Dim Sum breakfast – Butterworth

Good old Sunday morning dim sum days were over since I moved to KL as I don’t have my “kaki” to accompany me and work, well.. it got in the way.

Since I’m heading to Penang via the ferry this morning, it was an absolute must for me to have a taste of Butterworth worthy-of-mention food before I step off the mainland, so to speak.

Ferrin took me for dim sum, as I have heard much about good dim sum on the mainland and she being from SP, I trust she would be able to recommend some kick-ass place.
So we found ourselves at “Sweet Paradise” 超全 Dim Sum Restaurant, which is 2 coffee shops combined with a seating capacity of 70-80 pax.

Oysters!!!! I like!!!

Both of us being pure gluttons just stacked plate after plate on the table. Each staff that passed us with the bamboo tray was stopped and the whole tray strutinised in case we missed something we fancy. LOL.
This place really had quite a variety, and me having pre-set notions again, thought since the shop is in Butterworth probably means they have the same old fashion, common dim sum stuffs. As you can see from the pics, their offerings are quite interesting & aesthetically very pleasing.

I couldn’t help comparing it to Foh San in Ipoh for that is my ultimate dim sum stop. However, the last trip there was over a year ago and the taste and flavours here are different, according to my tastebuds at least.
But this place got my vote for yummy-liciuos dim sum too! So that makes 2 dim sum hot spots in my makan book!

Absolutely bouncy and full of fish meat, unlike the flourish-type you normally get elsewhere (meaning KL)..

Not too oily, flaky and light pastry.

I just love fish in ginger and spring onions! Can someone share a recipe for this?

This is goodddd..

Combination of prawn and mushroom


Since we were going for variety…

3-in-1, the fillings were different

What I like about their dim sum is it is not too oily and you don’t get many pieces of pork fat in each dumpling.

Chicken feet, yup I do eat them..& yes, I enjoy them too

Fragrant lotus rice..


Crispy noodle and Tai Loke Mee to share..

Simple pandan cake but the with strong scent of pandan..as how a good pandan cake should be..

Thick and cooked with bits of pork in it.. not like the common version where the porridge is clear and condiments added on top. Both of us liked this as we could taste the flavour of the meat in the rice grains itself.

Ahh..what is dim sum without char siew (BBQ pork)

Fried whole. Something like gyoza..crispy outside, char siew inside, resistance is futile..

Other stuffs we stuff ourselves with..

This is eaten with Thai sweet chilli sauce, fresh cabbage and carrots and fritters below, sort of a salad..

Shark fin soup..

“Mah Lai Koh” – some sort like egg chiffon cake..it came out fresh from the kitchen. My fav as well but we have already paid the bill..

In 30 secs, this is what’s left..

Curiosity piqued, and with my kiasu-ness rising, I immediately ta-pau 2 slices and went back to the counter to queue again for payment. Hey.. there’s has to be a reason why people snap it up that fast right?
I couldn’t resist this shiny fresh red bean bun so one went into my bag as well..

Restoran Sweet Paradise
4, Tingkat Bagan 1, Off Jalan Choon Thian, 12000 Butterworth.

Its opposite this market. Pasar Sri Bandar in Bagan Baru, Butterworth.

And you have to turn in at the Butterworth Police Station, if coming from the direction of the ferry terminal..

I’ll definitely be back for this!

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  1. Nic (KHKL)

    wow! that’s a lot of dimsum you had! good variety as well…some classics and some new flavours! 🙂

  2. CK Lam

    Your choices of dim sum makes me hungry…lucky for you to be able to have so much variety. I was there around closing time and only able to eat the noodle. Have a look at this noodle which is sour and spicy but very tasty…give it a try next time.


    Do view my updates in my new url http://www.what2seeonline.com as I will be closing my old url soon.
    Btw…the kampung chicken stall is still open for business, maybe it was close for that day only.

  3. thenomadGourmand

    nic: Hello! Yes, can’t ignore the classics and had to try the new ;p
    Oh..it is a lot for 2 of us and I had to skip lunch after that! LOL
    CK: I had you on my feed so definitely wont miss any of your reviews ;O)
    Oh its still open? goody.. i like the green veg thing they give with your chic rice..

  4. PureGlutton

    OMG – that’s an insane amount of dim sum for 2 persons, lol! I thought there was a group of you all! But the food certainly looked yummy… classic mah lai koe – hardly find that now here in the Klang Valley in dim sum restaurants.

  5. thenomadGourmand

    pureglutton: yes yes..mah lai koe..luvvv it.. it was soft, fluffy with strong aroma of eggs.

    ya lor.. I also haven’t found good old mah lai koe here..

  6. myCoffee

    OMG! Truly amazing dim sum spread! And all of them look so yummy! If only this outlet is in Klang Valley.

  7. thenomadGourmand

    mycoffee: That’s the thing.. how come KL dim sum still can’t beat Ipoh and Butterworth???

  8. Selba

    Whoooaaaa… so many kind of food for breakfast in one place! Must be really yummy!

  9. thenomadGourmand

    Selba: Wahh.. i got visitor frm Indonesia! Thks for dropping by! Do you like dim sum?

  10. Selba

    Yes! I love dim sum! The taste of dimsum in Jakarta is a bit different than in KL, i.e: lor mai kai tasted definitely different, not only because of the ingredients but how it cooked 🙂

  11. The author spoke about a few engaging things on this page. I came across this by searching Msn and I have to admit that I am currently subscribed for your blog, it is quite fine (:

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