Digi WWWOW 2015 – calling for submissions!

The Digi WWWOW Awards is back!

If you are not aware of what is it all about, let me give you a summary here.

For the 5th year running, the Digi WWWOW Awards team scouts out ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others.

So what Digi WWWOW does is to give Malaysians an opportunity for their visions to be realised.

Digi woww

As a start, Malaysians are encouraged to submit their entries of their ideas.
These entries could potentially be selected to be given the support for it to materialize from a mere idea to a viable business/service.

In other words, YOUR idea or vision could be picked up and made REAL.


So here we go, this 2015, Digi WWWOW is on the lookout for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater.
They are seeking for innovative services and new products.

Submissions are already underway from now till 12th of October 2015 so it’s time to get your entry ready and submit them quick. Heck, it doesn’t cost you anything to try right? 🙂

Each category winner gets RM10,000!

Submission Date and Nomination: 14 Sep till 12 Oct 2015

Vote for People’s Choice Award : 19 till 30 Oct 2015

Judges and Selection: 13 Oct till 12 Nov 2015

Award Night and Winner Announcement : 20 November 2015

There are 8 categories for the awards as below –

1) Videos & Photography

2) Social Influencers

3) Independent Publishers

4) Web commerce

5) Mobile app commerce

6) Social media commerce

7) Social impact

8) Social gathering

Personally for me I have a keen interest in the Video & Photography category.

I see it as the next top consumable information on the internet, if it is not already is!

Arresting visuals forms the base of any Internet platform, be it Instagram, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc BUT the addition of sounds and movements takes any form of still content to another level, for now perceived as “more interesting’ and thus engaging.

hotel quickly - estana hotel ipoh

Well, I’ve taken an interest in videos recently with plans to create more vlogs.
I even had movie editing lessons. Don’t play play! 😛

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.52.12 PM.png

So you would support me if I submit an entry in the Videos & Photography category right?
I might use examples from my previous travel vlogs and beauty reviews as below. Or maybe fitness videos? What do you think?

blackpaint video


Do submit your Digi #DGWWWOW entry as well and I promise I’ll support your entry!
In fact I’ll like to see more Malaysians taking the opportunity provided by the DiGi WWWOW Awards and that was the reason I penned this blogpost.

I hope this will provide you the push to get that entry form filled and submitted BEFORE 12th Oct 2015! Good luck!

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  1. WinnieKepala

    Sure. I’ll vote for you, for sure.
    Someone nominated me for the “Independent Publisher” category as well. *blush* So if I get shortlisted, you vote for me also la, OK? Hehehe.

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