Dipped Row Debuts Their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Like many before them, corporates rats and powerwomen Karina Ali Noor, Tengku Azura Safiyuddeen and Lina Esa have decided to wave goodbye (and without much regret too!) to the corporate world and venture out on their own. For this trio, it is their passion of fashion jewellery that prompted the birth of Dipped Row.

I’m all for supporting local entrepreneurs and was eager to view the debut of their Spring/Summer 2014 accessories collection. The collection includes statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
The co-founders personally curate every piece in the collection, which showcases a glimmer of their different personalities and style. By working closely with manufacturers around Asia, they are able to ensure affordability without having to compromise on style and quality, which resonates with the personal philosophy of the brand; to bring affordable luxury to their clients without costing an arm or a leg.

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-005

Dipped Row’s distinctive yet versatile accessories collection seeks to complement and elevate any ensemble, whether casual or dressed-up; thus ensuring that your investment of, for example one necklace can easily be matched with most outfits or mood.
Swing your style from vivacious to fresh and young or glamorous and chic, as these pieces are just as versatile as you.

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-006

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-007

I wasn’t able to be present at the media session last week but Karen certainly had a good time as my plus one. Here’s her account of the evening.

Each of those present were given the option of selecting a piece of which they will then paint; essentially allowing them to “design” our own Dipped Row piece.
Paint brush, pallet, nail polish of various colours are all laid out ready on the table. Over cupcakes, pastries and coffee, everyone had fun playing “jewellery designer”.
Some even took time to map out a few options before starting on the painting.

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-003

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-008

For me I just took the 1st colour in front of me & started painting, all the while trying to mix and match for the best colour combination according to my chosen theme of groovy yet stylist.
I felt nervous initially as I didn’t want to ruin such a beautiful piece of jewellery. Out of the many designs given, I decided on the design below as it has many different size crystals that will allow me to experiment with colours.

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-004

These are our end creations. The 2 co-founders, Karina & Azura were the judges.

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-009

Here is my creation; before and after.
Apologies as the yellow lighting in the room didn’t allow my phone camera to capture the actual colours I painted, but if this was under white light, it would look prettier. 😀

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-010

See the difference! 🙂

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-0113

Anyway, I was surprised to be  chosen as one of the 2 winners. My winning factor was that the judges liked the fact that I put in a lot of effort with the colours for my creation.

My prize was this set of glamorous earrings. Jerine & Kelly asked me to paint it as well so this could be a matching set to my necklace but I think it looks better as it is. 😉

Dipped Row debuts their Spring:Summer 2014-012


The boutique-style jewellery and accessories collection is available online at www.dippedrow.com and is priced between RM 30 to RM 400. Dipped Row offers fast and convenient delivery throughout Malaysia and select overseas destinations.

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