Dinner at The Pink Sage

“Polenta was originally and still is a peasant food “…. & so it says on Wikipedia.

Sigh.. and I enjoyed the polenta the most in my RM45+ dish!


Creamy & screaming “carbs!!!”, I still licked the small bowl clean.
To allay my guilt, I asked the manager in charge if its fattening and helded my breath as I waited for his reply.

He (I think he is a new age ‘sensitive’ guy ;p ) looked at me and smiling broadly, assured me that it is a perfectly nutritious dish and they used minimal butter in its making. Yeahhh..riggghhttt.. ;p

Pretty dense, polenta tasted so much better than the common mash potato, albeit one might find the texture almost similar. The one that came with my BBQ ribs was smooth, very rich tasting and we detected fragrant bits of bacon amidst the mush.

Instead of attacking the ribs, I went for the corn muffins next.

Pink Sage dinner

The texture was unlike any other muffins as this one is way “grittier”. Probably a coarser grind of cornmeal was used? Or perhaps this was meant to be cornbread but made in the ordinary shape of muffins.
Nevertheless, I preferred these to the Kenny Rogers corn muffins that tasted very generic and ‘processed’.

The small serving of ‘salad’ at the side was really nice too. Tangy and sour, I really couldn’t remember whether it was onions or cabbage but it was seriously good.

Dining at The Pink Sage, do not miss ordering their smoothies if you are a fan of one (like moi). Theirs are really thick & not saccharine nightmarish sweet.


Our Starter of Caesar Salad. I must admit, was ordered cos I spied ‘poached’ egg on the menu ;p


But it was a darn good choice!
That was also the first time I stapled their yummy beef brisket. The dressing was tangy and creamy and while I wish there was more selection of greens other than boring lettuce, the generous slices of salmon and topping of shaved cheese made up for it.

Oh yeah, this was how our main looked like in its entirety.

bbq ribs

The ribs were sweet and sticky. Initial bites were fine but as I progressed, the ribs cooled & I found it to be a bit dry. Not dry in a bad way as in in-ediblely dry but it was certainly chewier.

Anyways, expert man-eater, err.. I meant meat-eater chided me & said that I should have started on the ribs while it was still hot, instead of stuffing my face with peasant food (case in example the polenta & corn muffins).
Ah well, I still prefer my chinese BBQ ribs with its layers of gelatinous fat. So I’m more of a pork belly girl than a pork rib girl. (do note that these are beef ribs)


Dear dining partner left no bone unturned, dry or otherwise.


Overall, I’m really glad that The Pink Sage is now open for dinner (til 10pm).
Service was very attentive and this is definitely a good choice if you are hankering for some good American grub!

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  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    haha yes..ribs 1st..

    got that..

  2. thule a.k.a leo

    eh… how many times that you have gone to Pink Sage?? This Sunday brunch again?? Lol… u sure love this place huh???

  3. qwazymonkey

    u got permanent residence there ar? LOL

  4. vialentino

    brunch at pink sage….where is it? wats ur email liow…cant find it in my outlook to reply u….can send to me.

    minta maaf…

  5. Wilson Ng

    are u working there? so many times you been there!

  6. Sean

    hey i love polenta too! 😀
    but wait, here's a silly question. ermm, are those pork ribs or beef ribs? they look like pork ribs, but i recall pink sage is halal? no ar?

  7. thenomadGourmand

    joe: Heh..or at least tht's what my fren advised. seems tht the ribs here are the dry (as in not much sauce) so when cooled, the meat gets..err..dry?

    thule: Keke..ehh..the menu is long ok!

    qwazymonkey: Maybe soon Pink Sage privilege card??

    vialentino: ok ok..

    wilson: 4th time. ;p

    sean:: Beef. It's pork free.

  8. foodbin


  9. ~Christine~Leng

    wow…dinner this time! u r luring me to get to Pink Sage gal! haha.. i want those polenta and ribs! 🙂

  10. 550ml jar of faith

    You really dig this place don't you!? I'm still more impressed with that yolky wonderbrunch though!

  11. Wilson Ng

    4th time! shud bring me 4 da 5th time!

  12. thenomadGourmand

    foodbin: yes!

    christine: hehe..tot u said you sick of these food already?
    We go jap or Rice Cafe la

    550ml: me too! Nx round coming up!

    Wilson: 😉

  13. ai wei

    i wan pink sage too! where is the exact location of this ar???

  14. burpandslurp

    This is American grub that you find in Malaysia! Holy shit, I wanna GOOOO!!!
    And hahahahaha! YES polenta IS nutritious…but it sure ain't diet food! And swooning at that gritty corn muffin, i LOVE it that way, and a poached egg on caesar salad? Totally has my name all over it!!!

  15. GFAD

    Polenta's good. The first time I had it, as an accompaniment to duck breast, I enjoyed the polenta more than the duck.

    BTW there are no restrictions to b*bi products (just saw your comment on AWOL's lap cheong). At least still not, I think. My fren has even brought back siew yoke before, handcarried in her son's backpack..

  16. thenomadGourmand

    ai wei – sent u email w directions ;p

    burpandslurp – hehe..i knw!! My kinda of food too! Gritty corn muffins, poaches eggs, salads, polenta…hhmmm!

    gfad – serious?? siew yoke! LOL! nx time i can bring bak kua and chic floss!
    haha..ya lohh.paid so much and end up enjoyin the sides!

  17. vialentino

    thanks for ur concern…expensive blur lesson and paid a heavy price to repair my car windscreen.

    i miss this outing with u….

  18. ~Christine~Leng

    my sickness is almost over.. soo… very soon… I'm into western food again..!

    Jap or RICE sounds good 🙂

  19. brad

    4th time? whoa! i want to go too! HAHA

  20. Nic (KHKL)

    aiyoh, the post so the lomantik sweetishly the one…hehehe..i actually like polenta with butter. a good alternative to potatoes and rice. ooohhh, i like corn muffins too!

  21. vialentino

    have a nice merdeka weekend…guess this long weekend and merdeka u will be eating a lot…kekeke

  22. backStreetGluttons

    Now that you mention it , we find peasant food ( we mean ladies ) extremely pleasant and pure & affordable , so you have been lucky to have enjoyed it as much as we have ( probably more )but of course then again , there is still the price

  23. thenomadGourmand

    vialentino: Its ok..nx time ya!

    christine: Cool! ;p

    timothy: Got GPS? easier to find tht way!

    brad: haha.. u havent tried their burgers and pastas yet!

    nic: *high 5!*

    vialentino: urghh..u wouldnt want to knw what happened yest! Got myself VERY SICK!

    bsg: hhmmm..now tht u mentioned it, i should have jz try to replicate it at home!

  24. J2Kfm

    oooh .. so how was the breakfast/brunch at Pink Sage last sunday?

  25. CUMI & CIKI

    wow, u really like this place hor? i think its still ongoing on FB!

  26. Allie

    I want the ribs!!
    Btw, no desserts ar? hehe

  27. Steven Goh

    Polenta, oh my… I thought all the while that is just a normal mash potato. Never tried that before… is that the same as we tried out at 75'? Btw, you should have as the manager to replace you with another bowl of Palenta if the 1st one is fattening. "Yaa… right…"

  28. thenomadGourmand

    J2kfm: hehe..i'll let the rest blog abt it la! Imagine atr post "Brunch at the Pink Sage" My readers will faint!

    c&c: it is?? Tht's unka to thank for!

    allie: Haha..their desserts are not tht good ;p

    steven goh: no no..75 got no polenta.

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