Dim Sum – Jalan Jinjang Indah, Jinjang Utara / Kepong

It’s the Raya LONGGGGG weekend! :DD

I must say I’m loving it, for it meant a weekend of smooth traffic (it can’t beat the double celebrations of CNY and Raya though – that’s when the town is almost deserted!), long runs, food-hunts and backlog clearance of blog updates!

Other than burgers and cakes, I have recently embarked on a dim sum gorging spree. Over this long break, I have a place in Kepong in mind. And just last week I was in Jinjang Utara, popping morsels of absolute delicious homemade dim sum into my mouth.

dim sum - jinjang utara - near market

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-017

This outlet, with neither a signboard or a name, seems to be a family run business. 2 elderly folks and 2 young uns moved about taking and delivering orders, efficient and quiet. Located on the busy street where a nearby morning market is, its non-descriptive shop only added to its mystery.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-018

There isn’t a menu, and just like the olden days, you take your pick from the steamers they bought around to every table.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-008

The piece de resistance here is the Tai Pau – translated to “BIG PAU“. It’s big alright, and delightfully bursting out of its dough with meat, meat and more meat!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-007

My good friend Chan, who very kindly woke up at 6.00am on a Sunday to bring me here said the Tai Pau is usually sold out by 10am so it’s best to come early if you want to grab one. The other items would still be available so for late risers, no fret as you can still get your dim sum fix! 😀

Tai Pau: Pork, chicken, egg, mushroom and turnips!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-010

It was worth every calorie! It was that delicious!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-006

Another fair gauge of good dim sum for me is the Char Siew Pau (BBQ Pork Bun). This one had a good ratio of meat to fat and wasn’t overly drowned in gravy.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-005

Then it’s the siew mai, har kow (meat dumplings, prawn dumplings), chook (congee) and chee cheong fun (rice rolls).

I would highly recommend the congee here. Lovely and smooth, I suspect there was dried cuttlefish added as I detected subtle nuances of its flavour in the gruel. Well, whatever it was, it certainly made the congee much more flavourful and fragrant!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-004

The siew mai (meat dumpling) was plump and meaty. Though ‘old-school‘ tend to be fatty, the dim sum here was surprisingly balanced and acceptable even to my fussy standards. I’m officially a fan! 🙂

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-003

Steamed Rice rolls (Chee Cheong Fun) made in-house.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-011

See the unfurled rolls? It’s smooth and slides down the throat, unlike the starchy ones that breaks into pieces easily. Even the soy sauce used was of quality, just nicely sweet and salty. The accompanying chili paste is fresh with a nice spicy kick.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-012

I know I have said this place is “old-school” aka traditional. However, that doesn’t mean boring. There are surprises such as this dumpling with prawn + meat paste encasing BBQ pork.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-014

The outer part of the ball is a special mix of prawn and meat paste, very tasty on its own and made even better with the char siew filling.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-015

As usual I avoided the fried items but I couldn’t resist this – Deep Fried Ham Yue Pork!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-009

Crisp and fragrant, do remember to grab a plate when you’re here!

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-013

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-001

Seriously, this rather obscure and unknown outlet, without a name even; serves one of the most delightful dim sum I have ever had. I don’t proclaim to be a dim sum expert, but for the category of old-school, nostalgic, house-made dim sum (NON-HOTELS dim sum), this is one I would highly recommend, another being the one in Pudu area – Tuck Cheong.

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-002

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-019

The Jinjang Market is right opposite. After my dim sum session, I took a stroll in the market and packed home freshly boiled soya bean (my favourite!) and a box of glorious siew yok (roast pork belly). More on that in another post.

All in all, it was a good Sunday morning! 🙂

dim sum - jalan jinjang indah - near market-016

Dim Sum – Jalan Jinjang Indah – (on the main road where the turning into Jalan Jinjang Utara 5, 6,7,8 are), Jinjang Utara.
Opposite market.

GPSN03° 12′ 47.1″ E101° 39′ 32.4″

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  1. choi yen

    My “kampung” 😛 But I never eat here or once? But according to many the dim sum here is not so good wor.. O.O

    1. rebeccasaw

      WAhh.. me from PJ/KL so this is good for me. The ppl around your area must have better ones to recommend then. Since they said here is not good! I look forward to your recommendations.
      And I wonder what they say about PJ dim sum if this is not good enough!

  2. ulric

    Oh my…I can whack 8 plates by myself…plus the Char Siew Pau…haha =)

      1. ulric

        I never liked Tai Pau…two or three Char Siew Pau no prob =)

        The dumplings with prawn + meat paste encasing BBQ pork…I will take 2 plates of tat…hehe =)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Same, felt that Tai Pau has “too much pork” haha! But it’s good for sharing. And u know what, I alws grab the egg in the tai pau one! 😛

      3. ulric

        I pass on d egg…cose I only love runny eggs lar…hehe 😛

      4. rebeccasaw

        Oh ok la. Next time ask for poached/half boiled eggs with it 😛

  3. Sean

    yikes! i don’t think i know how to get here. i’d probably end up lost, even using gps 😀 hmmm, while driving these past two days, i realized that the traffic in kl feels like regular weekend traffic. there still seem to be soooo many cars on the road, grrrrr….

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, it’s really not much of a difference 🙁
      The malls are packed. No parking. people in every shop. restaurants hasve long queues..Sigh.

  4. June Tan

    wah.. nice dim sum though.. Look fresh an yummy ^_^

    1. rebeccasaw

      YES. Importantly FRESH and tasty. If cheap then even better! LOL

  5. Cindy Tong

    based on the picture i think I shall venture out from my neighborhood for dim sum again once again…but to wake up for the tai pau is really a challenge for me….somemore jinjang is the opposite end of cheras…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe nx week i go from TTDI to cheras so the week after that u have to come to Jinjang from Cheras! 😛

  6. Akulah Pak Lan

    Maybe next time you come to penang to have something different for morning breakfast

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh when I’m in Pg, I love the nasi lemak (chinese style) in Pulau Tikus. As well as the apam balik. Freaking best!

  7. jack

    opens at night? if morning, what time from what time?

    1. rebeccasaw

      No Jack, not open at night worr.. 🙂
      The one I blogged about – the Dragon Gate is open at night i think .. You looking for late night dim sum??

      1. Jack

        yes..night dim sum..the common one is Jln Ipoh but doesnt taste nice..just famous.

      2. rebeccasaw

        I know, I hate that one too. So greasy and overly salty.. hhmmm I’m sure there are night ones. I saw one in Kota Damansara but I forgot the name, must go and find again..

  8. Loh

    Just tried Dim Sum at Jinjang Utara (beside Ramaas Curry House) recommended by you.. It was one of the worst dim sum my wife and I had ever had..

    1. Rebecca Saw

      hi Loh, that’s unfortunate to hear. I shall visit soon to try it myself.

      1. Loh

        It’s ok Rebecca.. We din go there purposely to try that.. We just passed by and gave it a try.. For good Dim Sum, I will recommend Elegant Inn in Menara Hap Seng, a bit pricy but worth it.. Jing Xuan is also not bad for reasonable price..

  9. Alan

    IMHO, the best from the shop are home made sweet sauce (for dim sum) and chan bao (baked char siew roti bau).

    what made this shop good is the freshness since most din sun outlets nowadays are pre-made and fridges.

    have been a patronage of this shop for over 20 yrs ….

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh niceeee… I havent been back since and I should. It’s a must to appreciate such old-school food 🙂

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