Di Wei @Empire Hotel Subang – Mooncakes for 2014 & a FISHY feast!

If there is one non-durian snowskin mooncake that I’ll recommend it would be the Peanut Butter snowskin from Grand Hyatt and both the Snowskin Matcha and Snowskin Charcoal from Di Wei Chinese Restaurant.



We sampled many varieties of both baked and snowskin mooncakes at Di Wei over dinner recently and I came away more impressed with the snowskin mooncakes in comparison to their baked ones.
The Snowskin Matcha has a very pronounced green tea flavour while the charcoal snowskin is an intriguing combo of earthy charcoal well-balanced with mild sweetness.
The other 2 snowskins are the White Lotus with Yolk and Black Sesame with Yolk. Both are pretty good; but paled in comparison with all the fancy flavours available on the market now.
Still, I know many who love their traditional flavours so Lotus mooncakes will never be out of favour. 🙂



Moving on to the baked ones; the Pure Lotus with Single Yolk, White Lotus with Single Yolk, Pandan Single Yolk and plain Red Bean share the same thin, non-greasy crust encasing smooth, just nicely sweet paste.
The whole range of baked mooncakes from Di Wei are expected pleasant, though not particularly outstanding.

bamboo charcoal single yolk - di wei empire hotel subang



red bean mooncake - di wei empire hotel subang

Still, if recommendations are required, mine goes to the Black Sesame and the Bamboo Charcoal Single Yolk.

bamboo charcoal single yolk -  - di wei empire hotel subang

Black sesame single yolk - di wei empire hotel subang

Executive Chinese chef Thian Taik Yong may look young but his culinary prowess is pretty solid. My dining experience at Di Wei had been positive so far and I’m eyeing the dim sum for breakfast next since I have not tried it as yet.
Di Wei serves pork so we took the opportunity to order some crispy-skinned + melt-in-the-mouth- fat + tender meat roast pork, glazed char siew and roast duck for dinner in addition to sampling Chef’s latest “Fish Feast” creations.
We finished the meal with all the mooncakes featured above and could barely walk to our cars. 😀


Here are the prices for the mooncakes. The Mid Autumn Festival is on 8th of Sept this year but these mooncakes are available for sale til 19th of September.
All Di Wei’s mooncakes are Halal.

empire hotel di wei chinese restaurant - fish feast promotion

Fish Feast: The highlight was the Marble Goby fish which is prized for its flesh; both for its taste and texture. It is also a very expensive fish; with some supermarkets selling it for almost RM170/kg.
We were served a whole fish that night and I didn’t waste time getting my protein quota fixed. Typically served steamed,
Chef Yong has decided to defy convention and fry the Marble Goby instead.
Braising it in his secret recipe sauce is next; where pork belly, vegetables and his unique ‘ice tofu’ was first stewed in the sauce, imparting multitudes of different flavours.

di wei chinese restaurant - fish feast promotion

Fish feast - Di Wei Empire hotel Subang-003

I love my Assam sauce and this superbly fresh and flaky seabass in assam sauce has a lovely ratio of tang and spice to please. This was just begging to be eaten with rice.

Fish feast - Di Wei Empire hotel Subang

Another enjoyable creation was this dish of fish served with Chef’s apple sauce. It is certainly a recipe worth attempting at home as the deep fried fish paired really well with the piquant and sweet apple sauce.

Fish feast - Di Wei Empire hotel Subang-001

Last but not least was our meat platter for the meat lovers:




Di Wei Chinese Restaurant is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel Subang.
The other entrance will be via Empire Shopping Gallery from the first floor.
For reservations, please call 03-5565 1268 / 03-5565 1388 or email them at [email protected].

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