Departure Lounge, Aman Suria

Another short quick post since the weekend is here 😉

Come Friday, my thoughts will be on weekend morning runs & gym sessions followed by my favorite, American style brekkie, a far cry from the 5 days week of 2 slices of bread and soya, gobbled down while navigating traffic.

My favourite is still The Pink Sage followed closely by Betty’s MidWest Kitchen and then The Departure Lounge.

Sadly though, the outlet at Aman Suria is re-locating to Uptown.
It won’t be as convenient anymore for me hence future visits are more likely to be limited as weekend treats.

But I’m hooked on their bagels & that made it worth the extra effort/drive.

Turkey Bacon Butty, RM7.90.

Two hearty large slices of bacon, tomato, lettuce with HP sauce and mayo.
The bagel is nicely chewy, hence the satisfaction of having it longer in my mouth as I slowly savour the softness and slight resistance of the dough before it disintegrates into nothingness. Hmmmmm……
Shit, I’m such a bread-whore!

The next round, I put the beef bacon to test.

Suffice to say that the bagel stayed consistent, and the beef bacon aint bad either. Not as juicy as the turkey’s which was more of the soft “ham” texture, this was more of the “dried” kind, yet not crisp.

Of course, for those who know me; a bagel like probably filled all of a 10% of my bottomless pit, especially if its daytime. Hence the next order.

Chicken Puebla, RM13.90.
Grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, sauteed onions, cheese and salsa in tortilla.

Mistake, mistake, mistake. *smacks oneself on the head*

So, yeah, I got this thick slab of bland chicken breast with a scarce layer of sauce and cheese.
Heck, I take that back…what cheese??
By the way, are those tortillas?? Humrphh.. Of course not, it’s focaccia. So I had mexican salsa with mexican chips on I-don’t taste-no-rosemary-or any herb-for-that-matter Mediterranean bread. Plliithhh…..

The Breakfast Set is customizable, and priced accordingly of course. Pretty decent scrambled eggs and white sausages I would say.

But this outlet is just so comfy and peaceful. Parking’s a breeze and there aren’t many people competing with you for the WIFI bandwidth!
Sigh, that’s probably the reason why they are locating anyways.

departure lounge

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  1. Sean

    hmmm it looks kinda different from their solaris outlet … guess i had been expecting them to look identical. i suppose the chicken puebla might be too difficult for them to tackle, huh…

  2. ~Christine~Leng

    oh just too much to try. It's time for some western hunt down again. 🙂

  3. Sin Tai Lim

    well… interesting I hope to try it soon. Thanks.

  4. Simon Seow

    I can't even eat the much. So, don't judge a person's appetite by his/her size lol.

  5. ai wei

    what a healty and hearty breakkie u had! departure lounge is too far away, will have to save some time to come here.

  6. Selba

    yummm…. I love this kind of breakfast!

  7. backStreetGluttons

    It looks cool enough, with bright warm offerings. A yuppie haven ?

  8. J

    Oh cool – it's not closed! 🙂
    (I passed by some time ago and it wasn't open)

  9. SimpleGirl

    made me thought of my trip to Aussie early this year, every day snacking up the typical Western style breakfast…..heavenly


    I love the turkey bacon….looks yummy!

  11. thenomadGourmand

    sean: huh? arent all outlets under the same chain supposed to look the same? Ah well..i'm not fond of goin to Mt Kiara so dont think i ll step into the outlet there.

    christine: Heh, well, for you i guess it's not so much of a treat since u been eating it all the while!

    sin tai lim: 😉 Hope you like it!

    simon: yup, OBVIOUSLY 😉

    ai wei: Yes, their outlets are more in the city area.

    selba: *High five!*

    bsg: Yes it is. with laptops and all

    J: They are re-locating to Uptown though

    simplegirl: Delicious right? Not that I dont like our typical Msian brekkie of Nasi Lemak. But I love eggs and bread!

    FoodnTravella: It was!

  12. vialentino

    i pass by this shop everytime when i service my car at my cousin workshop….

    i din know they served nice food ler….darn…now only saw ur recommendation on this shop…

  13. thule a.k.a leo

    Jenn & I managed to pay them a visit before they ceased operation on 31st October (Aman Suria outlet of course)… to us, the food although not spectacular, we are here for the ambience..
    once they open the spanking new outlet in Uptown, wouldn't that be nearer?? I mean… Unka's place is in DJ…

  14. J2Kfm

    i'll take your word for it. Pink Sage then. 🙂
    missed that, as I still rmbr from all the posts it's closed on Mondays, right?
    ended up with nasi lemak for breakfast. hehe …

    the only time i went to Departure Lounge (the one in M.Kiara)was some months back and so happened they were closed. ahem.

  15. thenomadGourmand

    vialentino: Oh u do come ard Aman suria?
    then we can go makan laa!

    thule: True, there r some hits and misses in terms of food.
    As for location, it doesnt matter if its near Unka's plc. Normally he doesn't go to such places as often. We go hawker mostly 😉

    J2kfm: LOL. Luck dude..luck.
    Yes, Pink Sage is closed on Mons.

  16. Anonymous

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