Dining at Majestic Hotel – Contango (buffet lunch) & Colonial Cafe for Hainanese Chicken Chop (dinner)

fresh seafood on ice for buffet lunch at Contango, Majestic KL

Let’s get to the point.
Why lunch at Contango? Why pay RM78++/pax?

seafood on ice - contango majestic kl

Well, buffets are popular for a good reason.

First and foremost, it is all about variety for 70% of the population. Then there are the minority of us who are discerning enough to value to quality over quantity.
Then again, all the better if it’s both quality + quantity thrown in one buffet right?

Here’s where Contango comes in.
I’ve not stepped in for dinner (was told the diversity gets even better) but I lunch-ed for 2 consecutive days here and genuinely enjoyed the food.


A main dish at a restaurant would set you back about RM25 – RM35 (chicken or pasta) or RM40 – RM50 if it is lamb or beef.
A drink would cost RM10 or so. Add a dessert for RM15 – RM20.
Hence a typical meal out would average to about RM80++/pax.

Hence a buffet (especially for a good quality one) at RM78++ is a decent price.

You will find below images of what you can expect at Contango based on my 2 days lunch experience.
Most dishes are on rotation so although I dined here 2 days in a row, I enjoyed different selections at the Indian, Malay, Chinese, Thai and Western hot food sections.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet6

Contango features an open kitchen interactive dining concept.
The whole buffet as a whole are split into the general genre of Japanese, local cuisine like Malay, Chinese and Indian, then international such as Thai and Western with a pizza oven and Churassco Grill.

Below: Churassco Grill – it’s either lamb or beef (rotates daily). It lamb on one day and beef on the other.

lamb - majestic hotel kl

The Indian section is VERY commendable.
The curries are rich, the meats/seafood/vegetables in the curries are well permeated with the flavours of the gravies and the Indian flatbreads/pratha are made upon request.

indian section - buffet lunch review - contango Majestic Hotel KL

Italian favourites of freshly made pizzas and pasta ala-minute are available as well.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet

pasta - caught in action

ala minute pasta

For starters, bowls of freshly tossed salads and appetizers lined the Salad Bar.
I took a spoonful of each and found them well-seasoned and really fresh. My favourite is the artichoke salad, something uncommon on a buffet spread as it is an expensive ingredient.
A rice medley of pickled vegetables and dips with crackers was at the side.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet1



I noticed too that the cold cuts and smoked fishes are of premium quality.
Other than the standard smoked salmon, there was smoked tenggiri and one day and another fish on the next, and though I couldn’t recall exactly what it was, I remembered that it was a local fish as well.
The smoked tenggiri wasn’t overly salted and I loved the flaky, firm flesh.
It occurred to me that the kitchen might be smoking their own seafood then.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet3

Can’t live without crusty loaves of bread dipped in tummy-warming soups? The kitchen team at Contango got you covered.

breads - majestic hotel kl - contango buffet

My favourite (and I think for 90% of the population too) section is the cuisine from the Land of The Rising Sun.

japanese section - majestic hotel kl - contango buffet

Here we have the sashimi, freshly fried tempura, makis, sushi rolls, soba, grilled seafood and vegetables.
Naturally I piled my plate with sashimi and sushi!
Since it is a popular section, I noticed that the team replenished the food (especially the sashimi and tempura) constantly, keeping diners happy with the on-going flow of food.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet2


The salads and appetisers at the Malay cuisine section deserve praise. Some Thai salads as featured as well here, all tossed generously with prawns, squids, fish or more.
All in all, you can be assured that the team at Contango didn’t skimp on the ingredients that matters.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet4

Western offerings covers the lamb/beef fillets in sauce, meatballs, seabass in cream, steamed mussels and more.
If you ever see the meatballs, do help yourself to 5 – 10 balls at least. It is that GOOD.

Majestic Hotel - day 3 - contango buffet5

Have you noticed the presentation of the spread yet?
I certainly approve of smaller servings ( food is fresh as they are refilled frequently) and the pretty plating and platters.


Kuey teow, beehoon or mee for you? Spicy soup or clear consomme?
The humble noodle station offers a few types of noodle dishes each day.


I didn’t take photo of every dish on the buffet spread but here’s more of what I’ve got:








Free-flow beverages include juices, cordial and teas but do keep in mind that Contango boast of an impressive wine list so if lunch allows, do unwind with a glass or two of fine vino.

buffet lunch review - contango Majestic Hotel KL - wine

The desserts here deserve a lengthy post on its own for the pastries and cakes are fabulous.
I’ll leave you with a picture of the ice-cream range for now, since it is very much the main highlight of the dessert section, particularly so for the cempedak ice-cream.

