Egg Custard Mooncakes from The Peninsular Hong Kong

Thanks to a very good friend Jan (who is a fabulous baker herself), I was gifted these precious Egg Custard mooncakes yesterday.

Egg Custard Mooncakes from The Peninsular Hong Kong-001

These Egg Custard Mooncakes are originally from The Peninsular Hong Kong signature Spring Moon’s recipe.
This box however, came from The Peninsular Bangkok and are priced at THB 2,600 nett for a case of four boxes of eight, THB 610 nett per box of eight and THB 160 nett for a special, limited edition box.
They can be purchased at The Peninsula Boutique, which is located on the Ground Level of the hotel.

However according to some sources, these are available in KL as well in BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre), just opposite Jason’s Supermarket.

If you were to check out this site on The Peninsular Hong Kong, these limited edition handmade mini egg custard mooncakes are sold out!
Link –>

So with all the hype, what does it taste like?

photo 3

Truthfully I’m not entirely sold. These Egg Custard mooncakes have a decadent & rich filling encased in delicate, soft pastry shells but I would have preferred a stronger salted egg aroma than just plain egg custard.
Still it was a unique mooncake for me since this is my first time sampling a salted egg custard mooncake.
Besides, it is marketed as “egg custard mooncake” NOT “salted egg custard mooncake” so technically it does live up to its name.

So what is the most interesting mooncake flavour have you tried? 😀

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