Dinner – Pantai Timur Cafe, Paya Terubong – PENANG

After a very dismal snack of Tanjung Malim’s Yik Mun’s pau , we landed in Pg and headed straight for dinner at a place VERY highly recommended by Ken.

Ahh… what is Penang if not for her hawker food….

Each one of us forked out RM30, left it in the middle of the table & all food was paid from the pile. We left the ordering to Ken at first, as he had certain favourites that he wanted us to try.

After patiently waiting for the cam-whoring to be over, I dug into the first dish that arrived.

Fried Spicy Rice – RM3.00

Darn good stuff~ nice and spicy. Served with clear tom yam soup (additional RM2.00) with a mid-sized prawn and cuts of squids.

And.. of course we ordered seafood..
Fried “tan” kam heong style , with curry leaves, onions and dried shrimps. RM10.00
Grilled Stingray – RM10.50

Soft and juicy clams…
Deep fried Mackerel with soy sauce, coarsely chopped garlic and bird eye chillies – RM3.50 each

The fish was first sliced into half, but still in one piece, and deep fried till crisp. Simple, yet just perfect with the bird eyes chillies and soy sauce.

Belacan fried rice – RM3.50

This dish was actually complimentary. (Shows how influential Ken of FoodPOI.com is!) The stall owner remembers him by name and even remembers his favourites!

As for the rice, it was very aromatic indeed..and to me, the best part!
Sides includes tender slices of beef in dry curry, julliened green mangoes (sour and adds a twist to the dish), chopped peanuts for crunch, sweet boiled prawns and fried scrambled eggs.
Mix it all up and each mouthful was most satisfying! Savoury, sweet, crunchy and sour. A medley of flavours & textures that left us craving for more.

It’s Penang, we are in Penang, Penang food is good.. it was as if there was some kind of chant going on in our minds..

So we ordered….
Otak-otak – Nyonya – RM2.00

and ordered….
Chee Cheong Fun – 2 rolls for a small portion – RM1.60
and ordered…
Chai koay – RM0.80 each. Yam cake – RM1.00 each.

And a slight variation of the Oh Chien (oyster pancake), this is fried with small lala, instead of the standard juicy oysters.

With barely any room left in our stomachs, we added an order of Curry Mee, we just couldn’t resist it as the stall was just right in front of our table!
We also told her “Ka liow ai” meaning “All want”! ;p

For RM5.60, we got a huge bowl overflowing with tau pok (beancurd puffs), fishcakes, chicken kidneys, 1 piece of curry chicken, cockles, chewy squids, long beans, potatoes and beansprouts.
Not the best I have tasted but still good. The coconut milk stock was just lacking in “ooopmmmhh”!

Tom yam fried bihun with seafood – RM3.00This one was also sadly not up to mark, somehow lacking in body and aroma, with nary a taste of tom yam flavour. Too mild for our preferance. BUT for RM3.00, there was an abundance of seafood in there! Still worth the $!

Stomachs bulging, and definitely more than satisfied with dinner; put us all in a good mood. All thoughts of disappointing paus forgotten, we headed to our respective homes for a good night sleep, with plans for breakfast already made and confirmed! ;p

To be continued..

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  1. email2me

    My stomach growling looking back at the pix =.=”

  2. thenomadGourmand

    hahah.u can imagine me swallowing my saliva when i was editing this post!

  3. Myhorng

    OMG, that’s too much food for a session i would say. u guys really finished those stuff?

  4. mimid3vils

    What a feast!!!

  5. Lingzie

    wah!!!!!!! all the food!!! eh where is this place? i’ve never been wor…is it near the old sunshine farlim?

  6. Selba



    *drooling again…*

    The otak-otak looks interesting… similiar to our otak-otak but totally different… hehehe… try to figure it out!

  7. cariso

    That clams are really JUICY from the photo you took! Drool! 🙂 You ppl really food hunter!

  8. babe_kl

    that’s a lot of choices which was why i fancy hawker centres 😀

  9. thenomadGourmand

    mHorng: oh we were famished frm the longgg trip! And we are floggers rmbr?? ;p
    Mimi: yeahh..u know la..KL ppl very deprived one..!
    Lingzie: dear..it was so dark n i was soooo hungry..no clue worr..will ask Ken 4 ya!
    selba:yes.. i do see similarity between some stuffs frm Indo n Msia YET different.. the prep and ingredients differs i guess..
    Cariso: ohh yesss.. more to come in my coming posts!!
    babe: And Pg got abundance of them hawker centres! this one esp good snce there were a few stalls that has outstanding dishes!

  10. J

    yeah..penang is a food paradise besides the beach.. there are many more outlets selling authentic food stuff.. oh gosh, dont remind me, i also hv gained a lot.. always eat, eat and eat..

