D’lish and 30% off all desserts everyday at 8pm!

*groan* .. arrghh.. ok..you must be wondering what the hell is going on..well… moi here was feeling guilty as weekly gym regime has been neglected lately..being away every weekend, so today being off from work, I hopped over to Celebrity Fitness and joined, for the first time, a new (not so new now since it was launched like 2 months ago!) variation of class – PowerJump. Basically for this, one spends like 50 minutes jumping like a bunny on a trampoline.

Now I’m aching and sore. Obviously it’s gonna be worse tomorrow.
But….not all is bleak on the horizon..

Half-way through the class, (yes, halfway..and food rewards options already whizzing through my mind) I told myself I should be rewarded for such discipline.. ahem..& since I’m going to be aching all over tomorrow, I deserve a treat. haaha.. now, being a bargain hunter, not only for fashion but food as well, I do know D’lish at Bangsar Village 1 slashed their desserts ‘ price by 30% everyday by 8pm.
Since I’m already in Bangsar, why not eh? Petrol well-spend. LOL..

Ahh..must share pics with u guys.. no words can do justice.. :p

clockwise: Tarte Normandie w Vanilla Ice -cream RM7.80
Raisin scone..read the label laa.. :p
Strawberry tart RM8.00
bottom pic: Banana mascarpone cheesecake RM8.80

Almond Toffee Bar – RM4.80
Raspberry brownie cheesecake – RM9.80

Tiramisu – RM8.80
Creme caramel – RM5.80

Chocolate tart – RM8.80
Carrot cupcake with cheese frosting – RM6.80
Choco-banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting – RM6.80
no prize for guessing which is which..

The mini ones are sold at RM6.80 for set of 3. Flavours are the same as their magnified counterparts. The pretty one with the umbrellas are called Snowball with coconut flakes – RM4.80
The one behind the Carrot version is Double Chocolate with Ganache – RM7.80. Chocolate lovers – are you with me? :p

Apple pie bar with Vanilla ice-cream – RM9.80 i think, aiyahh..forgot..

Caramel slice – RM4.80, followed by ..
Granola bar – RM4.80 and Choco Raspberry brownie – RM8.80

hhmmm.. this is starting to look like a menu..LOL….well..at least if you’re planning to drop by, you can take orders from your friends and calculate the prices in advance! Remember, 30% off if it’s after 8pm.

This is my next target! Wagyu beef Pie!! RM16.80
and Roasted Veg Quiche – RM11.80

Banana pudding loaf -RM5.80 and Orange Poppyseed slice – RM5.80. I’m sure you can figure out which is which rigghhtt?

Soooo.. what did I buy??

Tiramisu of course!

and Banana cheesecake.

I had wondered before whether anyone makes banana cheesecake, and also whether it is possible.I have a penchant for anything banana be it smoothies or bread and regularly makes peanut butter, cheese and banana sandwich to gorge on…hey it does taste good ok, at least to me it does. HA.

After much hunting, I have not found any till I saw this. Secret Recipe doesn’t have this variation, neither do I see this offered at any bakery so far.

My guess then was that making a banana cheesecake would be of a slightly more difficult level, as banana does oxides fast and having black specks, (a characteristic of banana bread) in cheesecake would be unsightly (cheese being whitish/light yellowish after all).
This one, on the other hand, does not have any black specks, thus I deduced that it could mean very little banana was added into the mix.

Yummy crunchy biscuit base with BIG walnuts!

The verdict? Excellent. Banana taste is strong and well blended with the cheese. Fresh too. I think I bear with another PowerBunny ..errr..I mean PowerJump class just for this.

Next up – the Tiramisu. Ok, other than a convenient little bottle, I got a rather authentic tiramisu, fresh mascarpone cheese, alternately layered with sponge fingers dipped with coffee liquer and topped with sprinkle of coffee powder. Delicious…from the Delicious Group.

My tiramisu, after a few forkfuls..

Got more pics..for Part 2 ok..
Ohh.. nearly forgot..

The bill!
Yup, 30% off RM8.80 each. (though I won’t mind buying even at normal price) I’m really pleased with my desserts!

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  1. Shirley Joyce Yahaya

    Hi Becky,
    My name is shirley & I was recently in K.L. for a holiday from Perth Western Australia. I ate a very rich black chocolate cake from Plan B at Bangsar Village l – Is there any chance of me being able to get the recipe from the management of Plan B. As you are a food critic I thought you could put in a kind word on my behalf to get the recipe. The cake was so yummy & decadent – moist – rich & one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. I would appreciate if you could try & get me the recipe- I would be so grateful. Regards – Shirley

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