last was the flourless, sugarless chocolate cake; which though out-shined by it’s mate The Molten Lava, was still a worthy- to- order dessert.

The Spanish creme catalana (picture not here since I forgot to take any) came in small cazuela molds, just like how they made it in Spain. Aesthetically, it was easy to pass it off as Creme Brulee but according to Ek, i’ts preparation is different. Anyhow, think creme brulee but flavoured with cinnamon & lime zest instead.

I like El Meson for its innovative preparations & uncommon ingredients used in its dishes.
My advice for those who wants to try this place is to get a min group of 5, since the dishes ain’t exactly your typical dinners prices, & there is so much worth stapling here!

The bill came up to RM45 per pax & there were 8 of us that day. For the amount of food we had, I thought it was a steal!

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  1. botakai

    eh makan wif who??? eee no call me 😛 i wan pork burger !!!

  2. sophia

    OH my freaking GAWD!!!! That pork bun looks CRAZY good!! OMG!!! When can I gooooo?!!

  3. Sean

    heheh, just realized their pork burger is cheaper than cristang's p7 petai burger! i think i know which one i'd choose too 😀

  4. ciki

    well written.. yum2., i lub this plc:)

  5. allie

    How to stuff all these into your stomach? So much of them la. LOL

  6. Tummy Rumble

    so el meson's the new hang out place eh?? wonder why so many people I know dropped by that place recently..

  7. minchow

    I've only recently come to appreciate how easily outlets fudge up Molten Lava… have had a few lacklustre encounters already. Where would you say was the best you've had?

  8. thenomadGourmand

    botakai: Haha, tis is a different grp of bloggers la

    sophia: When u r in Msia!!

    Sean: Haha.. tht's precisely wht i tot too!

    ciki: Yeah, so do I! Hope the quality stays!

    allie: Oh, we were all stuffed, trust me!

    tummyrumble: its worth a visit 😉

    minchow: Exactly! Had some horrid ones too! I wont knw whr's the best, cos i'm not a fan of choc but here, it was pretty good.

  9. AugustDiners

    The burger looks really tempting, will sure pop by real soon for it. Great write up.

  10. Simply Life

    oh yum! Great looking meal!

  11. Simple Person

    I tried the Roast Pork Noodles at GL restaurant, Taman Megah….
    It was OK…
    Overall – 7.0/10 and Pork – 7.5/10.
    They cut the pork in a very thin slice… Prefer to have the slice to be thicker..
    If you like roast pork try the SS2 pasar pagi (seller is woman – only 1 female roast pork seller over there).
    Need to go there earlier eg. 7.00am.

    1. thenomadGourmand

      Yes, its ok..come to think about it, I like it for its simplicity 😉
      SS2 mornin market? I jog every morning to buy the soya bean..mayb I will chk her out one day! Thanks for recommending!!

  12. Kwong

    Wow that looks like a really juicy pork burger! HAha now I'm back in KL I'm going to give this place a try this weekend!

  13. superwilson

    I miss the front part but I do enjoy the back part. Happy CNY!!

  14. superwilson

    Happy CNY from Ushaia, Argentina, its freaking cold here.:)

  15. worldwindows

    Your westerns are very good. Need some some of them for balance. Happy and Prosperous CNY to you!

  16. sophia

    wth man!!! everything looks soooo good and I’ll forever be hungry now, thanks to you, becky saw!!! I want the piggy burger, here piggy piggy!

  17. kenwooi

    good food.. okay im gonna get my lunch! =D

  18. thebaDderMan

    But then again, lovelyrebecca would have been much more easier to remember , day or night and yes , congrats on your new WordPress Adventure. WordPress is difficult at first( different from simple Blogspot ) but better ( badder ) & more versatile in the end !

    Do not forget to ask Bryan to plug in the emoticons …
    Good luck !:D

    1. thenomadGourmand

      Lovely rebecca?? LOL!
      That would be a bit too narcissistic right??

      And yea, I’m kinda sick of it now. Confusing rite? Sigh..

  19. Latia Outlaw

    Good Morning, your webpage design is really cool. I like how all the elements have been placed, and how the page is structured so that it looks decent.

  20. I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones


  21. Exceptional webpage. My class mates and I were just discussing this the other night. Also your webpage looks great on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Nice work.

  22. Justin Ng

    always trusted your taste, made a mistake of goin to Cristang. Damn..what a rip off.

    And here, yup, Chef Fernando sure know how to make fabulous Spanish tapas & top notch textured patties. So when are we hitting Skewers ?

  23. Tamra Hatake

    I’ve learn a number of the content material articles in your web site now, and I completely like your model of website. I included it to my favorites web site directory and needs to be coming again quickly. Keep in mind to take a look at my website too and inform me what you think.

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