    I compiled Penang Travel Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon 🙂

    cheers Ö

  11. J

    Thank you for taking the time to share it. No doubt Penang is the place to be when it comes to food. I can’t believe I’m seeing these wonderful photos…ok gotta go makan. I’m so hungry now…

    I compiled Penang Tourism Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon 🙂

    cheers Ö

  12. J2Kfm

    ha?!! all that downed by TWO of you?!!!! hahahah … RM30/pax? need meh? Pg hawker food is ideal for every meal, cz :

    1)portion not too big
    2) reasonably cheap
    3)lots of side dishes leh… more than mains.
    4)delicious. enough said. hard to find a bland Hokkien Mee or flavourless CKT.

  13. thenomadGourmand

    J: wow..u muz luv Pg very much..ur website is certainly informative..but i think Pg’s draw is no more in the beach, more on food now..may u could hv a section on FOOD? there r more than tons of Pg floggers that can help u out on that! hahaa..or mayb ur even better than al of them put toge!
    ps: I dunno hw to leave a comment on ur site..can teach?
    pps: Me a penangite too!
    J2Kfm: ya lor..not like KL.some food can kill w the blandness n tastelessness…LOL.
    No la..there was 4 of us!

  14. CRIZ LAI

    Haha.. my favorite place when I was younger. 😛 東海岸 or East Coast Cafe was formerly inside Farlim next to the weekly Wednesday night market before shifting over to this pace along Jalan Paya Terubong. The curry mee there used to be good but somehow it lost its oomph through the years.

    Most of the food there are still up to par. I have not tried the mackerel before. Are those ikan selar (yellow tail scad) or ikan kembong (chubb mackerel)? I could not see clearly the shape. 😛

    Next time you better weigh yourself before you come back. You sure know how to enjoy life when you are back in Penang. 🙂


  15. backStreetGluttons

    This is another of a typical Penang type of fresh , cheap & good casual eating place !

    2 scales higher than many of those in the Klang valley and better than the average Klang seafood wannabe , for sure ( even that T Gong place )

  16. backStreetGluttons

    Having seafood in non-aircon basic plastic chairs and tables with plastic plates Chinese shops like this here in Penang is the ultimate in seafood dining ! Tops in Malaysia ! The so called 6 stars mega Big restaurants in Mega cities with alaska crabs , shark shoulder bones , Swedish mud lobsters & australian mullucks called abalones cannot come close

    fresh , cheap and good ( enough said) !

  17. thenomadGourmand

    Criz: yes, the curry was not up to Pg std (ad u know hw fussy i am of food!)
    Thks for the history of the plc!so they do go bk a longgg way huh..As for the fsh, i dunno worr..heeh..will ask Ken..
    BSG:aiayhh.. Teluk Gong not nice at all! or i went to the wrong one? It was the cocnut flower something..
    Yes yes yes..gimme non-aircon basic plastic chairs and tables with plastic plates Chinese shops anytime!!

  18. Allie

    Wah! Really got to salute you guys… Can eat so many food in one night! Keng!

  19. thenomadGourmand

    allie : dear..we were very very hungry!!! ;p

  20. CUMI & CIKI

    erm, i think you just about covered every single seafood on the face of this earth.. (or in the ocean, as the case may be!)
    nice shots

  21. email2me

    3 bulldozers (guy) and 1 gal ….

    Down I think 20 items ….

    Each with 2 glasses of drinks …

    Fish = Chubby Mackerel (Hokkien called it BAK BONG)

    The grill stingray is the baby type (Piak Kia in hokkien)

    Cleared table 2 times …. and still we got things to come … stay tune with Rebecca’s post …. lol

  22. gill gill

    walao….you really make me wanna pay a visit there now 🙂

  23. Life for Beginners

    Now I know why they call it a Food Crawl… after that much FOOD, one would surely have to CRAWL back home? Hehe. 😛

  24. thenomadGourmand

    cumi&ciki: hehe..mayb..but can chow dwn more one!
    email2me:yes..more to come!
    gil:yes, do so!hard to find such gd and cheap makan plc lohh!
    LFB: hahha..yes..we veryyy nearly crawled to the car!

  25. worldwindows

    This is really good hawkers’ spread. Being to Batu Lanchang but not here.

  26. thenomadGourmand

    worldwindows: hey since ur familiar with the Fook Kee/kepong area can we makan when ur free? cos i nvr bee nthere!

  27. Steven Goh

    Pantai Timur cafe, the name sound very familiar to me. I’m not sure where the place but I know where is Paya Terubong, there is a stall that sell excellent duck rice during lunch time at Paya Terubong. I am planning to have tour there during dinner. The food looks tempting.

  28. thenomadGourmand

    I think I know which one ur talking abt, yes, the duck rice is good stuff too..
    U should! I think that area is not well-covered..unlike Swatow Lane, etc which has been blogged to death!

  29. Big Boys Oven

    hahahahahahha aren’t we the gigantic eaters not to forget we have Ken of Food Poi with us muahahahhahahaha Chan Lilian also cannot fight with him! heheheheh! heheheh new eating style, pay out front RM30 bucks each, eat as much as you can and camwhore as much as you can! what an experience lar! lol!

  30. thenomadGourmand

    BBO: Yup it was some nite!!

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