E42T : 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI – Head there for PORK RIBS & Margaritas!

The stretch of Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 in TTDI; where just a year or 2 ago the pub scene was (supposedly) pioneered & dominated by Sid’s Pub, is now hosting a pub at almost every alternate shoplot.
That’s not a bad thing I suppose, since each pub strives to up the ante by offering better value for their food, ambiance & most importantly, the alcohol 😉 , thus keeping a healthy competition going & also giving us options for our after-hours chillax time.

Since I’m not much of a drinker, I’m more appreciative of pubs that offers a good ambiance, which can be as simple as providing comfortable & roomy sitting arrangements where if I were to turn or raise my arm, I won’t hit anyone!
The appropriate noise levels matters as well, cos I’m just peeved if I’m required to shout to be heard & lastly, I adore pubs that offers good grub to fill my tummy. LOL.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI

42 East seems to offer all that at the moment. Even the common problem of me having to order water whenever I’m at a pub (because most other pubs offers only soft drinks as a non-alcoholic alternative & I avoid soft drinks as well) is taken care of here with the healthy & delicious fruit mixes available.

Orange + Banana & Peach + carrot. My vote goes for the Banana & Orange, as the carrot one had too much carrot residue. I think they blended instead of juicing it.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-13

The highlight here is the baby back pork ribs of course. We had a slab of the one glazed with Connor’s stout, which was my favourite & another which is Hot & Spicy, which wasn’t all that hot or spicy. LOL!

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-10

The Hot & Spicy ribs, pretty obvious from the reddish marinate rub right?

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-6

And here is the Connor Stout ribs, which is darker & more intense in flavour.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-12

I had no complains for the ribs, for they were perfectly succulent, with a smoky char that I love. For RM55 for a full slab & RM32 for a sizable half-slab, it’s ideal for sharing among 2-3 friends.

Slosh it all down with some of 42 East ‘s signature margaritas (RM18 during happy hours) & your work day may seem not that bad after all. 😉 (Flavors available for the margaritas are Strawberry, Original Lime, Passion Fruit & Mango).

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-7

I love this part, where the soft bones are. Nice to chew to smittereens. 😉

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-11

42 east ribs

We were served other dishes as well, like 42 East’s Crispy Pork Bacon, Cheesy Wedges, Chicken Chop & etc. But nothing could overshadow the lovely ribs.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-8

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-5


The clams pot (RM12) wasn’t too impressive that night. Chewy clams & overly heady wine stock is just not my kind of thing.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-9

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-2

Now, if only they add a pork burger into their menu! Imagine a smoky, Connor’s stout pork patty in between 2 freshly halved buns, topped with fresh pineapple with sides of coleslaw & mash. Now, that’s the ideal pork burger! 😉

Find 42East on facebook.

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-1

42East (Forty Two East),
42, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Contact No:
03-7728 7688

E42T simple menu:

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-4

42 East restaurant & bar, TTDI-3

TQ to the owners of E42T for their hospitality to us Advertlets Bloggers!

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    1. rebeccasaw

      When it is done right Mich! When it is done right! 😉

  1. HaPpY haPpY

    wah another place serving “too bak”. Hope to visit this place soon. TQ

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. I will slowly unearth all the porky – places for you then ;p

  2. Sean

    I like that the pubs are mushrooming on this street, cos I figure it’s healthy competition, but parking is becoming scary! Can be tricky to find a spot on some nights!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Almost every night actually!
      It’s pretty packed there now.

  3. J the chocoholic

    Wah, not bad – 55 bucks for a slab of ribs is a reasonable price, especially for that area! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      yup yup! Maybe they should just concentrate on the ribs/pork stuffs ;p

  4. mimid3vils

    RM55 for a full slab of ribs really a deal huh~~ :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh? I got a few ppl who said so too. I guess then Rm55 is a good price ;p

  5. julie

    looks good! i’m definitely gonna try this place out one of these days! 🙂 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Julie!
      OMG, i saw your wedding photography site! amazing!!
      E42T is good, but I have to check again, I heard it’s moved to somewhere already…

  6. Angie

    Hi … just to let your fans know … 42EAST Restaurant and Bar is open! Pork ribs, pork satay, pork burger and a whole lot of delights on our upgraded menu! Come tempt yourself with our margaritas, delightful cocktails and mocktails! Call +60126562988 for more info on our special promotions.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Angie!
      Any new items? And it’s open – meaning at the same place?

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