Duck Teriyaki anyone?

I think duck teriyaki is a VERY good idea.
We have chicken, beef, lamb (*YAWNS*) & so yeah, why not duck? Of course anything porky is welcomed but still, duck teriyaki sounded like a very cool dish.

Hence my barely contained glee when I stumbled upon a blog post that highlighted Yokozuna’ s Kamo (duck) Teriyaki.

Never mind that I barely heard of this place.
Never mind the fact that no other trusted foodies had breathed a word of the food here.
I threw caution to the wind, cos I was just thrilled to bits at the very novel idea of duck teriyaki.

Yokozuna - shop

I left the office, with the particular blog post still showing on the PC screen, & zoomed over to Damansara Uptown.
The blardy maze of Uptown took me a while, but I finally found it & double parked directly across.

Stepping in & without looking at the menu, I placed an order for Duck Teriyaki & drummed my fingers impatiently for it to be served.

Kamo Teriyaki
. RM16.80, 10% service charge applies.

duck teriyaki set

The set came with sides of chawanmushi, sushi, some pickles, miso soup, fruits & rice.
But of course, the highlight was supposed to be this.

kamo - duck breast

Now, I’m not trying to sound like an expert, but I am somehow able to, (to a certain extent) more or less guess the taste of the food just by looking at it.

And this portion of duck got all warning bells clanging & screamed adjectives of ‘overcooked‘, salty & tough.

kamo - duck

And the first bite confirmed my suspicions.

After futile attempts of dainty biting to tear apart a slice, I gave up & yanked the piece of meat between my teeth & fingers before it finally gave way & split into 2.
My short-lived relief came to a halt once the meat hit my tongue, for it sent all my salty taste buds into a frenzy. No prize for guessing why.

And as if that wasn’t torturous enough, I had to chew for a full 3 mins before that offending piece was finally disintegrated enough to be swallowed.

Horrified, I pounced on the miso soup & took a sip in hope of washing away the taste. The miso soup turned out to be as sodium-laden.

Sigh. The chawanmushi was the only agreeable item on the platter, other than the papayas. I attempted another slice since I was very hungry, but the saltiness got the better of me & I gave up.

So I ta-paued it back, (hey, it cost me RM18.50 in total after tax, didn’t want to waste my hard earned cash) & ate oats to fill the remaining void in my stomach.


Yokozuna has about 8 different lunch sets daily for RM12.90 or thereabouts. I only had the duck teriyaki, so I can’t pass judgment on their other offerings.

set lunch

I certainly HOPE the other ala carte items and set lunches fares better.

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant
24G Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 77299679

Pork Free
1130am – 3pm
530pm – 10pm

below: Dining area, teppanyaki grill, sushi bar.


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  1. UnkaLeong

    We can stir-fry the buggers with some vege or eggs. No longer need to toss in any salt. Or finely slice the buggers and sprinkle across noodles?

  2. vialentino

    looks good wor the duck …. recently i have a great duck experience at restoran sam you at Pj state…not bad thou

  3. Sean

    wah, your advance instincts are better than mine. based on the pics, i'd have predicted that the duck was juicy and aromatic! 😀

  4. J

    Oh no… What a waste! 🙁
    (And the poor duck died in vain!)

  5. Paranoid Android

    Maybe they should rename it TERRIblyYUCKY DUCK. Tough duck? Eughhh! Did you check the duck's MyKad? Maybe it was an expired duck?

  6. Duckie

    wow really never heard of it .. interesting!!!

  7. backStreetGluttons

    one thing good we learn from this imitation Jap wannabe fake orgasma disastericassen is that only salmon teriyaki is best ( err we mean the half head )

  8. ai wei

    errr, that salty for that duck teriyak? i tot it worth trying since it's duck (first time see there is actually duck teriyaki) **

  9. Bangsar-bAbE

    I never bothered with this place. Since Hokano does a pretty good chicken katsudon, I get my fix there!

  10. AugustDiners

    oo yums! *pats tummy*

  11. qwazymonkey

    I'm with Bangsar Babe on this. Hokano is good enough for me

  12. Kevin

    looks like that's another Jap food venture that's going to crash and burn…

  13. Sin Tai Lim

    sometimes you hit good pots somtimes not, guess this was those bad one, Anyway thanks for the info, will not go near it. Happy hunting.

  14. burpandslurp

    waaaaaahhhh!!! I want this on wonton noodles!!!
    And I miss chawanmushi SO much!
    p.s. Let me comment without having to log into wordpress, please! T__T

  15. Allie

    wah wah wah~ Now your food instinct is so advance d 😛

  16. thenomadGourmand

    unkaLeong: They are all yours honey.

    vialentino: Oh the duck at Kam Heong is good too! jz round the corner of Sam you

    Sean: xD. Hehe

    J: Indeed it has!

    PA: LOL! Love your wit man, i do!

    duckie: yes it was interesting really! If they can improve on the texture it would be my chosen duck meal!

    timothy: LOL. Quite a few other places got it frm me di

    bsg: Yea..stick to the tried & tested hor?

    ai wei: I thought it was a novel idea too lohh..hence my haste to chk it out

    b-babe: So when??? I wanna try!

    Augustdiners: 😉

    QwaZymonkey: Wahh really? I must go try ASAP

    Kevin: maybe their other offerings is better? Its been ard for a bits already i think..

    STL: Hehh.. i knw what u mean! I love huntin out new plcs & its so rewarding if u unearth a damn yummy-licious one!

    allie: Haha..its the same for desserts too

  17. gourmand extraordinaire

    Oyoo kesian. But then again, there's only ONE WAY to treat duck right. Peking style at Chynna Hilton or Roasted ala Apek Cina, at Tan Kee, Lunas Kedah.

    nothing else comes close. Srsly.

  18. mimid3vils

    what a pity experience huh… ;P

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