contango majestic hotel KL - ice cream

Below: On rotational basis as well, the fried cempedak makes an  appearance.
Best with a dollop (or 5) of ice cream. I chose to have ice-cold cempedak ice-cream on smoking hot cempedak fritters, why not eh? 🙂

cempedak ice cream

Food aside, the ambiance and comfortable seating arrangement in Contango makes for a memorable dining experience. Tall ceiling to floor glass allows plenty of sunlight at the side near to the front of the hotel so lovers of the sun could choose to seat near the windows.
There are “compartmentalize” areas that are suitable for small groups as well. The chairs and tables are well-spaced apart and plush.

buffet lunch review - contango Majestic Hotel KL-003

majestic hotel - buffet at contango-001

Price per pax for lunch buffet: RM78++.
Time: 12.30pm to 2:30pm daily.

buffet lunch review - contango Majestic Hotel KL-001

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+603 2785 8000
[email protected]

Kudos to the kitchen team of Contango! Hope to see all of you again soon!

buffet lunch review - contango Majestic Hotel KL

PS: Post to be continued with my dinner at Colonial Cafe.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    this would be great for weekends when customers can leisurely enjoy the full spread, eat as much as possible and not have to worry about getting back to work! 🙂 my mom would definitely be happy over the bounty of sashimi … that’s her favourite section, i think 🙂 ooo, too bad they no longer have the free-flow wine add-on option for the buffet tho!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Actually yea.. weekends lunch buffets would be more fun for sure.
      Great to catch up with friends and family and colleagues!

  2. Lim

    Hi wanted to ask if we would like to have our company dinner at contagious n we have abt 160 staff, do u think is possible ? N how much per pax? Thank you!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Lim!
      I’ll get the Majestic people to be in touch!

      Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

  3. rainne chang

    Dear Majestic Hotel,

    1. If wanna organise a one years old infants birthday party say around 35pax total. do you have a place for us?

    2. how much per pax?

    Thank you.


    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Rainne,
      I’ve forwarded your enquiry to the hotel.
      They will get in touch with you soon! 🙂

      1. LEANNE LEE

        Hi , would like to ask the price for 30pax for my rom party . Tks .

  4. Renni Rasli

    Hi. We would like to know dinner buffet for 30 pax. Can you please provide the detail to me? Thanks.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Renni
      I will get the hotel to be in touch with you. 😀


  5. Wai Ling

    Dear Majestic Hotel,

    If I want to organise a party around 20-35ppl How much per person?

    Thank you.

  6. Jocelyn

    Hi. The review looks good. If wanna organise a toddler birthday party say around 30 pax total, is it possible?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Jocelyn
      I’ve sent your query to the hotel team!

  7. Fiofa Najat M.Alias

    your review for this hotel is good and tempting.

    i would like to host a bridal shower for at least 20 person, how much would that be? the guest list might be more than that though. thank you in advance

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HI Fiofa!
      I have forwarded your query to the hotel team and they will be in touch with you!


  8. Sydnee Kong

    may i know is this hotel got dinner buffet? how much per person?

    1. Shirley Siah

      Good day! I wish to have a family lunch or dinner here on either 10th or 11th February. We have 12 Adults and 2 kids. Please give me the detail?

      Thank you!

  9. kenit oisca

    Hi Rebecca..

    1. Can I get a price for dinner at Contango cafe 2 pax for anniversary wedding?

    2. In terms of determining whether in the form of a table or the same romantic?

    Thank You…

  10. kenit oisca


    1. Can I get a price for dinner at Contango cafe 2 pax for anniversary wedding?

    2. In terms of determining whether in the form of a table or the same romantic?

    Thank You…

  11. AIDIL

    Hi, I would like to organise farewell party around 70pax. . friday night dinner, please email me the quotation…tq in advance.

  12. Patrick

    Hi, may I know do I need to book for buffet lunch or I able to walk in during weekdays?
    Thank you

    1. Chang Wai Keong

      Hi, I wish to know what is the price for 5 pax dinner buffet on 26 Aug 2017?

  13. Li Fang

    Hi. We would like to know dinner buffet for 40 pax @ 16/1/16. Can you please provide the detail to me? Thanks.

  14. Ann Yong


    Can I get the price for buffet dinner at contango cafe 8 pax for Birthday celebrating at 8th Jan 2016??

  15. Ashley Foo

    Like to book a table for two on 1 Jan 2016 on Sunday either buffet lunch or dinner, for my mother’s birthday?pls advise. Thanks. Ashley

  16. Intan


    Can I get the price for buffet lunch/hi-tea/dinner at contango for 6 Adult, 2 Children to celebrate birthday on 13th Feb 2016??

  17. Angeline Ng

    Hi Rebecca,

    Your blog is the best place whenever I need to search for food. I wonder if you know their latest price for Buffet Lunch. Planning to go on a weekday with my team.

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Cindy Yap

    I would like to have a reunion dinner in June 2016 for 60 pax. May i know how much per pax?

  19. SWEE

    may i know the pax price
    i would like to have an annual dinner by this month

  20. Jason lim

    What is price for 10 pax adult and children how old u start charge? date is on the 31/01/16. lunch .

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