Dinner Buffet during the Ramadan month at Grand Hyatt, KL

It’s the Raya season. The balik kampung season. The feasting season.

JP Teres Ramadan Grand hyatt KL

The spread at JP Teres was reflective of the season. Traditional and local cuisine lined the buffet counters, satays are being fanned vigorously to expedite cooking for the hungry diners and at the Chicken Rice station the Chef barely had time to look up from chopping up one fowl after another.

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-002

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-007

Ramadan Grand Hyatt1

The Chicken Rice here is pretty legendary. I was told that it is the most ordered item at JP Teres.
On a weekday lunch, all the executives around the KLCC area flocked here for their chicken rice fix.
Since I have always been meaning to try it, but wasn’t willing to subject myself to the torture of the KL mad traffic on a weekday, I took the opportunity to sample it that evening during the buffet.

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet

My verdict?
Hmm.. great texture for the chicken; smooth and tender. But I found the rice to be overly oily. The overall fragrance is present, while the chilli could be punchier.

Anyways, there’s always the roast lamb to for those who need more than just fowl.

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-001

The noodle station offers Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, Curry and Wonton noodles, just great for to pacify the palate after the rich curries and heavy Malay dishes.

Ramadan Grand Hyatt

The Indian and Malay sections fared better than the Chinese station.
We particularly enjoyed the appetisers of raw salads; all very well flavoured and tossed with a myriad of fragrant herbs.

Ramadan Grand Hyatt4

Ramadan Grand Hyatt3

Ramadan Grand Hyatt2

Ramadan Grand Hyatt5

Ramadan Grand Hyatt6

2 desserts was outstanding that night; one simply because it triggers childhood memories (the ice potong) and another is a Grand Hyatt specialty – the Pandan Chiffon Cake with Drizzle of Pandan Coconut Jam served with Grand Hyatt’s soft serve ice cream and mangoes. 

The ice-potong – so simple but almost non-existent now.
I saw both adults and kids enjoying them that evening, though the adults were too shy for photography. I guess no one wants to be featured on my blog sucking on an ice stick. 😀

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-013

This was the perfect ending to dinner!

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-012

Other desserts includes the traditional Malay kuih, bread and butter puddings, chendol, ais kacang, cakes, tarts and the Grand Hyata pineapple tarts.

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-011

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-010

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-009

Ramadan Grand Hyatt8

Ramadan Grand Hyatt7

ramadan grand hyatt - buka puasa buffet-008

Just to give you a better idea of the spread, here’s one of the rotating menu for the daily Balik Kampung buffet for this month:

Menu ramadhan 1 at JP teres 4 July 2014-page-001

Menu ramadhan 1 at JP teres 4 July 2014-page-002

Menu ramadhan 1 at JP teres 4 July 2014-page-003

Menu ramadhan 1 at JP teres 4 July 2014-page-004

Menu ramadhan 1 at JP teres 4 July 2014-page-005

Price: RM148++ (Adult), RM74++ (Child)
Date: 30th June – 25th July 2014
Time: 7 – 10pm

For reservations or enquiries, please call +603 21821234 ext 2333 or email [email protected].

JP Teres,
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang
50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  1. Yee Ni

    Wow! grand Hyatt has many signatures – the pandan cake, the chicken rice, te pineapple starts & also their very own soft serve!

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    very hearty feast with a lot of temptations, and for once, i’d want to save a lot of stomach space for desserts. at least two pineapple tarts for me 😀

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