Dining at JP Teres @Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

It is busy everyday here at the JP Teres in Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-024

The lunch crowd streamed in for the signature chicken rice, satay and the impressive pandan chiffon with mango. Myself was there recently for the cooking demonstration of the Indonesia Master Chefs From Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

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Chef Gatot Tristano, Chef Bowo Sarwono and Pastry Chef Abraham Alex was showcasing how to prepare Indonesian cuisine during a cooking demonstration. For those who are interested to replicate this at home, here are the recipes and some pictures as guide.

Salada Bahari (Indonesian Affair)-page-001

Seriously, the Seafood Salad with Chilli Dressing is really simple while the Sup Buntut requires long hours of braising but still straightforward as all you have to do is throw in all the ingredients and spices and leave it to stew.
The result is a very tasty, hearty, stomach warming broth.

The resultSalada bahari (Seafood salad, chili lime dressing).

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-007

The key to this ‘salad’ is this sauce. Just follow the recipe above to make this.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-003

Next is the Sup Buntut. 

Sop Buntut (Indonesian Affair)-page-001

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-010

I think the longer you boil the better it will taste! 🙂

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-011

Remember to garnish just before serving.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-012

I wish I had another bowl that day. It was that good!

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-013

To add some heat to your Sup Buntut you can add this green chilli sambal. I prefer mine without as I really enjoyed the clear, tasty stew.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-009

Pastry Chef  Abraham Alex has been with the Grand Hyatt Jakarta for six years and is passionate in bringing out the best of traditional Indonesian pastry, a passion that is influenced by his mother who taught him many tips and tricks. Chef Alex’s signature pastry is Putu Ayu (Mini Pandan Cake).
On the day of the demonstration he shared with us a simple recipe of Dadar Gulung, something we Malaysians can definitely relate to.

Dadar Gulung (Indoensian Affair)-page-001

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-015

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-021

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-022

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres

After the informative demo, we went to JP Teres for lunch. The chicken rice set looks really tempting and like I mentioned before, it is one of their signature dish. JP Teres specialised in local Asian cuisine and seem to do it very well. Half the crowd here were seen tucking in chicken rice, char kuey teow and satay.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-023

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-027

Sate ayam (grilled chicken skewers, peanut sauce)  – MYR18.00++. I daresay this is one of the best satay in KL! So juicy and the marinate is unique; savoury sweet without the usual turmeric.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-028

Since we were on the Indonesian theme that day, our lunch was a mix of Indonesian cuisine and some of the usual items from JP Teres ala-carte menu.

Gado-Gado Jakarta (Mixed vegetable salad, peanut sauce) – MYR15.00+. All of us loved the peanut sauce. It wasn’t as greasy as our usual peanut sauce and thick and chunky.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-030

Pindang serani (Hot and sour seafood soup)  –  MYR20.00++. Almost like tomyam but more sour and less heat.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-032

Daging rendang padang (braised beef, chili, coconut milk) – MYR30.00++. How is this Indonesian and not Malaysian you ask? Well it was noticeably stronger on the spices, especially so for the turmeric.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-034

Nasi goreng Jawa (Indonesian fried rice, prawns, chicken, prawn crackers)  –  MYR25.00++. The rice are chewy, almost nutty long -grains which gives a pleasant chew. Tastewise it was sweetish, so it did taste different from our usual fried rice.
I love fried rice (more than noodles) and I would usually eat it at least once a week. But I certainly haven’t come across this flavour of fried rice. Perhaps I should have asked for the recipe for this!

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-033

Ikan Rica-Rica (Manadonese slow cooked fish, red chili) – MYR28.00++. This was another hit. Spicy sauce with the flaky, moist flesh of a very fresh fish. Thank you so much Chef Gatot Tristano and Chef Bowo Sarwono for such a wonderful Indonesian lunch minus the flight tickets! 🙂

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-035

We moved on to desserts; sampling another JP Teres special; the Pisang Goreng (Deep fried banana, palm sugar sauce) – MYR12.00++. The truly uniquely JP Teres element here is the soft serve ice cream, made in house and absolutely creamy and fresh.
Piping hot battered sweet bananas coated with the soft serve made me realized perhaps this could be a viable business compared to blog advertising. LOL!
Pour the gula melaka over the soft serve or dip the fried bananas into it. It won’t be overly saccharine as long as you don’t overly do it. In fact the palm sugar imparts a different kind of sweetness, and bring out the vanilla flavour of the soft serve.
Do try it if you’re at JP Teres! 🙂

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-038

Let me introduce to you yet ANOTHER of JP Teres/Grand Hyatt signatures. The pineapple tarts (RM8.00++) are made in house and available for retail purchase all year round. It did taste better than some of the Melaka ones I tried. You can see my comparison chart of 9 pineapple tarts HERE.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-037

Bubur ketan hitam vanilla ice cream (Black rice pudding, vanilla ice cream)  –  MYR10.00++. Ever tried your bubur hitam COLD and topped with vanilla ice-cream?
This was a rather refreshing take on our usual black glutious rice dessert which is commonly served thick and hot.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-036

Wash down your meal with freshly squeezed sugar cane (yes, really) or fresh coconut.

Grand Hyatt Kl - Indonesian Food - JP Teres-031

Looks like I have to be back soon for the chicken rice and the pandan chiffon mango dessert. Both kept haunting me ever since this lunch!

NOTE: The Indonesian items above are only available during the visiting period of the Indonesian Master Chefs from Grand Hyatt Jakarta. We hope they will be back again soon!
The ala-carte items are part of the JP Teres menu and can be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner. I’ll update again once I tried the chicken rice and pandan chiffon. 🙂
For more information or reservations, please call JP teres at +603 2182 1234 ext 2333 or email [email protected]

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur (right next to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre)
Follow them on Facebook: facebook.com/GrandHyattKualaLumpur

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    Been there before for lunch but didn’t have their chicken rice. Was not very impress however, will drop by again. Too bad the Indonesian menu is no more, would have loved to try.

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    Please do tell me how the chicken rice is like! I have not tried any of the hainanese chicken rice that I read so much about in Asia

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    Do update us on the chicken rice. I love a good chicken rice.

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    Soft serve with pisang goreng – that’s new

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